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#ymeneal cautions to our Fair Readers, 143

that sacred rule of “doing in all things to others, according as you wish that hey should do unto you.” For this end, impress upon your minds a deep sense f #: original and natural equality of men. Whatever advantages of birth or fortune you possess, never display them with an ostentatious superiorityLeave to of rank, to regulate the intercourse of more advanced ears. At present it becomes you to act among your companions, as man with an. Remember, how unknown to you are the vicissitudes of the world; and how often they, on whom ignorant and contemptuous men have looked down with scorn, have risen to be their superiors in future years. Compassion is an emotion of soul, of which you ought never to be ashamed. Gracelul in youth is the tear of sympathy, and the heart that melts at the tale of woe. Let not ease and indulgence contract your affections, and wrap you up in selfish enjoyment. Accustom yourselves to think of the distresses of human lite ; of the solitary cottage, the dying parent, and the weeping orphan : . Never sport with pain and distress, in any of your amusements; nor treat even the meanest insect with wanton cruelty. For He who formed them, created you--He who endued them with an instinct for self-preservation, gave you the gift of reason—and to the gift attached a high degree of responsibility. In a wordlearn early to deal justly, to love mercy—and to walk humbly with your God;

then his soodness and mercy will accompany you all the days of your life, and you will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. - 's* . . —e- HYMENEAL CAUTIONS TO OUR - •


Nyouth's gay bloom ye lovely Fair,
I W. o: 3. ;: ...} care;
Ye in soft pleasures waste the day,
Amidst the debonair and gay;
With candour read—with care atten
These gentle strictures of a friend;
Which well observed, secure you'll
By conscious peace, and virtue led,
Of life the tragi-comic stage,
'Amidst a vain, licentious age.
Shun--the weak Fop, whose only care
Ts to o his dress and air;
Who self-enamour'd, ne'er to you
Proper respect will think is due.
The Rattie, Rake and Debauchee,
who place their bliss in luxury;
In taverns, stews, and sports, and noise,
Averse to calm, domestic joys.
The infidel whose daring aim,
is all Religion to defame;
Who'll vow, protest, his honour plight,
Then laugh to scora each sacred rite.
The ploding Cit, whose anxious mind,
To stocks and trade alone confin'd,
The arts of pleasing must detest,
When of your wealth and you possess'd.
The sportsman rude, the sullen clown,
Whose features ever wear a frown ;
Whose vulgar ways, & awkward mein,
xcite disgust and raise the spleen.
ach sordid wretch, who hopes in vain
Your hearts by settlements to gain;
Rates female merit, wit and sense,
By5. by shillings and by pence.
testing these with all their wiles,
Affected compliments and smiles;

Whene'er you condescend to wed, ..
Choose for the partner of your bed;
Whom Virtue and Religion guide,
From all extremes of vice and pride;
Descended from a worthy line,
In person, decent—(if not fine;
By Nature hap’ly formed to please,
By blending dignity with ease ;
Discreetly gay, jo, bred, ”
In men and science duely read, " " -
You or your friends to entertain,
With serious or amusing vein;
To gain respect in public life,
To shun in private petty strife;
By counsel aid, by reason sway,
As love and duty point the way;
Your views enlarge, your taste refine,
And fit your souls for joys divine.
When such bright youths attract
your choice,
Regardless of the public voice,
Or wealth, or lands, those tinsel things,
From whence no real comfort springs;

** Health, peace and competence,” you

know , - - -
Are all you can enjoy below :
Of these secure, with those you prize,
The arts of coquetry despise;
With gen’rous, warmth their suit ap-

prove, -
For love alone can cherish love;
That tender sympathy inspire,
And mutual fervour of desire,
Which sanctify the nuptial rite,
With constant and serene delight';
Make each revolving period sweet,
And bliss—if bliss onant-comrot.

fi, * and thoughts on various subjects. 3, ' ' ' . • AFFECTION TO PARENTS. . . . . ..."

Namiable youth was lamenting, in terms of the sincerest gries, the dead. of a most affectionate parent. His companion endeavoured to console in by the reflection, that he had always behaved to the deceased with duty, tenderness and respect. So I thought, replied the youth, whilst my parent was living; but now I recollect, .# pain and sorrow, many instances of disobedience and neglect, for which, alas! it is too late to make atonement." - & so- * . . . . . . . . . . . . .

