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April 27th.

April 28th,

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ONE generous feeling-one great thought-one deed
Of good, ere night, would make life longer seem
Than if each year might number a thousand days.

Philip James Bailey.


O! SPEED the moment on,
When Wrong shall cease, and Liberty and Love
And Truth and Right throughout the earth be known
As in their home above.


April 30th.

DEAR to my spirit, Scotland, hast thou been,
Since infant years, in all thy glens of green;
Land of my love, where every sound and sight
Comes in soft melody, or melts in light ;
Land of the green wood by the silver rill,
The heather and the daisy of the hill,
The guardian thistle to the foeman stern,
The wild-rose, hawthorn, and the lady-fern,

wa maana
WELL did all things prosper in his hand,
Nor was there such another in the land
For strength or goodliness,

James Gray.

William Morris.

May lst.


PRINCE I was, blue-eyed, and fair in face,
Of temper amorous, as the first of May,
With lengths of yellow ringlet, like a girl,
For on my cradle shone the Northern star.

~ ~~~nunvorm
So young, so gracious, upon whom the skies
Rained every dewy gift of Paradise.

LADY, when thy voice I greet,
Not heavenly music seems so sweet.

Alfred Austin,

Oliver W. Holmes.

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