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But most especially have I wonder’d, and still do wonder, how Clergy-men, I mean, Presbyters who were regularly fent, by Episcopal Ordination, according to the Will of our Lord, the Founder of his


THE MISSION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, the third Person of the eternal Trinity. The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the FATHER WILL SEND in my Name, St. John xiv. 26.

When the Comforter is come whom I WILL SEND unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth, who proceedeth from the Father, &c. St. John xv, 26.

If I go not aways tbe Comforter. will not come unto you; but if I depart, I WILL SEND him unto you, St. John xvi. 7. He shall not speak OF HIMSELF; but whatsoever he shall bear, that shall be speak, Ver. 13

He shall glorifie me, for be Mall RECEIVE OF MINË, and Mall Mew it unto you, ver. 14. Accordingly, the Holy Ghost was sent from Heaven on the Day of Pentecoft, as St. Peter testified to the wondring Multitude, telling them, This Jesus-being by the right Hand of God exalted, and having

received of the Father the Promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath SHED FORTH this, which you now see and hear (i. e. he hath sent FORTH THE HOLY GHOST, who has caufed those astonishing miraculous Wonders which you now fee and hear) Acts ii. 32, 33.-And St. Paul tells the Galatians, God hath sent FORTH the Spirit of bis Son (i. e. the Holy Ghost) into your Hearts, Galat. iv. 6. And St. Peter reckons the Holy Ghoft SENT DOWN from Heaven, among those things which the Angels desire to look into, i St. Peter i. 12.

THE MISSION OF ANGELS. They are all Ministring Spirits SENT FORTH to minister, Heb. i. 14. The Angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a City, doc. to a Virgin eo Spoused to a Man whose Name was Joseph. St. Luke i. 26.

The fame Angel appeared before unto Zacharias, and told him, as I am Gabriel that stand in the Presence of God, and AM SENT to speak unto thee.

ver. 19. Peter said, Now I know of a Surety that the LORD HATH SENT bis Angel, and hath delivered me out of the Hands of Herod, &c. Acts xii, II.


Church, and the unvariable and universal Apostolical Praktice of it for 1500 Years, I fay, I still wonder, how such Presbyters could first preach against the Episcopal Order, and then proceed to pull down



The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, &c. HE SENT and signified it by his Angel unto his Servant John, Revelat. i. 1. The Seven Spirits of God SÉNT FORTH into All the Earth, Revelat. v. 6. The Lord God SÈNT his Ano gel to thew unto his Servants the things which must shortly be done, Revelat. xxii. 6.

The Mission Of The Apostles. After the twelve Apoftles are nam'd, 'tis faid, These Twelve Jesus senT FORTH, and commanded them saying Preach - freely ye have reCEIVED, freely give, St. Matth. x. 57, 8. As my Father hath sent me, even JO SEND I you, St. John xx. 21. All Power is given unto me in Heaven and in Earth: Go ye therefore and teach or rather Disciple) all Nations, baptizing them teaching them

and lo I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, even uinto the End of the World. Amen. St. Matth. xxviii. 18, 19,

And to supply the Place of Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, the Apostles prayed and said, Thou, Lord, which knowest the Hearts of all Men, shew whether of these two (1. e. of Fiftus or Matthias ) thou hast CHOSEN, that he may TAKE part of this Ministry and Apostleship, Acts i. 24, 25: And they gave forth their Lots, and the Lot fell upoñ Matthias, and he was numbered with the eleven Apostles, Ver. 26. God hath ser fome in the Church. First, Apostles, 1 Cor. xii. 28. Our Lord said to Ananias concerning the Apostle St. Paul,

He is a CHOSEN Vessel unto me, to bear my Name before the Gentiles, and Kings, and the Children of Israel, Acts ix. 15,

As they minister'd to the Lord, and fafted, the Holy Ghost said, SEPARATE me Barnabas and Saul (i. e. Paul) for the Work whereunto I have calLED THEM. And when they had fafted and prayed, and laid their Hands on them, they sent them away; so they being seNT FORTH by the Holy Ghost, departed, &c. Acts xiii. 2, 3, 4. Again, the Lord said unto St. Paul,


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their own Bishops, by whom they wero ordain'd, and then in Opposition to the Holy Apostolical Order and Character, and the Persons lawfully vested with it, Sacrilegiously presume, like Collut hus, to take


Depart, for I will SEND thee far hence unto the Gentiles, Acts xxii. 21.

And therefore he stiles himself, Paul CALLED to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ, through the Will of God, i Cor. i. 1, and says in another Place, I am ORDAINED a Preacher, and an Apostle, a Teacher of the Gentiles, 1 Tim. ii. j.

