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On the celebration of Christmas day. of the Greek Church in December, (to auto eikostē pemptē hē kata sarka genesis tou Kuriou kai Theou kai sõiēros hēmon Jēsou Christou,) i, e. On the 25th of the same month the feust of the incarnation of our LORD, AND GOD, AND SAVIOUR JESUS Christ. And,

Parthenih z Mariē Theon eikadi geinato pemptē. That is, THE VIRGIN MARY BROUGHT FORTH OUR SAVIOUR ON THE 25th DAY.

Other vols, of their divine service shew this also.P. 40. “ And for other Churches-not under the name of Greek, as those of Antioch, or Syria, of Æthiopia and of Elcopti, or Ægypt, have we testimonies enough of them also, whence we may collect that they agree with us, in this anniversary of celebration." P. 41. “ And to conclude bere, what greater testimony can there be that it was received into the Church, EVEN FROM THE DISCIPLES AND APOSTLES OF Our SAVIOUR, than this, that it was so antiently observed, and hath been ever since, so generally received through Christendoın ?" And so " says St. Augustine-quæ quidem toto terrarum orbe obsertantur, dantur intelligi vel ab ipsis Apostolis, vel a plenariis Conciliis quorum est in Ecclesia saluberrima authoritas, commendata atque statuta retineri.” Sicuti quod Domini Passio, et Resurrectio, et ascensio in cæluin, et adventus de cælo Spiritus Sancti, &c.--All such things he supposes either delivered by the Apostles or ordained by General Councils : for Councils here, we have no testimony that they ordained it : therefore, it rests by this argument, that we derive it from the eldest tradition that may be in Christianity. But we end here,” says Selden, " this enquiry, and resolve with that old Hymn of St. Ambrose, “ Sic præsens testatur dies, &c. P. 42. “ Neither do I find any Christian Church in the later ages, hath otherwise celebrated it, save only that of the Armenians, who retained an antient cus, tom of confounding it with the Epiphany, and that to the time of Manuel Comnenus, which is about 440 years since, and perhaps yet do, making a confusion of those feasts.

Having thus extracted from the first four sections, whatever relates to the. birth of Christ on the 25th of Deceinber, and thereby abundantly PROVED, that to be the only proper day for its celebration, the remaining three sections, 5th, 6th, and 7th chiefly treat of the wrong calculations drawn froin LukeZachary not being an high priest,—the course of the service being interrupted by Antiochus, -and their years being reckoned (as ours are in law) by the reigns of Kings. The Day therefore being more certain than the year,(which however, appears to be easily calculated, if any other proof could be wanted amid such a blaze of evidence, BY COMPUTING THE YEARS BACKWARD FROM THE DEATH OF CHRIST,) “yet all amounts to this conclusion (p. 71.) that the yearly celebration or memory continued even from the eldest Christian time hath taught us THE EXACT DAY OF THE MONTH, therefore we have reason enough still to resolte on it."

Being therefore thus certified of THE DAY, let us be careful to observe it aright, and not only the day, but the whole season. Let us remember that it is set apart by our Church as a time whereon to celebrate the birth of our most blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let us keep it as a time “ holy unto the Lord,” and attend to our duty in public and in private, in attending the service and sacrament of the Church, in prayer and thankfulness, “ for the inestimable love of God, in the REDEMPTION of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory,” thus vouche safed unto us, in this accomplishment of all the prophecies is from the foundations of the world.” In serious reflection upon the incarnation of our Lord, and this mystery ” of God manifest in the fesh.” In obeying his will, and

doing good unto all men." Let“ the rich” be mindfuito be rich in good works." That they be ready to give, and glad to distribute" to their poor. neighbours. Let all be merciful after their power," and " while they have time, do good unto all men.” So shall the poor experience the efïects of a lively faith, in their bodies as well as in their ininds. And iet THEM receive. these good gifts with thankfulness from those whom God has made “ their stewards,” and commanded “ to dispense liberally.” Let them not abuse them, but “ be sober and vigilant,” and apply them to the benefit of themselves and their families, and not waste them“ in rioting and drupkeuness.

On the celebration of Christmas day.

199 I every evil work." The abundant charities distributed at this time will is relieve the sick and needy, refresh the prisoner, and lessen every evil,

ether of " mind, body or estate.”. Thus will the season be observed aright, . all will partake of that general joy, which has so universally prevailed at di celebration of such an important event, from whence all our other bles

gs arise. Thus will the rich partake more cordially of the social converse innocent mirth-as Christians! and the poor cease to repine at hardsbips it'ich they create for themselves, frequently tinding the means for sin, thougla ' y neglect those of honest industry. The observance of holy days is of the utmost importance. Our Church hath

arranged them, that, if duly attended, we cannot fail to be “thoroughly i nished,” with that knowledge, which will assuredly “ make us wise unto ivation.” They are so dispersed throughout the year, that they contain the tory of our Lord, his incarnation, birth, lise, doctrine and miracles, death, urrection and ascension, with “ the coming of the Holy Ghost,” according bis divine proinises : and also, the history of his Disciples,-in the respectcollects, epistles, gospels and lessons. By adding the collects to our pray

and reading the epistles and gospels with the lessons in rotation, and which y easil: be done, if there is first a willing mind,” we should tind ourselves ned against infidelity, deprarity and schism," ignorance would "noi” aind, or the " love of” so “ many wax cold.” We should be able to give ason of our hope,” and “ come off, more than conquerors.” This can be ne by all. But such as have opportunity.can further improve it, by the P of Nelson's most excellent Companion to the Feasts and Fasts of the Church, I also by attenling the public service, as they are bound. Dur CATTLE also should we let partake of the general joy, by greater ulgence in rest and food, for they partake largely in our general scarcity. ay administer profusely to our comfort, our pleasure, our support, our

ith : and God has allowed us their proper use for these purposes. Gratime to HIM for this, should teach us to exercise mercy, cure and attention to

