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1. The Acts of the Apostles in Greek.

2. 1897. The Reign of Queen Elizabeth.

1898. History of England from the accession of Henry VIII.
to the death of Mary.

3. English Essay or Essays on the subject for Paper 2.
4. Hydrostatics and Heat.

5. (Voluntary.) 1897. Shakespeare's King John.

1898. Shakespeare's Macbeth.



1. Outlines of Old Testament History.

2. 1897. St Mark's Gospel in Greek. 1898. St Luke's Gospel in Greek.

1899. St Matthew's Gospel in Greek.

3. (Voluntary.) The History of the Jews from the close of the Old Testament History to the Fall of Jerusalem, with special attention to the condition of Palestine in the time of our Lord.

1. Old Testament:


1897. Joshua; Judges; Amos; Micah.

1898. I. II. Samuel; Psalms xlii-lxxii.

1899. I. Kings; II. Kings, cc. i-xvii; Isaiah, i-xii, xxviii—xxxv.

2. Greek Testament:

1897. The First Epistle to the Corinthians.

1898. The Epistle to the Romans.

1899. The Epistle to the Philippians; The Epistles to the Thessalonians.

3. Outlines of English Church History to A.D. 1830.

4. (Voluntary.) Hebrew:

1897. Joshua, cc. i-xi, xxiii, xxiv.

1898. I. Samuel, cc. xvii-xxxi.

1899. I. Kings, cc. xvii - xxii; II. Kings, i-viii.

5. (Voluntary.) Outlines of Early Church History to the death of Leo the Great.

6. (Voluntary.)

1897. The Civil War and the Commonwealth, with Evelyn's Diary to May 29, 1660.

1898. The Reformation Settlement of Queen Elizabeth (15581571) with Jewell's Letter to Scipio.

1899. The Age of Queen Anne, with Burnet's History of His own Time, Book VII (of the Life and Reign of Queen Anne).

a 5


The Special Board for Moral Science publishes the following List of Books recommended to students who are Candidates for the Special Examination in Political Economy.


Political Economy, not including the Theory of Taxation and the Economic Functions of Government.

Jevons, Money and the Mechanism of Exchange. Marshall, Economics of Industry. Mill, Principles of Political Economy, Book 111. Walker, Land and its Rent.

The following should also be consulted: Bagehot, Lombard Street. Keynes, Scope and Method of Political Economy. Nicholson, Money and Monetary Problems, Part 1. Walker, The Wages Question.

(Voluntary.) Industrial History of England.

Ashley, Economic History. Rogers, Six Centuries of Work and Wages. The following should also be consulted: Cunningham, The Growth of English Industry and Commerce. Toynbee, The Industrial Revolution.


The Theory of Taxation and the Economic Functions of Government, together with the History of Trade and Finance in England from 1760-1860. Fawcett, Free Trade and Protection. Levi, History of British Commerce. Mill, Principles of Political Economy, Book v. Rae, Contemporary Socialism.

The following should also be consulted: Jevons, Methods of Social Reform. Jevons, The State in relation to Labour. Sidgwick, Principles of Political Economy, Book II.

(Voluntary.) The General Theory of Law and Government.

Austin, The Province of Jurisprudence Determined, Lectures 1, V, VI, as abridged in The Student's Austin. Dicey, The Law of the Constitution. Mill, Representative Government.



1. 1897. The Constitution and Functions of Parliament. Anson, Law and Custom of the Constitution, Vol. I. 1898 and 1899. The Crown and Executive.

Anson's Law and Custom of the Constitution, Vol. II.

2. Elements of the English Law of Real Property.

1897, 1898 and 1899. Williams, Law of Real Property, 18th edition, with the omission of Part 11, ch. iv (Remoteness of Limitation), Part v (Title) and the Appendixes.

3. (Voluntary.)

1897. Select Cases in Constitutional Law.

The Cases reported in Broom's Constitutional Law, Part 1 (Relation of the Subject to Parliament).

1898 and 1899. Select Cases in Constitutional Law.

The Cases reported in Broom's Constitutional Law, Part n. (Relation of the Subject to the Executive).

