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How sad our state by nature is....I. Watts 268 Jesus, the calm that fills my...F.M. North 549
How shall I follow Him I serve. .J. Conder 339 Jesus, the Conqueror, reigns....C. Wesley 172
How shall the young secure their..I. Watts 204 Jesus'the name high over all. ...C. Wesley 222
How sweet, how heavenly is the..J. Swain 554 Jesus, the sinner's Friend, to thee.C. Wesley 271
How sweet the name of Jesus. .J. Newton 137 Jesus, the truth and power.....C. Wesley 220
How sweetly flowed the gos. Sir J. Bowring 290 Jesus, the very thoug.. Bernard of Clairvaux 533
How swift the torrent rolls..P. Doddridge 580 Jesus, these eyes have never seen.R. Palmer 537
How tedious and tasteless the..J. Newton 538 Jesus, thine all-victorious love. .C. Wesley 375
Hushed was the evening hymn.J. D. Burns 674 Jesus, thou all-redeeming Lord..C. Wesley 263

Jesus, thou everlasting King..

.....1. Watts
I am coming to the cross...W. McDonald 351 Jesus, thou Joy of.. Bernard of Clairvaux 536
I bow my forehead in the...J. G. Whittier 472 Jesus, thy blood and....N. L. Zinzendorf 148
I could not do without thee. F. R. Havergal 353 Jesus, thy boundless love to me. P. Gerhardt 333
I do not ask, O Lord, that life.A. A. Procter 542 Jesus, united by thy grace. ..C. Wesley 557
I heard the voice of Jesus say....H. Bonar 304 Jesus wept! those tears are.. .J. R. Macduff 132
I know no life divided. ....C.J. P. Spitta 467 Jesus, where'er thy people meet.W. Cowper 37
I know that my Redeemer lives. S. Medley 168 Join, all ye ransomed sons of gr. .C. Wesley 576
I know that my Redeemer lives..C. Wesley 370 Joy is a fruit that will not grow. J. Neuton 546
I lay my sins on Jesus...... .H. Bonar 488 Joy to the world! the Lord is come. 1. Watts

I little see, I little know.. .F. L. Hosmer 450 Just as I am, without one plea..C. Eliott 272
I look to Thee in every need. S. Longfellow 473
I love thy kingdom, Lord. T. Dwight 208 Kingdom of light I whose. Mrs. E. H. Miller 651 .
I love to steal awhile away.Mrs. P.H.Brown 498
I love to tell the story.. .K. Hankey 544 Lamp of our feet, whereby we. .B. Barton 205
I need thee every hour. .Mrs. A. S. Hawks

506 Lead, kindly Light, amid..J. H. Newman 460
I saw the holy city.. .G. Thring 626 Lead on, o King Eternal.E. W. Shurtleff 408
I shall not want: in deserts....C. F. Deems 436 Lead us, O Father, in the..W. H. Burleigh 475
I thank thee, uncreated Sun. J. A. Scheffler 367 Leader of faithful souls, and Gui.C. Wesley 459
"I the good fight have fought ".C. Wesley 391 Leave God to order all thy.....G. Neumark 476
I think when I read that sweet..J.T. Luke 682 Let all on earth their voices raise. I. Watts

I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of. Unknown 335 Let earth and heaven agree.....C. Wesley 565
I want a principle within. .C. Wesley 320 Let Him to whom we now belong.C. Wesley 373
I was a wandering sheep. .H. Bonar 300

Let not the wise their wisdom boa.C. Wesley 308
I worship thee, most gracious. F. W. Faber 480 Let Zion's watchmen all awa.P. Doddridge 223
I worship thee, O Holy. .W. F. Warren

Lift up your hearts to things abo.C. Wesley 558
I would not live alway...W.A. Muhlenberg 584 Lift your glad voices in tri. H. Ware, Ir. 159
If human kindness meets return. G. T. Noe 236 Light of the world! whose kind.H. Bateman 505
If, on a quiet sea. .A. M. Toplady 446 Light of those whose dreary....C. Wesley 638
I'll praise my Maker while I've...I. \Vatts 534

Lo! He comes, with clouds des..C. Wesley 601
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord.I. Watts

Lo! on a narrow neck of land...C. Wesley 579

.I. Watts 281
In heavenly love abiding...A. L. Waring 452 Long have I sat beneath the.
In the cross of Christ I glory.Sir J. Bowring 143 Long years ago o'er Bethle. L. R. Brewer 120
In the field with their flock....F. W. Farrar 117

