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e g Christian life, a warfare, o:
- - Prayer 47
1 yer, ,
Appress. To Youth, 73 Counsel, 13

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t Religion, the truth of, 6i
Enthusiastic & Rational, 190
Christianity, Heathen evidences of,
- 74, 171
Answer to the Ques-

tion, Why was it so
long delayed : 169
Christmas Hymn, 15
Essay, -- 23
Hymn, 194

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Extract from Bishop

- Hick's devotions for, 200
Circumcision, 23.
Clergyman's Farewell, 155
Clock Pendulum, - 96.

Somment on the case of Naaman, I 1.
Collects, Epistles and Gospels, 7
Qollects, an alphabetical table of, 145

9 onvention at Litchfield, 94.
Qonvention Sermon, 94.
!Contentment, 127.

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;Criticism, Sacred, 71, 104,135 isi

i D.
Decent Behavior in Church, 113, 129
Peity, a Hymn to, 79

Dialogue, between a Clergyman
and his Parishioner, 29, £1, 61,107.

Discourses by the Rev. E. W.
Whitaker, extracts from,


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Easter, Thursday before, &

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Easter Eve, 102 P. ag

Day, 1 16

Week, Monday and Tues- Paraphrase on Psalm cxlviii. 14
day in, 131 On Psalm coxii. 46
Sundays after, 132 Passion, weak, 86
Ecclesiastical Terms, explained, Parish-meeting, 163
6, 22, 36, 52, 84, 116 || Popery revived, 86
Epiphany, 36 || Prayer, the Farmer's, 63
Sundays after, 37 | Prayer, the duty of, 96

Life, The Ocean of, an Allegory, 30

- -

Marriages, Deaths, &c. 16, 32, 48,

- 64, 80, 128, 160, 200

Melancholy, religious, a picture of,119

Mankind, Love of, 189

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Pope's universal,strictures on, 117

Predestinarian, Jone's 1st letter to, 167
Prophecy, Noah's, 192
Psalms, book of, 91

An account of, 147

Quere, 58


Remarks on Acts, c. xiii. v. 48. 59

- On do. do. v. 46. ib.

Retirement, the necessity of 59

Rites, external in religion, nature



Whitsunday, 16i

Zeal, religious, -

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I Vol. I. J JANUARY 1804. [ No. 1. )

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THE title of this publication, naturally suggests, who the people are, for whom it is principally intended ; and the general design of the work. The undertaking is begun, with a deliberate sense of the labour, expense of time, and many circumstances of inconvenience, unavoidably attending it; and the enterprize is prompted, merely from a conviction of its importance. Conducted, as we trust it will be, with a pure intention, and as far as we can be responsible, a good judgment, it must be adapted to communicate information on a variety of useful and interesting subjects, by many, with difficulty, if at all, to be obtained in any other way. In the prosecution of the proposed plan of this monthly publication, we shall, with particular reference to the members of our Church, endeavour to furnish our readers with some historical accounts, comments, and explanations of the Fasts, and Feasts of the Church, of the Sacraments, Liturgy, and Offices, as may appear needful, to inform the ignorant, relieve the doubtful, and confirm the wavering. To these will be added, essays, dissertations, and select extracts, from the best writers, on the Foundation, Doctrines, Worship, Government and Unity of the Church, as the correct knowledge of these great points in the Christian System, is, generally speaking, all that is wanting, to give a right understanding of the economy of our Redemption, and the instituted means of Salvation. That the object may be the more completely embraced, the whole will be calculated to guard against the plausible, but dangerous reasonings of infidels and latitudinarians: Reasonings the more dangerous, because plausible, for the laying all religions upon a level; and whose pretended liberality towards religion, in every form, arises from a real coldness towards it, in any ; and from their wishes to bring the thing itself, into contempt and insignificance. We have a very encouraging, and noble example set us, in that country from whence we emanated, and by numbers of that Church, which gave origin to ours, and under whose fostering care, it was, for many years, nurtured. The writings of those learned and virtuous men, brought over to us, exhibit the most pleasing proofs of their vigilance, and ever to be admired abilities, in detecting the falsehoods, and repelling the subtle efforts, of the enemies of their religion, and peace,

2 On the Church.

t. Although, every thing that hath been said against religion, and the Church, hath been followed directly, with much bette; things said in favour of them; yet, in whatever degree they may thereby have secured their own religion, and safety, the same is not also done for us. The enemies to truth and order, soon found their way here, and met with more than enough, ready to receive them, or who were already busy in the same work. Not to catch a ray of the same vigilance, and zeal, and to avail our

selves of these helps, as aids to strengthen our otherwise fee

bler efforts, to screen our religion, and its professors also, from the same pests, which, in religion and morals, work, as do an armed host, to lay fenced cities in ruinous heaps : not to do this, would indeed be, to betray a criminal insensibility, and an unpardonable lukewarmness, and indifference.

In the course of their labours, the Editors, of this work, hope to be favoured with, and particularly ask, the assistance of all the well-disposed, and able friends of our Church, and all, who will oblige them with their correspondence, it will be their study, to treat with due deference, and attention.

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$ the Holy Scriptures are the rule of our faith and practice, it is from A them we are to learn the nature and constitution of the Christian Church, the form of its government, the extent of its powers, and limits of our obe

(116°ince, I. From the account which the Divine Records have given us of the Christion Church, it appears to be no confused multitude of men, independent one on another, but a well-formed and regular society. This is evident from the panies and allusions by which it is described. It is called a family, whereof Christ is the Master, of whom the whole family is named. (a) It is said to be the city of the living God; (b) whence Christian people are fellow-citizens with the saints, (c) And it is often mentioned as a kingdom, of which

Christ is the king. Thus, in our Lord's words, Thou art Peter, and ". this

rock will I build my Church, and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of Heaven ; (d) where the Church and the Kingdom of Heaven mean the same thing. As a family, a city, and a kingdom, are societies, and the Christian Church is represented by them, that must likewise be a society. Some of the chief characters and properties of this society, as described in Holy Scripture, are, o first, 'i hat it is not a mere voluntary society; but one whereof men are obliged to be members, as they value their everlasting happiness; for it is a society appointed by God, with enforcements of rewards and punishments. ‘I hat it is of God's appointment is certain; for it is the Church of the living God. (e) That it is enforced with rewards and punishments is not less certo in : for remission of sins, the grace of the Holy Spirit, and eternal life, are Cicciared to be the privileges of the Christian Church, and annexed to baptism, the constant rite of initiation into the Church; Repent and be baptized in the nume of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (f) And the consequence of neglecting to hear Christ and his apostles may be understood from Matthew x. 14. IPhosoever shall not re

ceive you nor hear your words, when you depart out of that house or that city,

shake off the dust of your feet. Perily I say unto you, it shall be more tolera

(a) Eph. iii. 14, 15. (b) Hob. xii.22, (c) Eph. ii. 19.
(d) Miat. xvi. 18, 19. (e) I Tim. iii. 15. (f) Acts ii. 38.

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