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Ant. When the outward Elements of the Christian Sacraments are rightly administer'd according to all the Essential Parts of their Ina ftitution, then, and then only, they become effic cacious to the worthy Receiver of them; and this their Efficacy proceeds only from God's Concurrence with his Promise, made to fuch due Administration of them: So that, in Christian Baptism, the Efficacy depends no more upon the Divine Commission of him who Administers, than upon the Water, and the Form of Administration; but upon God's performing his Promise, to bestow the Supernatus ral Graces thereof, by the Mediation of his own Minister's applying the Water in the Name of the Trinity: And therefore, as 'che Church' has constantly affirm'd, that God does not give Efficacy to Water adminifter?d even by his own Minister, without the use of these Words [In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoft] because an Effential Part of the Institution is omitted ; iSo, we have no Reason from Divine Revelation (which is our ONLY GUIDE in this Case) to believe, that he will give Efficacy to Water administer'd with the pronouncing of the said Form of Words, when tis done by one who has not the Divine Commife from for fo doing, because, this is also an Ó. million of another equally Essential Part of the fame Institution, as I humbly hope I have fufficiently prov'd.


As to the latter Part of this Obje&tion, viz. That if the Perfon who Ministers has not been Commission'd by Chrift, he admi* nifters no real Sacraments at all I readily act. knowledge that my Discourse does imply fo much; and that the contrary ought upon no Account whatsoever to be affirin'dor believ'd; because; the outward Elements are not Sacrás ments by themselves, not made ang ways Effia cacious for Supernatural Purposes;till adminis ster'd as God has appointed in their Institución', and when they are so adminifterid, then they become Sacraments, and are thereby made Means of conveying, and also Pledges to affure us of the Supernatural Graces which God has annex'd to such their Administration. · Now, who does not see at first Sight, that zone can make any thing to be the Means of conveying Supernatural Benefits and Advantages, who have not the Power and Authority of a Supernatural Commiffion? That, no Perfön can make that, which before had no such excellent Quality, to become a Pledge or an Earnest of Assurance, that God will grant_us fuch inestimable Gram ces and Privileges (as Nature could never have entituļd us to ) exceptshe be firft fenery and thereby authoriz'd for that Purpose, by him who is to acknowledge the Pledge as his own, and for the sake thereof, 'is to perform all that was promis?d, and imply'd by the gi ving and receiving of it? 970


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IN Chriftiani Baptism, Water, the outward Element, is a Christian Sacrament till ap: ply'd as: the Inftitution of Baprifm requires and then, and then only, 'tis e Means of caruby ing, and a pledge to ofure us of, tlae Mystica Welding away of Sin; and how hhall we rele fatisfyd and affus?d, that it is such a Means and Pledge, if it is not apply'd and given to us by GODI HIMSELF in thel Perfion of his Representative, Commision'd by him to give is this Affusanae Ptis certain, thatí if Water be apply'd never be seriouslys! it cannot be the Chresleian Sakámert of Baptifm, if it waars the true Fonn, [in, the Nanie of the Trinity, ] appointed in the Institution ;this every one will ackodwledgey and whiyaheni jaould any please for tipsy boing à Sacramena, when the very. Truth

ofite Form it felf is destroy'd, by the Adminiftration of a Non-Commiffion de Person, who cannot really and truly and with dit Lyé, sayg b Baptise diee in the Name [or by the Authority and Commission ] of the Prthern and of the Son, and of the Holy Gloft ;, thisi his Ufupatiba list was contrarg to the Inštiturion, as a truly Commission'd Perfon's leaving ouo the Form wou'd beri, as.I think I bave provide and therefore, if the one hindens the Water from bping a Timiel Christian Saerament, the other must do fotod, because the Perfon Come milliond to Administer is as much appointed, as ni!


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the Matter and Form of Adminiftration : And this Person is AS MUCH the Representative of God the giver, as the matter is the Representation of the Graces given; insomuch, that we have at least as much reason to omit the Syma bolical Element, as we have to leave out the Divine Authority or Commission, which repres fents no less than God himself; and therefore those Administrations of the former, which are destitute of the latter, are no Chriftian Sacras ments or (which is the fame) Meants and Pledd ges of Supernatural Graces.

Obj. III. But if this be fo, (others will fay) you have brought us to a fine Pafs, For 'tis well known, that this Divine Autho rity is very much controverted, and where to fix it, is not yet determin'd: So that, while we are in this Suspense, we must be always doubting concerning the Validity of our Bape cism; and thereby you put this Divine Institution upon à very Precarius and Uncertain Foundation. 151

VTT Ans. That the Divine Right of whol shall Minister in things pertaining to God, has been, and still is very much Disputed by some Ignorant and Foolish Men, and also by others of corrupt Principles and wicked Designs, we find to be too true, by wofül Experience iz but what then, do's that argue that it is not to be determind who has this Divine Right? cer? tainly no; for, tho’ through Heresy and Schifma the Minds of many Men are so dreadfully


blinded that, they do not discover this great Truth ; yet, God be prais'd, they who con tinue in the Communion of the Truly Catholick and Apoftolick Church, and are Diligent and Inquisitive to know God's Will, and to live according to that knowledge, need never be put to fo great a plunge, as to be in doubě and suspense concerning this Dispute, or the Validity of theit Baptism, which tliey have receivd from the Lawfully Ordain d'Ministers of Christ, because, such Ministers must be visible and known, as long as there is or Thall be, any truly Organiz'd Church of Christ in tlie World; and that there shall be always such a Church is plain by our Saviour's Promise, That the Gates of Hades shall not prevait against it; and as for the Valid Minister's thereof, that they shall also continue, is as certain, by his promising thus to his Apostles, Lo I am with you alway, even untò the End of the World, and this is further confirm'd by the Apoftle St. Paul's assuring us, that when Christ Ascended up on High, he gave fonie Apostles, and some Prophets, and some Evangelists, and

some Paftoris

, and Teachers, for the PERFECTING of the Saints, &c. 'till we all come into the UNITY of the Faith, &c. unto à , PER: FECT MAN. Now 'tis certain, that this Perfection and entire Unity will not be compleated till the End of the World, and there fore these Valid Officers appointed to bring about such excellent Purposes, must continue


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