Look from thy sphere of....W. C. Bryant 644
In the hour of trial.... ..J. Montgomery 431 Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious. T. Kelly 169
Infinite God, to thee we raise. ...C. Wesley

Lord, dismiss us with thy bless.J. Fawcett 39
Into thy gracious hands I. W. C. Dessler 305 Lord, dismiss us with thy bless. R. Hawker 723
It came upon the midnight. E. II. Sears

Lord, for to-morrow and. E. R. Wilberforce 510
It is not death to die... A. H.C. Jalan 585

Lord, how secure and blest are they.I. Watts 439
It may not be our lot to wield.J.G. Whittier 398 Lord, I am thine, entirely thine. . S. Davies 342

Lord, I believe a rest remains...C. Wesley 356

Lord, I cannot let thee go..... J. Neuton 514
Jehovah, God, who dwelt of old.L. R. Amis 665 Lord, I hear of showers of. Mrs. E. Codner 346
Jerusalem, my happy home. ... Unknown 608 Lord, if at thy command.. .C. Wesley 648
Jerusalem the golden. ...Bernard of Cluny 612 Lord, in the morning thou shalt...I. Watts 41
Jesus, and shall it ever be... .J. Grigg 443 Lord, in the strength of grace...

.C. Wesley 352
Jesus calls us, o'er the. Mrs. C. F. Alerander 545 Lord, it belongs not to my car. R. Baxter 470
Jesus, from whom all blessings. .C. Wesley 561 Lord Jesus, when we stand afar. W.W. How 145
Jesus, I my cross have taken...H. F. Lyte 458 Lord of all being, throned..0. W. Holmes
Jesus, immortal King..A. C. H. Seymour 632 Lord of all power and might...H. Stowell 206
Jesus, let all thy lovers shine. ...C. Wesley 321 Lord of earth, thy forming...Sir R. Grant 469
Jesus, let thy pitying eye. .C. Wesley 491 Lord of our life, God whom we.S. F. Smith 503
Jesus, Lover of my soul. C. Wesley 463 Lord of the living harvest.J.S. B. Monsell 219
Jesus, meek and gentle.. .G. R. Prynne 685 Lord of the Sabbath, hear our. P. Doddridge 73
Jesus, my all, to heaven is. J. Cennick 306 Lord, speak to me, that I.. F. R. Havergal 419
Jesus, my Lord, how rich thy.P. Doddridge 406 Lord, thou hast promised grace..S. K. Cox 347
Jesus, my strength, my hope. ...C. Wesley 340 Lord, we come before thee..W. Hammond 35
Jesus, my Trutlı, my Way.. ..C. Wesley 471 Lord! when I all things would pos.T. H. Gill 343
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me. E. Ilopper 482 Lord, while for all mankind.). R. W reford 701
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun.l. Watts 631 Lord, whom winds and seas obey.C. Wesley 103
Jesus spreads his banner o'er us. .R. Park 235 Love divine, all loves excelling. .C. Wesley 355
Jesus, the all-restoring word. ...C. Wesley 331 | Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb.....C. Wesley 374





HYMN Majestic sweetness sits enthrone. S. Stennett 135 O how happy are they. .C. Wesley 311 Make haste, O man, to live......H. Bonar 390 O how the thought of God. .F. W. Faber 363 May the grace of Christ our Sav.J. Newton 40 | O it is hard to work for God...F.W. Faber 442 Mighty God! while angels bl. R. Robinson 85 O Jesus, crucified for man. W. W. How 326 More love to thee.....Mrs. E. P. Prentiss 317 O Jesus, I have promised. ..J. E. Bode 350 Mourn for the thousands slain..S. C. Brace 698 O Jesus, thou art standing ....W.W. How 282 Must Jesus bear the cross alone. T. Shepherd 428 O joyful sound of gospel grace...C. Wesley 371 My bark is wafted to the strand. H. Alford 451 O King of kings, O Lord of hosts.H. Burton 714 My country, 'tis of thee.....S. F. Smith 702 O little town of Bethlehem.. .F. Brooks 121 My dear Redeemer and my Lord.I. Watts 140 O Lord!how happy should we be.J. Anstice 519 My faith looks up to thee... .R. Palmer 334 | O Lord of heaven and earth.C. Wordsworth 692 My God, accept my heart this. .M. Bridges 369 O Lord of hosts, whose glory..J. M. Neale 658 My God, how wonderful thou..F. W. Faber 86 O Lord, our fathers oft... Tate and Brady 700 My God, I love thee, not because.F. Xavier 483 O Lord, our God, almighty..F. K. Stratton 664 My God, I thank thee......A. A. Procter 29