- - - - * . . . . . . . . . . ;

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MAGISTRATES.—while justice on publis offenders is duly executed, public calamities will not be sent. . . . . . . . . . . oo: Unless Magistrates are upon their guard, they will be made the instruments

of wicked men, or of their revenge. ** * * * *
To fear the displeasure of men, and not to fear doing injustice, is an effect
of infidelity. - ** ** - - * -- - -
Marims of the World. . Marims of the Gospel. ". .
All this will [give thee. . . Sell all that thou hast. * 2: ...
Let us eat and drink. * * Hunger and thirst after righteousness.
Vindicate yourself. Turn thy cheek to him that smiteth thee!
A servile temper. " " "Blessed are the meek.
A cowardly temper. Forgive your enemies.
A servile fawning. " Love your enemies.
An unreasonable patience. . Bless them that curse you.
Charity begins at home. Freely ye have received, freely give. . .
Every iman has his faults. Be ye perfect, even as your Father in
- - Heaven is perfect. -


So was not very brilliant and quick in her understanding ; but the reason

why the Czar was so fond of her, was her exceeding good temper; she never was seen peevish or out of humour; obliging and civil to all, and never forgetful of her former condition.—Peter was subject to occasional horrors, which at times rendered him gloomy and suspicous, and raised his passions to such a height, as to produce a temporary madness. In these dreadful moments Catharine was the only person who ventured to approach him ; and such was the kind of fascination she had acquired over him, that her presence had an instantaneous effect, and the first sound of her voice composed his mind and calmed his agonies. From these circumstances she seemed necessary, not only to his comfort, but to his very existence: she became his inseparable companion on his journies into foreign countries, and even in all his military expeditions,

CY RUS had taken the wife of Tigranes, and asked him what he would give, to save her from servitude : He replied, all that he had in the world, and his own life into the bargain. Cyrus, upon this, very generously restored ber, and pardoned what had passed. All were full of his praises upon this occasion, some commended the accomplishments of his mind, others those of his person. Tigranes asked his wife, whether she did not greatly admire him? “. ("never looked at him,” said she, “Not look at him " returned be; “upon whom then did you look?” “ Upon him,” replied she, “who offered his own life to redeemine from slavery.”—This charming example should be copied into our behaviour in the house of God; where we should behold and contemplate the beauties and perfections of that blessed person alone, who actually did give his life a ransom for us. -- - - * * * * * .

WOULD you see human vanity and misery at the highest? Behold the globe of the world carried in procession before the corpse of the Emperor. Chârles VII. who, during the short course of his wrotcl.cd reign, could not keep possession of one small unfortunate Province. . . . . . **

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I Vol. I. J OCTOBER, 1804. [ No. 10. J

The following PRAY ERs and Tables were added, in a pamphlet, to the IDIRECTIONS FOR A D EV OUT AND DECENT B E HAVIOUR IN THE

Pe B lic worship of God, published in the two preceding numbers.


ORD, I am now in thine house; assist, I pray Thee, and accept of my services. Enable me, and all who shall this day meet in Thy name, to worship Thee in spirit and in truth. Let thy Holy Spirit help our infirmities, and dispose our hearts to seriousness, attention, and devotion ; and grant that we may improve this opportunity to the honour of thy Holy name, and the benefit of our souls, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Bio be thy name, O Lord, for this opportunity of attending Thee in thy house and service. Grant that I, and all that profess thy name, may be doers of thy word, and not hearers only. Pardon our wanderings and imperfections; and accept both us and our services, through our only Mediator, Jesus Christ. Amen.

IN order to assist pious Christians in their religious exercises of private devotion, where other helps may be wanting, it has been thought convenient to add the two following Tables. The first of the Co LL Ects in the book of common prayer, as they may suit the general or particular circumstances of Christians—the other of the book of PsALMs ; which abounds with a vari

ety of divine thoughts, hely ejaculations, and religious meditations for prayers, praises, and thanksgivings.

An Alphabetical TABLE of the Weekly Collec Ts in the Book of Common - Prayer, reduced under proper Heads.


RAYERS for Deliverance from, and Support under Afflictions. Collects for the third Sunday alter the Epiphany, eighth alter Trinity, and syū Sunday in Lent.

ANGELS. A Prayer for the Guardianship of Angels. Collect for St. Michael CHARITY. See LOVE.


fá6 An alphabetical Table of the weekly Collects, &c.

CHASTITY. A Prayer for Chastity. Collect for # first Sunday in Lent. A Prayer for the Imitation of CHRIST, Collects for the Sunday mert before Easter, and the second Sunday after Easter. For the Benefit of Ch Rist's Death. Collect for the Annunciation. - . . .CHURCH. Prayers for the Universal Church. Collects for the fifth Sunday after Epiphany, the third Sunday after Easter, St. John the Evangelist, and the two first Collects for Good Friday, - - - - For the Unity of the Church. Collect for St. Simon and Jude. For the Peace of the Church. Collects for the fifth, sixteenth, and twentysecond Sundays after Trinity.

- - COMFORT. A Prayer for spiritual Comfort, Collect for the Sunday after the Ascension. - CONTRITION. A prayer for Contrition. Collect for Ash-hoednesday. COVE TO USN ESS. A prayer against Covetousness. Collect for St. Matthew's Day. - COURAGE. A Prayer for Christian Courage. Collect for St. John Baptist. - - ENE MIES. . . . *** * A prayer for Deliverance from Enemies. Collect for the third Sunday in Lent. - - EXAMPLE.

