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II. If an AC

PROPOSITIONS. 1. Every Essential Part of a Divine Positive Insti

tution, is of Equal Obligation and Necessity, 36 Corollary. Hence no Human Authority can determine one Esential Part of such an Institution, to be more Excellent or Necessary than another, 37 Divine Positive Institution) be wholly Null and Void, for want of one Essential part of the Institution; 'tis alfo as much Null and Void, when it wants but any other One Esential Part of the same Inftitution,

ibid. Corollary. Hence there's no such Thing as a buc

Partial Invalidity; 'tis entire, for want of any

One Effential Part of a Poptive Institution, 38 HI. We have no Reason to expect the Supernatu

ral Benefits annexed to a 'Divine Positive Institution, without endeavouring to conform to even ry one of its Essential Parts, when we know that we bave not yet conform’d to them,

39 The ESSAY Of the Nature and Benefits of Christian Baptism,.40 'Tis no other than a Divine Pohtive Institution, 41 Consequently, our Obligation to receive it, and from

the Perfons by whom tis order'd to be administer'd, is wholly and only founded upon the Die vine Command,

ibid. Prop. I. That the Divine Authority of the Admi

nistrator, is an Essential Part of Christian Baptism,

42 Prov'd, ist, Froin God's making the Divine Authority of

the Administrator, to be an Essential Part of his


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