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Holloway. Hull. Ipswich. Lampeter.



Royal Holloway College, Egham. R. D. Roberts,
M.A. Clare College. 7 Dec. 1894, for seven years.
Hymers College. The Rev. H. E. Maddock, M.A.,
Clare College. 28 Oct. 1896, for seven years.
Endowed Schools. E. J. Gross, M.A., Caius College.
21 Feb. 1897, for five years.

St David's College. The Rev. C. Taylor, D.D., Master
of St John's College, and Prof. H. E. Ryle, D.D.,
President of Queens' College. For four years ending
18 June 1900.

University College. Prof. A. R. Forsyth, Sc.D., Trinity
College. 8 June 1897, for five years.
St Paul's School. For five years. Right Rev. Bishop of
Bristol, D.D., St Catharine's College. 25 Feb. 1894.
J. W. L. Glaisher, Sc.D., Trinity College. May 12,
1895. A. J. Wallis, M.A., Corpus Christi College,
22 Oct., 1894.
Grammar School. H. J. Roby, M.A., Hon. LL.D.,
St John's College. 17 June, 1897, for five years.
High School for Girls. A. W. Ward, Litt.D., St
Peter's College. 29 Oct. 1893, for five years.

Marine Biological Professor Foster, M.A., Trinity College. 3 June 1896,



Newcastle upon



Repton. Rugby. Sheffield.





till the next annual meeting.

Grammar School. Hon. A. L. Pelham, M.A. 15 Oct.
1894, for five years.

Grammar School. The Rev. W. M. Ede, M.A., St John's
College. 29 Oct. 1893, for five years.

King Edward VI. School. The Rev. J. M. Du Port,
M.A., Caius College. 3 Feb. 1897, for seven years.
University College. J. Gow, Litt.D., Trinity College,
and W. W. Walker, M.A., Christ's College. 18 Mar.
1896, for two years.

The High School. W. B. Ransom, M.D., Trinity College.
20 Jan. 1895, for five years.

High School for Boys. S. H. Vines, Sc.D., Christ's
College. 6 Mar. 1897.

Repton School. J. Peile, Litt.D., Master of Christ's
College. 27 Jan. 1895, for five years.

Rugby School. The Rev. J. B. Mayor, M.A., St John's
College. 30 May, 1881.

Firth College. The Rev. W. Cunningham, D.D., Trinity
College, and J. Stuart, M.A., M.P., Trinity College.
13 May, 1894, for five years.

University College. The Rev. W. Cunningham, D.D.,
Trinity College.

Shrewsbury School. Professor E. C. Clark, LL.D.,
St John's College. 1875-6, for life.

S. Olave's School. W. H. Gunston, M.A., St John's
College. 19 May, 1895, for five years.

Archdeacon Johnson's School. The Rev. J. W. Cart-
mell, M.A., Christ's Coll. 26 May, 1895, for five years.
University College of Wales, Aberystwith. Governors,
H. I. Owen, M.D., Downing College, The Rev. H.
A. Morgan, D.D., Master of Jesus College; Mr R. D.
Roberts, M.A., Clare College. 10 Sept., 1894, for five
years. Member of the Council, Mr R. D. Roberts,
M.A., Clare College. 10 Sept. 1895, for three years.




North Wales University College, Bangor. Member of
the Council, A. C. Humphreys Owen, M.A., Trinity
College, 11 Nov. 1894, for five years. Governor,
T. G. Osborne, M.A., Trinity Hall, 11 Nov. 1894,
for five years.

The Rev. A. Austen Leigh, M.A., Provost of King's
College. 3 Nov. 1890.

The Rev. E. Hill, M.A., St John's College, 20 June,
1896, for five years.

South-Eastern Agricultural College. Prof. Liveing,
M.A., St John's College. 16 Oct. 1893, for five years.


