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Brown, Rev. Algernon Leslie Larner, Rev. Henry Meredith 394 8Thackeray, Henry St John Barnicoat, Rev. Edward Courtis Orpen, Rev. John Herbert Beadles, Rev. Arthur Ralph 395 Harvey, Edward

Adams, Rev. Henry Joseph
Balleine, Rev. George Philip
Simpson, Rev. Arthur Hume
896 Douglas, Robert Noel

Currey, Rev. Launcelot Sydney
Lance, Rev. Arthur Porcher

1 Formerly Master. Hon. Chaplain to the Queen.
2 Formerly Fellow of Pembroke College.

3 Formerly Tutor. Formerly Fellow of Corpus Christi College. Hon. Canon and Chancellor of Southwell.

4 Formerly Tutor. 5 Formerly Tutor. Prize, 1884.

6 Formerly Tutor.

Assistant Master at Harrow. Evans Prize, 1884. Scholefield

Principal of St Mark's Col

Waddilove, Rev. Richard Alfred Woodham

Wellburn, Frederick

Langley, Rev. Edwin

Terry, Rev. William Edward

Smith, David Marshall

Twemlow, Rev. Thomas Frederick


Borradaile, Lancelot Alexander Prestwich, Algernon Richard Fuge, John Henry

Medley, Rev. James Francis Ainslie, Rev. Edward Herbert Montague

Wrangham, Rev. Francis

M.B., B.C.

*Ward, Arthur Blackwood, B.A.


Harris-Arundell, Walpole Boycott, Rev. William Douglas 10 Leake, William Ralph Martin Devereux, Norman

Johnson, William George Bernard, Mus.B.





Ward, Rev. Leonard Foster


Harrison, John Frederick

Forbes, Rev. James Hubert

Severn, Claud


Bostock, Rev. Charles


Standidge, Rev. Herbert

Thonger, Rev. Frederick Charles 1892 Faulkner

Hammond, James Vavasor

Matchett, Rev. James Trevor

[blocks in formation]

Frend, Edward Charles
Forbes, Rev. Alister Gordon
Michael, Cyril Eden
Turner, Thomas Powys Owen
1893 Hyslop, Richard John

Hankey, Rev. Gilbert Lee
Ridout, Rev. George Harold
Ainley, Charles William
Watts, Rev. Donald Bruce
Heberden, Rev. Charles Lewis
Balleine, Francis Edward
Browne, Charles Ernest Christopher
Cracknell, Alfred Edwin

1894 Neville, Latimer

Carroll, John Edward Murray
*Weldon, Walter Langford
"Green, William Henry Hall
Aldous, Rev. Percival Massey
Lambert, Rev. Peter
Smith, James

Johnson, William Langhorne
Holme, George Edward
1 Douglas, James
Daniel, Arthur Owen

Turner, Lloyd Caulfield Kirby
Townroe, Lionel Edmund
Prince, Charles Leslie Gross
Holmes, Albert

Booty, Rev. Walter Ernest
Pooley, Vivian Mason
Annand, Rev. Edwin David
Hounsfield, James Herbert
Southey, Rev. William George
Jervis, Rev. Ernest Oswald
Langdon-Davies, Rev. Guy
Sequeira, Rev. Ernest Rackwitz
1895 Ryan, William Swinton

Ingrams, Ernest George
*Brown, Robert Branston
Cooper, Reginald
Pettinger, James Wilson
Lake, Hubert Murton

Tonge, George Ernest Morris
Corbett, Lionel Edward
Shaw, Walter Flamank

Adam, Rev. Francis Leith

Blackwall, John Eaton
Onslow, Arthur Loftus

Thompson, John Vaughan

Rouse, William Sydney

Bidwell, Rev. Frederic William
Rice, Rev. Mark Napier
Roch, Rev. Sydney John

Brewer, Henry Gurney
Bruce, Stewart Alexander
Hill, Ernest Edward
Toone, Wilfred Parker
Burns, James Thompson
*Langdon, Lawrence
Wright, Herbert Russell
Adams, Philip Lane

Harker, Alfred John Shuttleworth
Kennedy, Charles Arthur
Mills, Harold Mundy
Russell, Francis George
Orton, Richard Francis
Piercy, Scott Schreiber
Paget, Ernest Villiers
Linnell, John Everard
Cooper, Leonard Percival
Bréhaut, Alfred Hocart

Kirk, Charles Hubert Claughton

Dodds, Archibald John William
Key, Henry Aston

Cole-Hamilton, George William
Robbs, Frederick William
de Jersey, Eustace Bertram

Whitaker, Thomas Ayton
Smith, Thomas Alfred Howes
Hughes, William Owen

Weeks, Charles Albert
Lyne, Charles Wadham

Jones, William Henry Samuel
Hunt, Walter Wingyett

Wilgress, John Henry Farquhar
Henry, Alexander Thomas Stewart
Gubbins, Edward Ernest
Bainbridge, George Herbert
Beckett, Francis Henry Mears


Woods, William Henry Ogle

Currey, Robert Gore Tapenden
Faunce, Thomas de Laune
Shine, Eustace Beverley
Morgan, James

Blyth, Maurice MeAuslane
Marriott, Frederick Claude
Deacon, Charles Edward Bourne
Wilkinson, Colin
Reed, Edward

Knollys, Edward Erskine
Yoshida, Masao

Smith, William George
Tallents, Ernest Francis
Breffit, Horace Edgar York

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• Formerly Scholars.