Even their services demand it for themselves. But when God has "" munded it as a DUTY, who can disobey with impunity ? He“ regards pie life of a beast," *_" takes care for oxen”f-forbids an“ unequal yoking: * I enjoins us to shew mercy, as Christ also did by his precept and examplc.

y then is not this duty more generally recommended, and from whence me forcibly or properly than the pulpit ?-as well as in the works of divines .."! others.g It highly criminates a Christian nation to connive at, and therey bricourage barburity towards animals, who are generally much less brutal

og tliose they serve, and with whom they should exchange situations-to produce conviction by-experience !

It then, we thus observe the holy season of CHRISTMAS, we shall celebrate luike those who really do “ look for the coming of their Lord.” We shall not Din.ate those SECTARIES who, by throwing off all regard to this (and every Cher like) sacred day, instituted on purpose to remind us whereon all our ti itus depend, do disavow, as much as in them lies, all acknowledgment of their having any concern in this common right of Christians, or in those blesrus wbich Christ hath vouchsafed to his obedient followers. We shall con

mplate his life and deatli, so as “ to follow his steps," which will securefour pice both here and hereofter. We shall have that pease, from the Prince

Peace,” wbich “ the world can neither give nor take away," which“ pas$-th all understanding,” and will secure to us the favor of God while we res

non earth, and translate us when we die, into his presence, and “the blescompany of all faithful people,” the “Church triumphant,” in Ileaven.

we shall see, even as we are seen,—“ we' shall know, even as we known,and those virtuous unions and sympathies began, but interrupted #re, shall blossom there, and bear fruit--for EVER! As therefore we now Prov. xii. 10. 1 Cor. ix. 9, I Deut. xxii. 10. Luke xiiii -15. c. xiv. 5.

§ See a most admirable and highly useful Tract, entitled, Thoughts on the 9.14 of Mercy and Sin of Cruelty. Sold by Letterman and Co. stationer's. Curt, London, price li-21. or ios. 6d. per hundred. It is with infinite plea. if we hear that a Society is going to be instituted to prevent the abuse of onda

's, to be entitled THE ANIMALS FRIEXD.




Extract from Bishop Hick's Demotions. praise thee 0 Go«l," in the words of the Churchi, “ because thou dibst g? Jesus Christ thine only Son to be born as al this time for 115 : who by the e eration of the Holy Ghost, was made very man of the substance of the Vire Mary, his mother, and that without spot of sin, to make us clean from all siri • so would we further call upon thee, and say “ Almighty God, who bast give us thy only begotten Son, to take our nature upon him, and as at this tiine be born of a pure Virgin : grant that we being regenerate, and made thy ch' dren by adoption and grace, may daily be renewed by thy holy Spirit, throu the same our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and réigneth with thee and tim same spirit, ever one God, world without end, Amen."14" Therefore wir angels and archangels and with all the company of Heaven, we laud a no magnify thy glorious name; evemore praising thee, and saying, holy, ho holy Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and Earth are full of thy glory; glory to thee, O Lord most high, Amen."

* Proper preface for Christmas Day, in Office for H. Cominunion. f Collect for Christmas day.

The Trisagium, or Hymn of the Angels, in the Communion Office.

TO THE EDITORS OF THE CHURCHMAN'S MAGAZINE. Please to insert the following extract from Bishop Hick's Devotions, and obs. your friend and constant rcader,

ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS DAY. To day, for us, our Lord was born ;--come, let us adore him. O Albehold, to us was be:

this day, a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. Wonderful signs, to seek the new-born King of heaven and earth :-te shall find him wrapt in swaddling cloaths, and laid in a manger, Alleluja

o blessed harmony of the celestial choirs ! Glory to God on high, on en peace, good will towards men. Allelujalı.

Α Ν Τ Ι Ρ Η Ο Ν. The Shepherds came to Bethlehem with speed, and sound Mary and Jose"), and the intant, laid in a inanger.

V.-This is the day the Lord has made ; let us rejoice therein.' Allelujak Allelujah.

R. This is the day in which the Lord was made ;-come let us rejo. Allelujah.-Allelujah.

LET US PRAY. O GOD, who every year givest a fresh occasion to the devotions of thy Church, by the welcome festivity of our Saviour's birth ! Grant us, we ye secch thee, with such devout affections to entertain this first humblerising of ide Sun of Righteousness to us, as may better dispose and more powerfully en gage us to follow him through the whole painful course of his life, whib. lit a giant, he rejoiced to run, enlightening the world with thy truth, and ir daming it with thy love, 'till in the end we arrive at his eternal rest, thro! g? the saine our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son ; who, with Thee and the H. Ghost, liveth and reigneth, ever one God, world without end. xmen.

DIED.)-At Huntington, of a consumption, the 2d of instant, December, Mr. PHILO Shelton, in the 27th year of his age.”

“ Man wants but little, nor that little long,
“ How soon must he resign that very dust,
" Which frugal nature lent him for an hour.'

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