Prayers that we may follow the Example of CHRIST, Collects for the Sunday next before Easter, and the second Sunday after Easter. - , , . FAITH. . Prayers for a right and firm Faith. Collects for Trinity Sunday, St. Thomas , and St. J4ark. - For Faith, Hope, and Charity. Collect for the fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. GRACE. Prayers for Grace and Assistance in our Christian Course. Collects for the fourth Sunday in Advent, second in Lent, Easter-Day, third Sunday after Easter, and the first, seventh, and o after Trinity. . . . . . . . . HEAVEN. A prayer for Heavenly Desires. Collect for Ascension-Day. För Admittance to the Enjoyment of GoD in Heaven. Collects for the Epiph: any, the sixth Sunday after ### and the Sunday after Ascension. . . . . . . . HUMILITY. A prayer for Humility and Patience. Collect for the Sunday before Easter. - ** ILLUMINATION. Prayers for Illumination, or a right Judgment in all Things. Collects for Whitsunday, first Sunday after Epiphany, and the ninth after Trinity. * * JUDGMENTs. Prayers for Deliverance from Judgments. Collects for Septuagesima, Seragesima and the fourth Sunday in Lent. LOVE. " - Prayers for the Love of God and his Laws, Collects for the fourth Sunday , after Easter, and the sirth, seventh, and fourteenth after Trinity. For Love and Charity. Collect for £uinquagesima Sunday. - MINISTERS. A prayer for the Fitness of Ministers. Collect for St. Matthias. Tsat they may be diligent. Collect for St. Peter's Day. That their Labours may be successful. . Collect for the third Sunday in Advent. - * * * MORTIFICATION. Prayers for Mortification. Collects for Circumcision and Easter-Eve. OBE DIENCE. Prayers that we may obey, and follow the Doctrine of the Apostles. Collects. for the Conversion of St. Paul and St. John Baptist. See Good Works.

Of the design of the Psalms of David. 147 - PRAYERS. For the Acceptance of our prayers. Collect for the tenth Sunday after Trinity. PROVIDENCE.

Prayers for Protection by God's Providence. Collects for the second, third, Jourth, and twentieth Sundays after Trinity.

P URITY. - -
A prayer for purity of Heart. Collect for the purification.
- RE No.
A prayer for it. Collect for Christmas-Day.

A prayer that we may be truly Religious. Collect for the seventh Sunday

after Trinity. SAINTS. Prayers for the Imitation of them. Collects for Innocents-Day, St. Stephen, St. Philip, St. James, St. John Baptist, and All Saints. SCRIPTURE. A prayer before reading the Scripture. Collect for the second Sunday in

Advent. SIN, Prayers for Conversion from Sin. Collects for the first Sunday in Advent,

the first Sunday after Easter, St. Andrew, St. James, and St. Matthew. For Pardon of Sin. Collects for the twelfth, twenty-first, and twenty-fourth

Sundays after Trinity. SINCERITY. A prayer for it. Collect for the third Sunday after Easter. HOLY SPIRIT. Prayers for the Direction of the Holy Spirit. Collects for the ninetcenth Sunday after Trinity, and fifth after Easter. TE, MPTATIONS. Prayers for Deliterance from, and Support under Temptations, Collects for the fourth Sunday after FPolo and the second in Lent. THOUGHTS. A prayer against evil Thoughts. Collect for the fifth Sunday after Easter. - UNBELIEVERS. A prayer for Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Heretics. The third Collect for

Good-Friday. GOOD WORKS. - Prayers for Fruitfulness in Good Works. , Collects for the fifth Sunday after

Easter, and the first, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, seventeenth, and twentyJifth Sundays after Trinity, - *

A short Account of the Occasion and Design of the PsALMs of D'Av D : which may serve in the private Use of that Divine Book, as an Help to find out such Psalms as may suit the general or particular Circumstances of Cluristians. OST of the Psalms are Prayers, composed when David, or some other * prophetic Author, was exposed to great Danger, or Afriction ; and theiefore flies to GoD as his only Help in Time of Need, implores his Miel cy, the Pardon of Sins or Deliverance from Dangers and Affliction. Miaoy are Psalms of Thanksgiving for Mercies received; some are designed to display the Attributes and Perfections of GoD, while others convey to us the oost useful Moral Instructions: Lastly, some of the Psalms are prophetical, and some few historical. All the Psalms may be profitably applied to the Christian Dispensation, and used for the Purposes of Instruction and Devotion by

the Christian Church.* PRAYERS.

I. Prayers for Pardon of Sin. Psalm 6, 25, 38, 51, 130. * See the elegant and pious Commentary of Bishop HoRN E on the Poglio

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