1 Formerly Exhibitioners.

1 Master at Dulwich College.

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Pugh, Edward William Wynn
Fennell, Percy Charles Maude
Stuttaford, William Joseph Edward
Willoughby, Thomas Oborne
Crooke, Henry Sutcliffe

Adler, August Ludwig Wilhelm
Law, Arthur Thomas William
Woods, John Robert Lloyd
Miller, Arthur Congreve
Wilson, Henry Lydiard
Ricketts, Guy Dunstan
Jeudwine, Wilfrid Wynne
White, Reginald de Lacy
Hayllar, Montagu Hayllar
Burgess, Charles Edward
Meade, Syduey
Brown, George
Clarke, Arthur Sidney
Wetherall, William John
Gardiner, Felix John Sterndale
Woodhouse, Edward Livesey
Gardiner, William Chetwynd
Bayliss, Cecil Mortimer
Whitaker, Arthur Lionel
Unwin, Stephen Ralph

Lanchester, Charles Compton
Heather, Charles Herbert
Tilbury, Hubert Francis
Dudley, Bernard John
Watson, William Bernard
Bull, Alfred Joseph
Fitz-Maurice, Guy Lauder
Gledhill, Arthur

Fitchett, William Alfred Robertson
White, Cyril

Meyler, Edward Mowbray

Langdon, Charles Godfrey

Hailstone, John Edward

Fenn, William Clark

Roberts, Robert Lloyd

Ollerhead, John

Dix, Arthur Gerald
Mumford, Noel George

Des Quartiers, George Hamilton
Browne, Robert Henry
Horne, Charles Wynn Ellis
Benson, John

Richardson, George Stamper

Hunter, Robert Norris
Stenning, Ernest Henry
Whytehead, Wastell Luyard
Adams, Walter Scott

Hatten, John Charles le Pelley
Simeon, John Pole

Johnson, Rowland Theodore
Wright, Eric Alfred
Briscoe, James Rynd
Sears, Lyndford Charles

Gray, Frederic Harold Arbuthnot
Milles, George Henry
Severn, Henry Fergusson
Paddison, Joseph Tonge
Hill, Thomas Wood
Weber, William Edwin
Brandreth, Roland Henry
+Smith, Rocksborough Remington
Allen, Archibald Edward
Barton, Harry

Wright, Oswald Walter
Maples, Alfred Craderk
Jackson, George Ernest
Wontner, Thomas Sewell
Lanyon, Frederick Beverley
Newcombe, William Lister
Lake, Lionel Henry

Calvert, Herbert Edward
Williams, Henry Morrison
Parsons-Smith, Samuel Henry

Jones, Archibald

Dorrell, Benjamin Charles

Frewer, Cyril Charsley

Sykes, Frank Morris

Armstrong, Herbert Benjamin John Stewart, Charles Robert

Ford, Roger Anson

Philipps, Arthur Percy Channell
Bennett, Bernard Callender

Henslow, Thomas Geoffrey Wall
Ellwood, George Robert Maurice
Anderson, William

Archer, Raymond Arthur William

Waller, Harold Havelock

Briscoe, William Thomas

Wing, Tycho

Dealtry, Francis Hugh Baillie

Whytehead, Henry Layard

Smith, Herbert Austin
Davies, Nelson George
Clapham, John Ernest
Wilson, Reginald George
Banbury, Alfred

+ Exhibitioner.

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THIS Hall was opened by the Vice-Chancellor, April 21, 1884, under the Statutes for the Establishment and Regulation of Hostels, confirmed by the Queen in Council, July 31, 1858. It remained open till Michaelmas, 1896, and was then closed.


In the year 1869 a Statute was confirmed in accordance with which Students may be admitted Members of the University without being Members of any College or Hostel. Such Students keep Terms by residing in Cambridge with their parents, in lodgings duly licensed, or, in special circumstances, under the care of Masters of Arts or other persons who receive them into their houses with the consent of the University authorities. All NonCollegiate Students are entitled to be matriculated, examined, and admitted to Degrees in the same manner and with the same status and privileges as Students who are Members of Colleges. They are under the jurisdiction of the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors, and are required to pay due obedience to all academical regulations.

The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers have granted three Exhibitions (of £52. 108. a year each), one to be awarded annually, for the encouragement of the study of Physical Science,

tenable for three years each by Non-Collegiate Students. These Exhibitions have been awarded thus:

[blocks in formation]

The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers have also granted three Exhibitions of £30 a year each, one to be awarded in November in each year to a Non-Collegiate Student of the University of Cambridge of at least a year's standing who shall be recommended by the Censor in charge with the approval of the Board. This year the Exhibition was awarded to A. R. Godfrey.

The Company also announce that they will give an additional sum of £10 to each Exhibitioner who attains the B.A. degree, as well as a farther amount of £20 should his name appear in the First Class in any Tripos.

The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers have granted four Exhibitions of £25 a year each, tenable after examination for four years from Matriculation by Non-Collegiate Students of at least two terms' standing who have passed the Previous Examination. This year Exhibitions were awarded to W. Gray and C. H. Trapp.

An Annual Prize of about seven guineas in Books for proficiency in the Greek Testament has been founded by Mrs J. Y. Gibson.

All applications for admission or for information, as well as other communications, are to be addressed to the Censor, Fitzwilliam Hall, Cambridge.


1869. Ralph Benjamin Somerset.

1881. Francis George Howard.

1890. Tristram Frederick Croft Huddleston.

Censor, T. F. C. Huddleston, M.A.

Classical Lecturer, E. S. Shuckburgh, M.A.

Mathematical Lecturer, W. G. Bell, M. A.

Lecturer in History, Rev. W. F. Reddaway, B.A.

Director of Students in Natural Science, H. de Havilland, M.A.

1 Demonstrator of Chemistry.

2 Demonstrator to the Jacksonian Professor.

8 Professor of Mechanics and Engineering, University College, Nottingham.

4 Curator of the Natural History Museum, University College, Nottingham.

5 'Frank Smart' Student, 1890, Gonville and Caius College.

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