How all they preach, except they be sent? Rom. x. 15. When he (i. e. Christ) afcended up on high,

he GAVE forne Apostles, i.e. he gave some the Power and Authority of being his Ambassadors, Ephef. iv. 11.

THE MISSION OF THE SEVENTY DISCIPLES, and of the DEACONS. After these things the Lord APPOINTED Other SevenDy also, and sent them two and two before his Face, St. Luke x. i. The Twelve (i. e. the Apostles) called the Multitude of the Disciples unto them, and said, Look ye out a mong you seven Men of honest Report, full of the Holy Ghost and Wisdom, whom we MAY APPOINT over this Business, (i, e. of taking care for the Poor) And they chose Stephen, doc. whom they set BEFORE THE APOSTLES; and when they had prayed, THEY LAID THEIR HANDS on them, A&ts vi. 3, 5, 6.

THE MISSION OF THE APOSTLES SUCCESSORS. -St. Paul and St. Barnabas ORDAINED them ELDERS in every Church,

For this Cause left I thee (i. e. Titus) in Cretė, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain Elders in every City, as I (i. e. St. Paul) had Appointed theë, Tit. i. 5. Stir up the Gift of God which is in thee (i.e. Stir up that Episcopal Authority, and the Gifts annexed thereto, wherewith God has endowed thee) BY THE PUTTING ON OF MY (i. e. St. Paul's) HANDS, 2 Tim. i. 6. - The Things that thou hast heard of me, the same COMMIT thou to faithful Men, who shall be able to teach others also, 2 Tim. ii. 2. LAY Hands suddenly on no Man, i Tim. v. 22.

The seven Stars are the Angels (i. e. the Bishops, or fupreme spiritual Governors) of the seven Church


Ačts xiv. 23:

upon them the Episcopal Office and Pow: er in ordaining and sending of other pretended Presbyters into the Church, as they did a little before the Restoration, in all or most parts of the Nation, after the Abolition of Episcopacy, and the Downfal of the National Church with it, in the Times of which I speak, Such Arch-schifmaticks as these were Mr. Bowls of York, Mr. Baxter of Kiderminster, and Mr, Hughes of Plymouth, not to mention

was one.

es, Rev. i. 20.

Of which St. Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna

Now that thefe Successors of the Apostles, to whom the Power of ordaining others into the Ministry was committed, were not mere Presbyters, is evident from hence, That they had the Oversight of the Church of God, 1 Pet. v. 2. A Power to receive an Accusation against (and therefore were each of them a Judge of) an Elder, or Minister of a consequently inferior Order, 1 Tim. V. 19. It was also their Province to rebuke with ALL AUTHORITY, fo as to let no Man despise them, Tit. ii. 15. to reject, i.e. excommunicate, a Man that is an Heretick, after the first and second Ada monition, Tit. iii. 10. Without PREFERRING one before Another, doing nothing by PARTIALITY, 1 Tim. v. 21. Hence the particular Angel, or Bishop of the Church in Pergamos, was justly reproved for tolerating them that held the Doctrine of Balaam, and the Nicolaitans in that Church, Rev. ii. 14, 15, 16. So also was the particular Angel or Bishop of Tyyatira, for suFFERING the false Prophetess fezabel, Rev. ii.

And they could never have been thus justly censur’d, if they had not been vested with the Powers and Authority a bove-mentioned, and these Powers do vastly exceed all that can be duly claim'd by any mere Presbyter, or Body of Pref: byters whatsoever,


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SMECTIMNUUS, *' in and about London, where I presume pretended Prefbyters were also Ordain'd, by mere Prefbyters in those sad Times of Confusion.

I was once at one of their pretended Ordinations, which I since found, was much after the French Form. Thus, and this, Sir, was the Original of the Presbyte. rian Mission in England, and it is against the Authority of the pretended Ministers of this Mission, who were never duly authoriz’d, and therefore cannot Administer truly Valid Baptism, that you

have written your excellent Book with great Strength and Perspicuity, as well as Modesty, and confirmed your Doctrine with your Pra@ice.

Indeed, you have written it throughout . with so much Modesty and Caution, that in some places, it hath an Air almost of Diffidence and Mistrust, altho? you have faid nothing as to the Invalidity of their Administrations, but what our best Divines have written before you. I beg Leave to present you with what I find to this Purpose, in the first Volume of the Posthumous Sermons of one of the greatest of them, [Bishop Beveridge ] Entituled, The Dignity and Authority, and Office of the

* Stephen Marshal, Edmund Calamy, Thomas Young, Mate shew Newcomb, William Spurstow.


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