O Love divine, how sweet thou..C. Wesley 368 My God, is any hour so sweet...C. Elliott 501 o Love divine, that stooped.O. W. Holmes 457 My God, my Father, while I stray.C. Eliott 521 O Love divine, what hast thou..C. Wesley 153 My God, the spring of all my joys.I. Watts 535 O Love! O Life! Our faith...J.G. Whittier 479 My gracious Lord, I own thy.P. Doddridge 336 O Love of God, how strong.. .H. Bonar 83 My heavenly home is bright and.W.Hunter 628

O Love that wilt not let me go.G. Matheson 481 My hope is built on nothing less. ... E. Mote 330

O Master, it is good to be... A. P. Stanley 131 Dly hope, my all, my Saviour... Unknown 444

O Master, let me walk with thee.W. Gladden 411 My Jesus, as thou wilt... .B. Schmolke 524

O mother dear, Jerusalem.... Unknown 610 My Lord, how full of sweet con.Mme. Guyon 518

o Paradise! O Paradise... F.W. Faber 622 My Saviour, on the word. ...A. L. Waring 364 My soul, be on thy guard. .G. Heath 493

H. W. Baker 155

O perfect life of love.. My soul before thee prostrate.C. F. Richter 273 perfect Love, all human.D. F. Blomfield 668 My soul, repeat His praise.. .. .I. Watts 94

sacred Head, now. Bernard of Clairvaut 151 My span of life will soon be...F.M. Cowper 426

sometimes the shadows.....E. Johnson 434 My times are in thy hand.....W.F. Lloyd 449 lo still in accents sweet and. S. Longfellow 395

Spirit of the living God. .J. Montgomery 188

O that I could repent, О that...C. Wesley 264 Near the cross was Mary weepi. J. da Todi 154 O that I could repent! With all.C. Wesley 265 Nearer, my God, to thee. Mrs. S. F. Adams 315 | O that my load of sin were gone..C. Wesley 381 Never further than.... Mrs. E. R. Charles 144 10 the bitter shame and sorrow..T. Monod 380 New every morning is the love....J. Keble 420 thou God of my salvation. .T. Olivers 25 No, not despairingly..

.H. Bonar 453 O Thou, in all thy might....F. L. Hosmer 484 Not always on the mount. .F. L. Hosmer, 477 0 Thou, in whose presence......J, Swain 530 Not only when ascends the song. T. H. Gill 520 Ó Thou to whom, in ancient..J. Pierpont 12 Now from the altar of my heart. .J. Mason 46

O Thou, to whose all-search.N.L.Zinzendorf 359 Now God be with us, for.... P. Herbert

58 O Thou, who camest from above..C. Wesley 313 Now I have found the ground. .J. A. Rothe 302 0 Thou who driest the mourner's..T. Moore 522 Now let the Father, and the Son..I. Watts 719 0 Thou, who hast at thy..Mrs. J. Cotterill 341 Now thank we all our God..M. Rinkart 30

13 Now the day is over......S. Baring-Gould

O Thou, whom all thy saints. ....C. Wesley 59

O Thou, whose bounty fills....J. Creudson 531

O what amazing words of grace..S. Medley 292 O come,

all ye faithful, triumph. Unknown 125O where are kings and empires. .A. C. Coxe 214 O come, and dwell in me:.. .C. Wesley 362 O where shall rest be found. .J. Montgomery 250 O come and mourn with me a..F. W. Faber 152 Word of God incarnate.....W. W. How 200 O could I speak the matchless. .S. Medley 540 O worship the King, all-glori. Sir R. Grant 106 O day of rest and gladness. C. Wordsworth

68 O Zion, haste, thy mission. M.A. Thompson 654 O for a closer walk with God. . .W. Cowper 492 Of all the thoughts of God. .E. B. Browning 541 O for a faith that will not. .W. H. Bathurst 424 Of Him who did sal..Bernard of Clairvaux 289 O for a glance of heavenly day....J. Hart 274 Oft in danger, oft in woe. O for a heart of calm repose. ... Unknown 376

H. K. White and F. S. Fuller-Maitland 412 O for a heart to praise my God..C. Wesley 354 On Jordan's stormy banks I...S. Stennett 617 O for a thousand tongues to sing.C. Wesley 1 On the mountain's top appearing. .T. Kelly 647 O for that flame of living..W. H. Bathurst 187 On this stone now laid with..J. Pierpont 657 O for that tenderness of heart...C. Wesley 278 Once more we come before our God..J. Hart 33 O glorious hope of perfect love. .C. Wesley 365 One more day's work for...A. B. Warner 419 O God, great Father, Lord, and. E. E. Hoss 231 One sole baptismal sign. .G. Robinson 559 O God, most merciful and true. .C. Wesley 401 One sweetly solemn thought. .P. Cary 620 O God of God! O Light of Light..J. Julian 15 One there is, above all others....J. Neuton 174 O God of love, O King of.Sir H. W. Baker 705 Onward, Christian soldiers. S. Baring-Gould 383 O God, our help in ages past.

