Archäologie der westlichen Slawen: Siedlung, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft im früh- und hochmittelalterlichen Ostmitteleuropa

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De Gruyter, 2008 - 449

The present volume provides an overview of the present state of knowledge of the archaeology of the Early and High Middle Ages. A comprehensive account is given of the most recent reinterpretations ? dendrochronology, interpretations from cultural history and historical modelling. The main focus is on the history of culture, settlement, society and economy of the Western Slavs between the Elbe/Saale and the Vistula. Brief summaries of the historical framework and the history of 'Slavic Archaeology' contextualise these aspects. Access to many detailed questions is provided by a thematically arranged bibliography.

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Geschichte der slawischen Altertumskunde Slawenbilder
Methoden und Aussagemöglichkeiten der Archäologie
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The author is research fellow in the Department of Prehistory and Early History and Archaeology of the Middle Ages at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg.

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