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McCarthy, John McDonald

Peel, Albert William

Richards, Rev. John Harold

Smart, Henry

Leeds, Frederic
Berry, Thomas

Middleton, Henry Heber


South, Henry James

Hungerford, Richard Stanley
Hampson, William Robert
Healy, Charles
Riding, Henry

Davis, Robert Augustus
Williams, John Herbert
Sutcliffe, Harry Octavius
Watts, John Wallace
Williams, John Alexander
Norton, Horace William
Noda, Kiyotane

Milsted, Walter Percy

Peyton, Rev. William Wynne
Heald, Alfred Francis
Horth, Charles Edward
Roberts, Llewelyn
Saleebey, Elijah Solomon
See, William Thomas
Wilson, James

Brown, Eugene William

Williams, Ernest Trevor Morgan Bell, Frederick Bernard

Evans, Hedley James

Wright, John Aldren, M.B. & B.C. Bodger, Frederick William

Newman, Rev. Herbert

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Radford, Henry William

Sheehan, Frederick Robert

Henwood, Rev. John Richard Tyack

Warren, Charles Herbert
Baptista, Joseph

Suart, William

Ascherson, William Lawrence
Broadhead, Thomas Wright
Davis, Joseph Henry

2 Fagan, Thomas Wallace

2 Gaskoin, Charles Jacinth Bellairs 2 Godfrey, Alfred Robert

Gutch, Alfred Pitt

Handley, John

Harrison, Ernest Wivelsfield

Hicks, Martin Frank

Keating, Leslie Charlton

Lancelot, Richard Lancelot

Longland, Ernest Harry

Miller, Edward John

Page, John William

Palmer, Robert

Pandit, Vasudeo Ramkrishna

1 Professor of Modern Languages, University College of North Wales.

2 Exhibitioners.

Peabody, James Henry
Peel, Arthur Lawrence

Pyemont, Edgar Charles Hammond

Raymer, Herbert James
Smee, Percival Alfred
Suckling, Charles Edward
Unstead, John Frederick

Whiteway, Leonard Luscombe
Whiteway, Philip
Wilson, Harold Henry
Cooke, Arthur Bishop
Samuel, Thomas
Cotton, Albert James
Wadia, Hirjibhoy Hormusji
Worman, Ernest James
Bailey, Victor Thomas
Clarke, Thomas Benjamin
Goulden, Charles Bernard
Mahli, Sna Ullah
Aitkens, Alfred Gamelin
Aloni, Narayan Kesheo
Boyde, Alfred Caine
Broadbent, John William
Browne, William
Bullock, Francis George
Bunn, Frederick William
Chapman, George
Cunnington, Cecil Willett
Dawson, William Robert
Davies, David John
Deutschberger, Samuel John
FitzGerald, Percy Chandler
Fitzjohn, Tudor

1 Gray, William

Hack, James Henry

Halsall, John Richard

Harvey, Frederick Ernest Edwin

Herald, William

Humm, Harry

Hunt, Frank George

Lawton, Arthur

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1 Exhibitioners.



THE privilege of being a member of the Senate without being on the boards of any College was formerly granted only to residents in Cambridge, Commorantes in villa; but it has been extended by the new University Statutes to all persons qualified to be Members of the Senate, that is, to all Masters of Arts and Law, and Doctors in Divinity, Law, and Medicine, who have had their names consecutively on the boards of their College, or who have paid up all the back fees, which have been unpaid while their names were not on the boards.

Every such person has a vote in the Senate and the use of the University Libraries, Museums, &c. The University dues are four shillings and threepence a quarter, which sum is paid by all members of the University from the date of admission.

These payments are made through the College, as long as a person's name is retained on his College boards; but those persons who form the present list pay direct to the Registrary, usually in one annual sum of seventeen shillings every Michaelmas.

In case any person wishes to have his name placed on the University Register, whose name has for any period since his first degree been removed from the boards of his College, he must furnish to the Registrary a certificate, signed by the Master of his College, that his name has been removed from the boards, with the date of the removal, and that up to the time of such removal all the University dues have been paid. As soon as he has paid all arrears (but not until then), his name can be placed on the Register: and as soon as this is done after the completion of his Master's degree, he acquires the right of voting; if he restores his name after having removed it, 180 days must elapse after his admission to the Register before he acquires the right of voting.

In the following list, the names are arranged according to seniority, under the highest qualifying degree. Where any person has graduated in more than one faculty, it is so stated; and the name of the College is added to which every one formerly belonged.

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1880 Scott, Rev. Douglas Lee Pet. 1836 Acworth, Rev. Will. Pelham 1884 Everest, Lancelot Fielding

1891 Maguth, Rev. Ste. Shepherd




1842 Hubbersty, Rev. Robert
1846 Caulfeild, Hen. Cope
1850 Holmes. Timothy




Aston, Theo.


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