1. Watts 577 Our blest Redeemer, ere he.. ..H. Auber 189 O God, the Rock of Ages. E. H. Bickersteth 18 Our fathers' God, to thee we. .B. Copeland 713 O God, thy power is wonderful.F. W. Faber 87 Our God is love; and all his sai.T. Cotterill 552 O happy day, that fixed my. P. Doddridge 312 Our highest joys succeed our... Unknown 474 O happy home, where thou art.C. J. Smitta 671 Our Lord is risen from the dead..C. Wesley 158 O holy Saviour, Friend unseen. .C. Elliott 478 Our thought of thee is glad. .J.G. Whittier 712 O how can they look up to heav.S. Browne 696 | Out of the depths to thee. Mrs. E. E. Marcy 127


HYMN Pass me not, O gentle Saviour.F. J. Crosby 329 Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear..J. Keble 47 Peace, perfect peace . . .E. H. Bickersteth 528 Sweet hour of prayer, sweet.W.W.Walford 516 Plunged in a gulf of dark despair. .1. Watts 242 Sweet is the work, my God, my Ki... Watts 71 Pour thy blessings, Lord. H. McE. Kimball 693 swell the anthem, raise the song..N. Strong 711 Praise God, from whom all blessing.T. K'en 718 Praise the Saviour, all ye na..B. Francis 649 Take my life, and let it be..F. R. Havergal 348 Praise ye Jehovah.... .M. C. Campbell 20 Take the name of Jesus... Mrs. L. Baxter 508 Prayer is appointed to convey ..J. Hart 502 "Take up thy cross,” the Sav..C.W. Everest 433 Prayer is the soul's sincere..J. Montgomery 497 Talk with us, Lord, thyself reveal.C. Wesley 499 Prince of Peace, control. ..M. A. S. Barber 337 Teach me, my God and King....(:. Herbert 417

Tell it out among the heathen.F.R.Havergal 634 Rejoice, the Lord is King. .C. Wesley 178 Tell the blessed tidings... Mrs. E. H. Miller 652 Rejoice, ye pure in heart..E. H. Plumptre 421 Ten thousand times ten thousand. H. Alford 618 Religion is the chief concern....

..J. Fawcett 314 The chosen three, on mountain. .D. H. Ela 129 Rescue the perishing........F. J. Crosby 697 The church's one foundation ..S. J. Stone 207 Return, O wanderer, return..W. B. Collyer 255 The dawn of God's dear Sabba. A. C. Cross 72 Ride on, ride on in majesty..H. H. Milman 150 The day is gently sinking. .C. Wordsworth 61 Rise, glorious Conqueror, rise. .M. Bridges 161 The day of resurrection..John of Damascus 164 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy..R. Seagrave 623 The day of wrath, that dre. .Sir W. Scott 603 Rise, O my soul, pursue the..J. Needham 404 The day thou gavest, Lord....J. Ellerton 60 Rock of Ages, cleft for me. .A. M. Toplady 279 The God of Abraham praise. T. Olivers

The God of mercy be adored.. ... Watts 721 Safely through another week...J. Newton 69 The gracious God whose mer..0.W. Holmes 669 Salvation! O the joyful sound....I. Watts 287 The head that once was crowned..T. Kelly 173 Saviour, again to thy dear name. .J. Ellerton 38 The heavens declare thy glory....I. Watts 202 Saviour, blessed Saviour. ..G. Thring 344 | The Homeland! O the Home H.R. Haweis 615 Saviour, breathe an evening. .J. Edmeston 55 The King of heaven his table. P. Doddridge 233 Saviour, like a shepherd lead us.. Unknown 677 The King of love my Shepherd.H.W. Baker 136 Saviour, more than life to me. .F. J. Crosby 490 The Lord is King! lift up thy voi..J. Conder 90 Saviour, teach me day by day..J. E. Leeson 676 The Lord is my Shepherd...J. Montgomery 104 Saviour, thy dying love......S. D. Phelps 349 The Lord is risen indeed. .T. Kelly 157 Saviour, when, in dust, to thee...R. Grant 500 The Lord Jehovah reigns.