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Rev. H. T. E. Barlow, M.A., Joh.
Rev. T. C. Fitzpatrick, M.A., Chr.
Right Rev. W. D. Walker, D.D.,
Bishop of Western New York.
Rev. A. H. Simms, M.A., Trin., Vicar
of St Michael's, Cambridge.
Rev. C. A. E. Pollock, M.A., Cop.
Rev. A. M. Knight, M.A., Cai.
Rev. C. L. Acland, M.A., Jes., Vicar
of All Saints, Cambridge.
Rev. the Hon. E. Lyttelton, M A.,
Trin., Head Master of Haileybury

Rev. A. F. Winnington-Ingram,
M.A., Keble College, Oxford, Head
of the Oxford House.

Rev. A. Ainger, M.A., Trin. H.,
Master of the Temple, Canon of

[blocks in formation]

Preacher appointed by the Vice-

November 14 and 21......................................... Rev. J. E. C. Welldon, M.A., King's,

November 28

December 5.

December 12

December 19


Head Master of Harrow School,
Hulsean Lecturer.

Most Rev. F. Temple, D.D., Balliol
College, Oxford, Lord Archbishop
of Canterbury.

Rev. J. Armitage Robinson, D.D., Chr., Norrisian Professor of Divinity.

Rev. J. Robertson, M.A., Jes.

Rev. T. A. Walker, M.A., LL.D.,

December 25 (Christmas Day) Rev. C. Taylor, D.D., Master of St

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John's College.

Rev. A. L. Brown, M.A., Selw.
Rev. J. E. C. Welldon, M.A., King's,
Head Master of Harrow School,
Hulsean Lecturer.

January 30
February 6 and 13

February 20 and 27......

March 6 and 13

March 20

March 25

April 8 (Good Friday)
April 10 (Easter Sunday)
April 12 (Easter Tuesday)

April 24

May 1.

May 8.

May 15 (Rogation Sunday)

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May 19 (Ascension Day) and 22

May 29 (Whitsunday) Ramsden

June 5 (Trinity Sunday)

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Rev. W. Covington, M.A., Joh., Pre-
bendary of St Paul's.

Rev. C. Gore, M.A., Trinity College,
Oxford, Canon of Westminster.
Very Rev. F. W. Farrar, D.D.,
Trin., Dean of Canterbury.
Rev. H. Scott Holland, M.A., Christ
Church, Orford, Canon of St Paul's.
Rev. G. A. Weekes, M.A., Sid.
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin
Mary. Sermon in King's College
Chapel by one of the Society.

Mere's Commemoration. Sermon in
St Benet's Church.

Rev. H. M. Butler, D.D., Master of
Trinity College.

Right Rev. G. F. Browne, D.D.,
Cath., Bishop of Bristol.

Most Rev. W. Alexander, D.D.,
Exeter College, Oxford, Archbishop
of Armagh.

Right Rev. M. Creighton, D.D.,
Emm., Bishop of London.

Rev. J. H. Bernard. D.D., Trinity
College, Dublin.

(Preacher appointed by the Vice-

Right Rev. W. Boyd Carpenter,
D.D., Cath., Bishop of Ripon.

June 12 (Commencement Sun- (Preacher appointed by the Vice-
day).............. J Chancellor.

Organist, A. H. Mann, Mus. D. Oxon.
Marshal: John Sheldrick.


The Divinity, Law, and Physic Schools are open during the whole of every Term, and the keeping of all Acts is entirely at the discretion of the respective Professors.

All Festivals, Saints' Days, and Sundays, are surplice-days, and the evenings preceding are surplice-evenings.

On Litany days the Doctors and Noblemen wear their robes, and the Proctors their congregation-ruffs.

The Scarlet Days are Christmas Day, Easter Day, Ascension Day, Whitsunday, Trinity Sunday, All Saints' Day, the First Sun lay in November (the day for the Commemoration of Benefactors), Commencement Tuesday (the Tuesday next preceding June 24), and any other days for which the Vice-Chancellor gives notice.


aminer for the Special Examination in Theology.

HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, M.A., LL.D. Trin. Chancellor. LORD WALSINGHAM, LL.D. Trin. High Steward. Abbott, Edwin, M.A. Jes. Examiner for the Classical Tripos. Acland, Charles Lawford, M.A. Jes. Examiner for the Prev. Exam. Acton, Lord, M.A. Trin. Regius Professor of Modern History. Examiner for the Historical Tripos. Adam, James, M.A. Emm. Examiner for the Classical Tripos.

