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Strona 87 - Chalmers on the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man.
Strona 197 - As to the first question, we may observe, that what we call a mind, is nothing but a heap or collection of different perceptions, united together by certain relations, and supposed, though falsely, to be endowed with a perfect simplicity and identity.
Strona 197 - If any one upon serious and unprejudiced reflection thinks he has a different notion of himself, I must confess I can reason no longer with him. All I can allow him is that he may be in the right as well as I, and that we are essentially different in this particular. He may, perhaps, perceive something simple and continued, which he calls himself, though I am certain there is no such principle in me.
Strona 357 - You are not at all frightened?" "I! not a bit of it, sir," and the man's bold look reassured me on one point - viz., that happen what might, he would not desert me.
Strona 350 - Let me only say this, it was not so much what we saw or heard (in which you might fairly suppose that we were the dupes of our own excited fancy, or the victims of imposture in others) that drove us away, as it was an undefinable terror which seized both of us whenever we passed by the door of a certain unfurnished room, in which we neither saw nor heard anything. And the strangest marvel of all was, that for once in my life I agreed with my wife, silly woman though she be — and allowed, after...
Strona 361 - No man getting out of that window would have found any footing till he had fallen on the stones below. F , meanwhile, was vainly attempting to open the door. He now turned round to me and asked my permission to use force. And I should here state, in justice to the servant, that, far from evincing any superstitious...
Strona 367 - I had witnessed many very extraordinary phenomena in various parts of the world, — phenomena that would be either totally disbelieved if I stated them, or ascribed to supernatural agencies. Now, my theory is that the Supernatural is the Impossible, and that what is called supernatural is only a something in the laws of nature of which we have been hitherto ignorant. Therefore, if a ghost rise before me, I have not the right to say, " So, then, the supernatural is possible...
Strona 365 - ... other ! I was not willing that my weapons should share the fate of the watch. Thus armed, I looked round the floor, — no sign of the watch. Three slow, loud, distinct knocks were now heard at the bed-head : my servant called out " Is that you, sir?"
Strona 364 - I put down the letters, and began to muse over their contents. Fearing, however, that the train of thought into which I fell might unsteady my nerves, I fully determined to keep my mind in a fit state to cope with whatever of Marvellous the advancing night might bring forth.
Strona 349 - Well, I can't answer that question; all I know is this: six weeks ago my wife and I were in search of a furnished apartment. Passing a quiet street, we saw on the window of one of the houses a bill, 'Apartments, Furnished.' The situation suited us; we entered the house, liked the rooms, engaged them by the week, — and left them the third day; No power on earth could have reconciled my wife to stay longer; and I don't wonder at it.

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