.I. Watts 81 See how great a flame aspires....C. Wesley 643 The Lord our God alone. .C. T. Winchester 686 See Israel's gentle Shepherd. P. Doddridge 230 The Lord our God is clothed. .H. K. White 99 Servant of God, well done.. ...C. Wesley 593 The Lord will come and not be. .J. Milton 642

Servant of God, well done.J. Montgomery 597 The morning light is breaking..S. F. Smith 653 Shall hymns of grateful....J.J. Cummins 26 The perfect world, by Adam. . N. P. Willis 660 Shall I, for fear of feeble man..J.J. Winkler 225 The shadows of the evening. . A. A. Procter 62 Shall man, O God of light and..T. Dwight 596 The Son of God goes forth to war..R. Heber 416 She loved her Saviour, and to ..W. Cutter 694 | The spacious firmament on...J. Addison 84 Shepherd of tender. Clement of Alexandria 672 The starry firmament on high. . Sir R. Grant 203 Shout the glad tidings..W. A. Muhlenberg 119 The toil of brain, or heart. 1'. W. Freckelton 414 Show pity, Lord; O Lord, forgive. .1. Watts 270 There is a fountain filled with..W. Couper 291 Silent night! Holy night... .J. Mohr 123 There is a land of pure delight....I. Watts 604 Silently the shades of evening. ...C.C. Cor 52 There is an hour of peaceful. .W.B. Tappan 609 Since Jesus freely did appear. .J. Berridge 667 There was a time when children. T.R.Taylor 684 Since without Thee we do.. E. B. Browning 504 There's a Friend for little chil. .A. Midlane 680 Sing to the great Jehovah's pra..C. Wesley 575 There's a song in the air. ....J. G. Holland 112 Sing we to our God above. .C. Wesley 725 There's a wideness in God's...F. W. Faber 98 Sing with all the sons of glory..W.J. Irons 160 They who seek the throne of grace O.Holden 515 Sinners, the voice of God regard.J. Fawcett 246 Think gently of the erring..). A. Carney 699 Sinners, turn; why will ye die. ..C. Wesley 247 This child we dedicate.. .S. Gilman 232 Slowly, slowly darkening.. .S. Greg 464 Thou art the Way:-to thee...G. W. Doane 133 Softly fades the twilight ray..S. F. Smith 74 Thou dear Redeemer, dying: : .J. Cennick 532 Softly now the light of day..G. W. Doane 53 Thou didst leave thy.... E, E. S. Elliott 122 Soldiers of Christ, arise. .C. Wesley 382 Thou great mysterious God.. ...C. Wesley 318 Soldiers of the cross, arise. .J. B. Waterbury 385 Thou hidden love of God, wh.G. Tersteegen 345 Sometimes a light surprises....W. Couper 454 Thou hidden Source of calm re..C. Wesley 466 Soon may the last glad song ari. Mrs. Vokes 630 Thou my everlasting portion. F. J. Crosby 332 Sow in the morn thy seed.".J. Montgomery389 Thou Son of God, whose flaming.,C.Wesley 24.5 Spirit Divine, attend our prayer. ...Å. Reed 190 Thou, whose almighty word...J. Marriott 629 Spirit of faith, come down......C. Wesley 191 Thou, whose unmeasured.. W. C. Bryant 659 Spirit of God! descend upon my..G. Croly 197 Though troubles assail, and dan.J. Newton 92 Stand, soldier of the cr..E. H. Bickersteth 413 Through the night of doubt. B. S. Ingemann 567 Stand the omnipotent decree....C. Wesley 598 Thus far the Lord hath led me on. .I. Watts 51 Stand up, stand up for Jesus.G. Duffield, Jr. 386 Thy way, not mine, O Lord... .H. Bonar 527 Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay... Wesley 269 "Till He come,” O let the. .E. H. Bickersteth 240 Still, still with Thee..........H. B. Stowe “ Tis finished 1” so the Saviour. .s. Stennett 149 Still will we trust. .W. H. Burleigh 486 'Tis midnight; and on Olive W. B. Tappan 147 Still with thee, O my God. .J. D. Burns 525 To Father, Son, and Holy Gh.Tate and Brady 720 Strong Son of God.... .A. Tennyson 139 | To God on high be thanks......N. Decius 93