Adie, Richard Haliburton, M. A. Trin.
Examiner in Pharmaceutical Chem.
Allbutt, Thomas Clifford, M.D. Cui.

Regius Professor of Physic.
Allcock, Walter Burt, M.A. Emm.
Allen, Andrew James Campbell,
M.A. Pet.

Allnutt, Percy Riddell, M.A. Pemb.
Amps, William, M.A. Pet.
Anderson, Hugh Kerr, M.A. Cai.
Anningson, Bushell, M.D. Cai.
Archbold, William Arthur Jobson,
M.A. Pet. Examiner for the
Historical Tripos.

Archer-Hind, Richard Dacre, M.A.

Trin. Examiner for Class. Tripos.
Ashfield, Edmund Wodley, M.A. Trin.
Examiner for the Previous Exum-

Askwith, Edward Harrison, M.A.

Assheton, Richard, M.A. Trin.
Atkinson, Edward, D.D. Master of

Atkinson, George Barnes, M.A. Tr. H.
Examiner for the Previous Exam.
Austen Leigh, Augustus, M. A. Pro-
vost of King's.

Ayerst, William, M.A. Cuius.
Baily, Francis Gibson, M.A. Joh.
Examiner for the Special Exam-
ination in Mechanics and Applied

Baker, Henry Frederick, M.A. Joh.

Ball, Sir Robert Stawell,M. A. King's.

Lowndean Professor.

Ball, Walter Wm. Rouse, M.A. Trin.
Banks, Ernest, M.A. Queens'.
Barclay-Smith, Edward, M. D.Down.
Barlow, Crossley William Crosby,
M.A. Pet.

Barlow, Henry Theodore Edward,
M.A. Joh. Junior Proctor. Ex-

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Barnes, William Emery, B.D. Pet
Examiner for the Theol. Tripos.
Bartlett, Alfred, M.A.

Bate, John Pawley, L. D. Tr. H.
Examiner for the Special Exum-
ination in Law.

Bateson, William, M.A. Joh.
Beck, Edward Anthony, M.A. Tr. H.
Beedham, Henry Bloye, M.A. Cla.
Bell, Walter George, M.A. Trin. H.
Bendall, Cecil, M.A. Cai. Examiner

for the Oriental Languages Tripos.
Benham, Benjamin, M.A. King's.
Bennett, Geoffrey Thomas, M.A.

Bennett, William Henry. Examiner
in Surgery.

Berry, Arthur, M.A. King's.
Besant, William Henry, Sc.D. Joh.
Examiner for the Special Examin-
ation in Mathematics.

[blocks in formation]

Senior Proctor.

Blythe, William Henry, M.A. Jes.
Bond, Henry, LL.D. Trin. H.
Bonnett, John, M.A. Joh.
Borissow, Clement Louis, M.A. Trin.
Borissow, Louis, M.A. Trin.
Bosanquet, Bernard. Examiner for
the Moral Sciences Tripos.
Boughey, Anchitel Harry Fletcher,
M.A. Trin.

Bowman, Frederick, M.A. Jes.
Bradbury, John Buckley, M.D.

Down. Downing Prof. of Medicine.
Brand, Adam, M.A. Pemb.
Braunholtz, Eugen Gustav Wilhelm,
M.A. King's. Examiner for the
Special Exam. in Mod. Lang.
Breul, Karl Hermann, Litt.D. King's.
Examiner for the Medieval and
Modern Languages Tripos.
Briggs, William, M.A., LL.M. Jes.

Brindley, Harold Hulme, M.A. Joh. Brooke, Alan England, M. A. King's. Brown, Algernon Leslie, M.A. Hust. Selw.


Browne, Edward Granville, M.A.
Pemb. Examiner for the Oriental
Browning, Oscar, M.A.
Brownsword, Harry, M.A. Down.
Bryan, George Hartley, Sc.D. Pet.
Bryant, Ernest Edward, M. A. Emm.
Buchanan, James, M.A. Pet.
Buchanan, John Young, M.A. Chr.
Buckland, William Warwick, M.A.

