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tell them how we now, more than ever, stand in need of their assistance. We are exiled from our Monastery by the men who have assumed the reins of government; they have thought fit to discover a social danger in the life and labours of Monks who celebrate the divine mysteries of the year, and spend their time in endeavouring to sanctify their own souls and those of others: in all this, our rulers have seen such peril for our country, that they have violently torn us from our cells and our choir. Thanks to a generous hospitality accorded us by friends, we are enabled to write these lines from Solesmes, but not from our dear Abbey, where resides alone, in his tomb, under the shadow of his own loved Library and Church, the venerated Author of the LITURGICAL YEAR.

Truth, until the Holy Ghost had descended upon

them; 98.-The work of the Holy Ghost, the

realisation of Truth by sanctification, rather than

its proclamation.-His School is effective; 99.-

Holy Ghost's work is the infusing into us the

Incarnate Word; 99.-Jesus's visible presence

substituted by a manifestation of a superior

order; he produces that manifestation through

the Holy Ghost; 99.-The Holy Ghost, by the

Yearly application to us of the mysteries of the

Incarnate Word, forms Jesus within us; 100.—

The Liturgy of the Church's Year up to the Time

after Pentecost, has been a gradual leading up to

UNION; 101.-The Church was formed from the

Gentile world, which was to be transformed into

the Daughter of the eternal Father, and Bride of

his Son; 101.-This required her consent, and

her labour; 102.-This labour includes the two

ways, Purgative and Illuminative; the Liturgy

leads us through them from Advent till Ascen-

sion; 102.-There is, also, a Unitive Way;-we

pass through it during the Time after Pentecost;

103.-The Holy Ghost is the achiever of Union

between Jesus and Church; 103.-The Unitive

Way begins with Pentecost, and goes on till Ad-

vent; 103.-The Unitive Way essential to the

Church ;-it is her privilege; 104.-She alone has

the secret; 104.-If Christian would enjoy it, he

must live the Church's life; 104.-On the extra-

ordinary favours sometimes produced by the

Holy Ghost, in the Unitive Way; 104.-What is

the essential Union produced by the Holy Ghost;

105. It is divine Love; 105.-Every Christian is

called to it; 106.-A soul taught by Faith alone,

may, in a certain way, surpass the favoured ones,

spoken of above; 106.-On what depends the

degree of Union; 106.-God sometimes withholds

his extraordinary favours from his most devoted

servants; they may be higher, hereafter, in hea-

ven, than those who were more highly favoured

whilst on earth; 107.--The Union between Christ

and his Church produced by the Holy Ghost, is

represented by this long period, called The Time

after Pentecost; 107.-The Church, through her

Liturgy of this Season, enables her children to

receive the action of the Holy Ghost; she offers

them the Unitive Way; all of us should keep

close to the Church; 107.-The Church alone is

safe, in divine things; 107.-St. Teresa, how

proud of her title of "Daughter of the Church;"

107.-The Church's grief, at seeing countless

numbers of men disdaining their vocation, which

is divine Union; 108.-Her children by Baptism;

if they would but follow her sublime Liturgy, she

would lead them to Union; 108.-The Church her-

self, by her Liturgy, is our model: it is Faith alone

that unites her to her Jesus; she loves him, without

seeing him; 108.-The Apostolic teachings regard-

ing her Jesus and his Mysteries; on these she

lives; and her ceaseless Liturgy is the ceaseless

expression of how she lives, and the whole Year

round, on what her Faith alone tells her is her

Jesus, and his riches, and his Mysteries; 109.-

Her celebrations of those magnificences are

those magnificences made her realities; 109.-It

is the Holy Ghost who achieves that exquisite

Union between Christ and his Church: it is the

very meaning of the Liturgy of the Time after Pen-

tecost; 110.-No wonder that this last season of the

Liturgical Year is as long as, or longer than all the

others put together, which we have passed through,

from Advent to Ascension; 110.-This Time

after Pentecost is the longest, because it has for

its object the real life of the Church during her

sojourn here below; 110.-This season is the one

wherein Jesus wins the end, towards which all

his labours were done,--that is, Union of the

members with himself their Head, by the action

of the Holy Ghost; 110.-The seed of the Word

has been sown during the years of his life and

mysteries on earth (which are all yearly repeated

by the Liturgy from Advent to Ascension); and

now, the Time after Pentecost is that Seed's fruit-

making Time; 110.-Love is now in its full

Season of working its power; it shows itself by

Prayer, by Suffering, and by Action;-Action is

an imperative result of Love; 110.-The dangers

of false Quietude, which holds that all the grand

proofs of Love are a distraction; 110.-The Time

after Pentecost represents our whole life being

spent in actions done out of love for Jesus, which

the Holy Ghost, through Mother Church, is ever

forming within the Christian, who is faithful to

the Church; 111.-Because of all this, the Time

after Pentecost is the longest season of the Litur-

gical Year; 111.-Moreover, this latter portion

of the Liturgical Year teaches us, that all the

labours of the Church tend to one result; and

that one result is RELIGION (worship of God);

and RELIGION characterises every degree made

towards divine Union; 111.-The Church's being

united to her Jesus, necessitated her making

RELIGION (worship) the very essence of her exist-

ence; 111.-The magnificent celebrations of her

Liturgy; joined with the integrity of her Faith,

distinguish her as the True Bride of Christ;

112.-Hence the Temple of God is the Church's

Home, 112.-There is a whole army of Children

of the Church, who are called RELIGIOUS, because

they are so filled with their Mother's spirit of

Worship (RELIGION,) that they have left all

things else, in order to join her, hour by hour, in

giving Praise, with her, to the divine Spouse;

113.-The world cannot understand RELIGIOUS;

must persecute them, but these RELIGIOUS are one

of the most unmistakeable manifestations of the

Church's Union with Jesus; no human power can

ever suspend such manifestation; 113.-The

Church, by being Bride of Christ, is one Body with

him; that Body exists solely for the purpose of

being offered in sacrifice of complete homage to the

Father; and the Church fulfils all this, fully and

unreservedly, in those whose whole being is

absorbed (by the Vows they make, and the sub-

lime consecration given to them by the Church,)

into the RELIGION, and perfect oblation, of the

Eternal High Priest; 113.-Though all Chris-

tians do not lead the Life of Religion, such as is

led in the Religious State, yet are they all called

upon, if they would enter heaven, to attain to

such a degree of Union, as will really make of

them true Members of Christ ;-and that Union,

even supposing it in its lowest degree, unites

them to the Man-God, Victim and Priest, whose

Oblation is the highest worship of the Most

High God-it is RELIGION; 114-Baptism

begins this Union;-and the unction of the

Chrism given to the Baptised, the moment after

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