HYMN To God, the Father, Son.. .J. Wesley 722 What various hindrances we..W. Corpet 496 To God, the Father, Son.. .E. F. Hatfield 727 Whate'er my God ordains....S. Rodigast 487 To God your every want. C. Wesley 512 When all thy mercies, O my God. J. Addison 105 To thee, Eternal Soul. .R. W. Gilder 14 When gathering clouds.. Sir R. Grant

134 To thee, O dear, dear Sav..J. S. B. Monsell 324 When I can read my title clear...I. Watts 440 To-morrow, Lord, is thine...P. Doddridge 253 When I survey the wondrous cross. I. Watts 141 True-hearted, whole-hearted.F. R. Havergal 420 When Israel, of the Lord be...Sir W. Scott 95 Try us, O God, and search the. .C. Wesley 555 When Jesus dwelt in mortal. ..T. Gibbons 695

When, marshaled on the night. H. K. White 124 Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb. .1. Watts 586 When morning gilds the.. .E. Casuall 32 Upon the gospel's sacred...Sir J. Bowring

199 When musing sorrow weeps . ..G. T. Noel 455

When on my day of life....J. G. Whittier 589 Walk in the light ! so shalt thou..B. Barton

When the weary, seeking rest....H. Bonar 509 361

When time seems short and..G. W. Bethune 296 Watchman, tell us of the..Sir J. Bowring 636 Where cross the crowded ways.F.M. North 423 We bid thee welcome......J. Montgomery 226 Wherewith, O Lord, shall I draw.C. Wesley 244 We give thee but thine own...W. W. How 688 We hope in thec, O God.

While life prolongs its precious. .T. Dwight 254

M. F. Hearn 328 We journey through a vale of..B. Barton

While shepherds watched. . Tate and Brady 115

447 While thee I seek, protect. H. M. Williams 517 We lift our hearts to thee.

.J. Wesley


While, with ceaseless course, the.J. Neuton 574 We march, we march to victo. .G. Moultrie 418

Who are these arrayed in white. .C. Wesley 619 We may not climb the heav.J.G. Whittier 128

Who is thy neighbor? He..W.B.O. Peabody 690 We plow the fields and scatter. M. Claudius 716

595 We praise thee, Lord, for ho..J. P. Hoppe 550 Why should our tears in..W. H. Bathurst

Why do we mourn departing frien. I. Watts

591 We rear not a temple, like Ju..H. Ware, Ir. 666

299 We would see Jesus..

Why should the children of a King 1. Watts
.A. B. Warner 323

Why should we start and fear to.. 1. Watts 581 Weary of earth, and laden...S. J. Stone 284 Wilt thou hear the voice.. Mrs. C. L. Rice 675 Weary souls, that wander wide. .C. Wesley 262 With glorious clouds encompas. .C. Wesley 327 Weep not for a brother deceased.C. Wesley 594 With joy we hail the sacred day. .H. Auber 65 Welcome, delightful morn....T. Hayward 67

Work, for the night is coming. A. L. Walker 422 Welcome, happy morning.. .V. Fortunatus 166 Workman of God ! O lose not. .F.W. Faber 392 Welcome, sweet day of rest. I. Watts

64 What a Friend we have in Jesus. J. Scriven 551

11 What grace, O Lord, and be. . Sir E. Denny 126 Ye servants of God, your Master.C. Wesley What is our calling's glorious...C. Wesley 358 Ye servants of the Lord....P. Doddridge 429 What is the thing of great. .J. Montgomery 243 What though the arm of con.P. Doddridge 592 Zion stands with hills surrounded. T. Kelly '212

First Lines of Chants and Occasional pieces

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All things come of thee, O Lord..
Blessed be the man that provideth for the sick and needy
Day of Wrath. O day of mourning..
Glory be to God on high...
Glory be to the Father.
God be merciful unto us and bless us (Psalm 67)
God spake these words, and said [The Ten Commandments).
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts.
In age and feebleness extreme...
Into the woods my Master wen
Late, late, so late! and dark the night, and chill.
Lord, have mercy upon us.
Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace (Luke 2. 29-32)
My God, my Father, while I stray.
My soul doth magnify the Lord (Luke 1. 46-55)
o be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands (Psalm 100)
o come, let us sing unto the Lord (Psalm 95)
Our Father who art in heaven..
Sunset and evening-star
The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord is in his holy temple.
Therefore with angels and archangels.
We praise thee, o God....


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The Psalter

for Responsive Readings
in the Sunday Services

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