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OF LITERARY REFERENCE. With 3000 Illustrations. Tho-
roughly revised and improved by CHAUNCEY A. GOODRICH, D.D.,
LL.D., and NOAH PORTER, D.D., of Yale College.

In One Volume, Quarto, strongly bound in cloth, 1840 pages, price £1 11s. 6d.; half-calf, £2; calf or half-russia, £2 28.; russia, £2 10s.

Besides the matter comprised in the WEBSTER'S GUINEA DICTIONARY, this volume contains the following Appendices, which will show that no pains have been spared to make it a complete Literary Reference-book :

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An Explanatory and Pronouncing Vocabulary of the Names of Noted Fictitious Persons and Places, &c. By W. A. WHEELER, M.A. This Work includes not only persons and places noted in Fiction, whether narrative, poetical, or dramatic, but Mythological and Mythical names, names referring to the Angelology and Demonology of various races, and those found in the romance writers; Pseudonyms, Nick-names of eminent persons and parties, &c., &c. In fact, it is best described as explaining every of roof. is not strictly historical

given to the originator of

A Pronouncing Vocabulary of Scripture Proper Names. By W. A. WHEELER, M.A Including a List of the Variations that occur in the Douay version of the Bible.

An Etymological Vocabulary of Mo
dern Geographical Names. By the Rev.
C. H. WHEELER. Containing:-1. A List
of Prefixes, Terminations, and Formative
Syllables in various Languages, with their
meaning and derivation; II. A brief List
of Geographical Names (not explained by
the foregoing List), with their derivation
and signification, all doubtful and obscure
derivations being excluded.

Pronouncing Vocabularies of Modern
Geographical and Biographical Names

A Pronouncing Vocabulary of Com-
mon English Christian Names, with their
derivations, signification, and diminutives
(or nick-names), and their equivalents in
several other languages.

A Dictionary of Quotations. Selected and translated by WILLIAM G. WEBSTER. Containing all Words, Phrases, Proverbs, loquial Expressions from the , and Modern Foreign Lanwh are frequently met with in

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ottedt a List of Abbreviations, Contrac

This valuable Work may also be stade separately, post 8vo., 5s.

A Pronouncing Vocabulary of Greek and Latin Proper Names. By Professor THACHER, of Yale College.

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tions, and Arbitrary Signs used in Writing ad Printing.

A Classified Selection of Pictorial Illustrations (70 pages). With references to the text..

"The cheapest Dictionary ever published, as it is confessedly one of the best. The introduction of small woodcut illustrations of technical and scientific terms adds greatly to the utility of the Dictionary."-Churchman.


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From the QUARTERLY REVIEW, Oct. 1873.

"Seventy years passed before JOHNSON was followed by Webster, an American writer, who faced the task of the English Dictionary with a full appreciation of its requirements, leading to better practical results."

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"His laborious comparison of twenty languages, though never published, bore fruit in his own mind, and his training placed him both in knowledge and judgment far in advance of Johnson as a philologist. Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language was published in 1828, and of course appeared at once in England, where successive re-editing has as yet kept it in the highest place as a practical Dictionary."

"The acceptance of an American Dictionary in England has itself had immense effect in keeping up the community of speech, to break which would be a grievous harm, not to English-speaking nations alone, but to mankind. The result of this has been that the common Dictionary must suit both sides of the Atlantic."

"The good average business-like character of Webster's Dictionary, both in style and matter, made it as distinctly suited as Johnson's was distinctly unsuited to be expanded and re-edited by other hands. Professor Goodrich's edition of 1847 is not much more than enlarged and amended, but other revisions since have so much novelty of plan as to be described as distinct works."


"The American revised Webster's Dictionary of 1864, published in America and England, is of an altogether higher order than these last [The London Imperial and Student's]. It bears on its title-page the names of Drs. Goodrich and Porter, but inasmuch as its especial improvement is in the etymological department, the care of which was committed to Dr. MAHN, of Berlin, we prefer to describe it in short as the Webster-Mahn Dictionary. Many other literary men, among them Professors Whitney and Dana, aided in the task of compilation and revision. On consideration it seems that the editors and contributors have gone far toward improving Webster to the utmost that he will bear improvement. The vocabulary has become almost complete, as regards usual words, while the definitions keep throughout to Webster's simple careful style, and the derivations are assigned with the aid of good modern authorities."

"On the whole, the Webster-Mahn Dictionary as it stands, is most respectable, and CERTAINLY THE BEST PRACTICAL ENGLISH DICTIONARY EXTANT."


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