Buckwell, Henry John, M.A. Chr.
Bullock, James Henry, M.A. Trin.
Bullough, Charles Philip, M.A. Trin.
Burgess, Samuel William, M.A. Jes.
Burkill, Isaac Henry, M.A. Cai.
Burkitt, Francis Crawford, M.A. Trin.
Examiner for the Theol. Tripos.
Burn, Robert. M.A. Trin.
Bushe-Fox, Loftus Henry Kendal,
M.A. Joh.

Butler, Henry Montagu, D.D.
Master of Trinity.

Caldwell, Robert Townley, M.A.

Campbell, Frederick Gordon Bluett,
LL.D. Trin.
Campion, Benjamin William, LL.M.

Capstick, John Walton, M.A. Trin.
Examiner for the Mus.B. Degree.
Carnegie, Douglas John, M.A. Cai.
Carr, Edwin Trevor Septimus, M.A.

Cartmell, James William, M.A. Chr.
Carver, Edmund, M.D. Joh.
Cassie, William, M.A. Trin.

Cave, Charles John Philip, M.A.

Chadwick, Hector Munro, M.A. Clare.

Chapman, Arthur Thomas, M.A. Emm. Examiner for the Oriental Languages Tripos.

Chase, Frederick Henry, D.D. Chr. Examiner for the Theol. Tripos. Chawner, George, M.A. King's. Chawner, William, M.A. Master of Emmanuel.

Cheyne, William Watson. Examiner in Surgery.

Christie, George Richards, M.A. Magd.

Churton, William Ralph, B.D. King's..

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Clark, Edwin Charles, LL.D. Joh.
Regius Professor of Civil Law.
Examiner for the Luu Tripos.
Clark, John, M.A. Queens'.
Clark, John Willis, M.A. Trin.

Clay, Charles Felix, M.A. Trin.
Clay, Charles John, M.A. Trin.
Clay, John. M.A. Joh.

Clutton, Henry Hugh, M.A. Cla.
Examiner in Surgery.

Coates, William Montgomery, M.A.

Cobb, Gerard Francis, M.A. Trin.
Cobbett, Louis, M.A. Trin.
Cohen, Arthur, M.A. Magd. Uni-
versity Counsel.

Cole, Grenville A. J. Examiner in

Collin, John, M.A. Joh.
Colyer, William Tempest, M.A. Cath.
Conway, Robert Russ, M.A. Cath.
Cook, Arthur Bernard, M.A. Trin.
Cooke, Altred Hands, M.A. King's.

Examiner for the Classical Tripos. Cooper, John William, LL.D. Tr. H. Corbett, William John, M.A. King's.

Examiner for the Special Exumi-
nation in History.

Covey, Richard, M.A.
Cowell, Edward Byles, M.A. Corp.

Professor of Sanskrit. Examiner for the Oriental Languages Tripos. Cowell, Philip Herbert, M.A. Tr. Cox, Isaac Spencer, M.A. Down. Cox, William Albert, M.A. Joh.

Examiner for the Previous Exam. Cronin, Harry Stovell, M.A. Trin. Crook, Frederick William, M.A. Joh. Cunningham, George, M.A. Down. Cunningham, William, D.D. Trin. Dalby, William Ernest, M.A. Trin. Dale, Alfred William Winterslow, M.A. Trin. Hall.

Dalton, James Henry Chesshyre, M.D. Trin.

D'Arcy, Ralph Francis, M.A. Caius. Darwin, Francis, M.A. Chr. Darwin, George Howard, M.A. Trin. Plumian Professor.

Darwin, Horace, M.A. Trin. Davies, Gilbert Austin, M.A. Trin. Dawson, Henry Gordon, M.A. Chr. de Havilland, Hugh de Beauvoir, M.A. Pet.

Deighton, Frederick, M.A. Pet. Dewar, James, M.A. Pet. Jacksonian Professor.

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