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Priesthood. In the third Sermon on this Text, Therefore, seeing we have this Ministry as we have received Mercy, we faint not, at the 103. Page you'll find these Words, In the next Place we must observe, " that although the Priests, if any be prefent, lay on their Hands also, yet it is ex

presly ordered, that the Bishop sball Say « the Words, Receive ye the Holy Ghost, « dc. For if a mere Priest should say them,

or any one but a Bishop, the Ordination 6 was reckoned NULL AND VOID, with

more to that Purpose. So in his Sermon

on Atts xiii. 3. And when they had far sted, and prayed, and laid their Hands on

them, they sent them away, you have " these Words at p. 309. As the right Or. dination of those who administer the « Means of Grace must needs be acknow

ledged to be (necessary) for seeing we

can have no Grace, nor Power to do good, but what is delivered tous from God thro'

our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the

Use of the Means which he hath establish ed for that Purpose, unless those Means “ be rightly and duly Administred, they 66 lose their Force and Energy, and so can “ never attain the End wherefore they “ were established. Neither is there any thing more necessary to establish the Means of Grace, than that they who ad


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minister them be rightly Ordained and « Authorized to do it according to the In" ftitution and Command of him that did

establish them. For seeing they do not « work naturally, but only by virtue of the

Institution, and Promise annexed to it, unless that be duly observed, we have no « Ground to expect, that the Promise should « be performed, nor by Consequence that they $ should be effectual to the Purposes for " which they were used.' So in his Sermon “ on this Text. Now then we are Ambassadors for Christ, &c. p. 386. For that can be done only by the Power of God, accom

panying, and afsifting his own Institution * and Commission. Infomuch' that if I did « not think, or rather was not fully assured, * that I had such a Commission to be an 46 Ambassador for Christ, and to act in his “ Name, I should never think it worth the while to preach, or execute my Ministerial « Office. For I am sure all that I did would « be null and void of it self, according to « God's ordinary Way of working, and we « have no Ground to expect Miracles.So " in another Place of that Sermon ; Any Man may read a Sermon, or make an Ora6tion to the People ; but it is not that

which the Scripture calls preaching the « Word of God, unless he be SENT by 66. God to do it. For how can they preach,

“ except



a except they be sent ? Rom. x. 16. A Butcher might kill an Ox, or a Lamb, as " well as the High-Priest, but it was no Sa"crifice to God, unless a Priest did it: And 56 'no Man taketh this Honour to himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron, &c. All these Passages Sir, exactly agree with the Subject of your Book; and I might shew you much more to the same Purpose out of the Writings of the Clergy, besides those which you have cited. As out of the second Edition of a Letter to a Noncon. Minister of the Kirk, sewing the Nullity of the

Presbyterian Mision; and Dr.Wells's Theses against the Validity of Presbyterian Ordination.

But what I have cited from the Bishop, which was publish'd since the first Edition of your Book, is enough to second the De. sign of it, and give you Courage boldly to maintain your Doctrine and Practice, and the Cause not only of the Church of England, but of the Catholick Church, against the British Sects and Schisms. Indeed you have done God and his Church good Service in a Time of Need; as two worthy Citizens, now with God, Mr. Allen and Mr. Lamb, did by their Writings about forty Years ago; who having gone from the Church to the Anabaptists, by God's Grace saw their Error, and returned both toge


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ther from them to the Church again, to which they made ample Recompence by their Writings, and were great Ornaments to it in every Respect all their Lives long, I knew them both very well, and am glad of this Opportunity, to mention them with that Respect which is due to both their Memories; whereof the Latter told me, that he had the Misfortune to lead Mr. Alen out of the Church to the Schism, but that Mr. Alen had the blessed Part to lead him out of the Schism to the Church again. It is to me a comfortable Presage, that God will not forsake the Church of England, nor suffer Toleration and the Gates of Hell to prevail againft her, because he raises out of her People, Men to defend her, and adorn her with their Writings. I pray God to stir up more such continually, that those, who are misled by unauthorized Ministers, and Teachers, may consider the great Danger they are in, and after your Example, enter in at the right Door into her Fold, and declare, as you have bravely done, That you fincerely believe the Subject of your Discourse to be a substantial Truth, nay even a first Principle of Christianity, and that without the couragious asserting thereof, the whole Christian Priesthood, and the Divine Authority of it, must be called in Question, and encourage every bold Intruder to usurp the fa


cred Ministry, in Opposition to that Commission, which hath been constantly handed down from Christ and his Apostles to this very Day, In the same Place you say you hope, that none vested with this Divine Authority will fight against it, &c. which if any Clergyman should do, in the Manner as you there mention, I could not but suspect, that he was one of those who took Gifts and Presents of the Disenters, to let the Names of their Children, who had no other but Schif matical Lay-Baptisms, be Registred among the true Baptisms of the Church. This unwarrantable Practice, which you have observed to be scandalously practised in some Places, I can confirm to be true; For I knew some Ministers of this City (now dead) who were guilty of this Practice, and are gone to God to give an Account of it; and I my self, soon after I was presented to the Vicaridge of Alhallows Barkin, had several, and some very great Offers, from Dissenters, to enter their Childrens Names, as baptiz’d, in the Parish Church Register; and a Parochial Priest of a great City in this Kingdom, who gave me a Visit about a Year since, did affure me, that all the Ministers of that Place, himself only excepted, were guilty of this execrable Practice; execrable I call it, because it is A double FalGfication of our Parochial Dip


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