1. English Criminal Law


1897, 1898 and 1899. Harris, Principles of Criminal Law.

2. English Law of Contract-Anson, Law of Contract.

3. (Voluntary.) Select Cases on the Law of Contract:

1897. The Cases reported in Finch, Select Cases on the Law of Contract, Chap. i (Offer and Acceptance).

1898. The Cases reported in Finch, Select Cases on the Law of Contract, Second Edition, Chap. iv. (Capacity of Parties).

1899. The Cases reported in Finch, Select Cases on the Law of Contract, Second Edition, Chap. iv. (Capacity of Parties), and Chap. V. section 1 (Mistake).



1. Outlines of General English History from the earliest period to A.D. 1485.

2. Outlines of English Constitutional History, A.D. 1066-1485.

3. (Voluntary)—

1897. The History of England, A.D. 1449-1471.

Ramsay's Lancaster and York, Vol. 11. cc. vii-xxvi (pp. 87-386).

Oman's Life of Warwick.

1898. The Conquest of Ireland.

Giraldus Cambrensis, Topography of Ireland and
Conquest of Ireland (Bohn).

1899. The History of England, A.D. 1413-1435.

Ramsay's Lancaster and York, Vol. 1. cc. xii-xxxii. (pp. 161-482).


1. Outlines of General English History, A.D. 1485-1832.
2. Outlines of English Constitutional History, A.D. 1485-1832.
1897. The History of the Papacy, A.D. 1378-1418.


Creighton's History of the Papacy during the Period of the Reformation, Vol. 1. Books I. II.

1898. The Naval History of Europe, A.D. 1793-1805.

Mahan, The Influence of Sea Power on the French Revolution, chaps. i-xvi inclusive. No detailed knowledge will be required of military operations on land. 1899. The History of Spain, A.D. 1406-1492.

Prescott, Ferdinand and Isabella, Introduction and
Part I, omitting the last five chapters.

4. (Voluntary)—

1897. The Reign of Queen Anne.

Stanhope's Reign of Queen Anne.

1898. Scotland in the first half of the 18th century.
Burton's History of Scotland, Vol. VIII.

1899. The Conquest of Canada.

Parkman's Montcalm and Wolfe.

Books recommended by the Special Board for History and Archæology.
Part I. Paper 1. Bright's English History, Vols. I-III.
The following may also be consulted:

Green's Short History of the English People.
Gardiner's Student's History of England.

Part 1. Paper 2. Taswell-Langmead's English Constitutional History.


1. English:


1897. Bacon, Advancement of Learning, Book 11. Gray, Poems. Wordsworth, Poems, Selected by Matthew Arnold (Golden Treasury Series).


Bacon's Essays, 1-29. Pope's Essay on Man and Essay on

1899. Spenser, Faerie Queen, Book 1. Milton, Areopagitica.

2. French:

1897. Taine, Voyage en Italie, Vol. 11., pp. 1-311. Molière, Le Misanthrope.

1898. Corneille, Polyeucte. Ségur, Histoire de Napoléon et de la grande armée, Books vIII-XII.

1899. V. Hugo, Hernani. Mme. de Stael, Dix Années d'Exil.


1897. Hauff, das Bild des Kaisers. Hackländer, der geheime Agent. 1898. Riehl, die Ganerben, die Gerechtigkeit Gottes (Pitt Press Series). Wildenbruch, die Karolinger.

1899. Benedix, Doctor Wespe. Heine, die Harzreise (ed. Buchheim). 3. (Voluntary.) French:

1897, 1898 and 1899. Extraits de la Chanson de Roland, publ. par G. Paris.

(Voluntary.) German:

1897 and 1898. Selections from the Nibelungenlied. Ed. W. Golther. (Leipzig. Goeschen.)

1899. Hartmann von der Aue, der arme Heinrich (ed. Robertson).

1. English:


1897. Chaucer, Prologue and Knight's Tale. Shakespeare, Coriolanus. 1898. Chaucer, Prologue and House of Fame. Shakespeare, Hamlet. 1899. Chaucer, Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, The Man of Lawes Tale. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night.

2. French:

1897. Pascal, Lettres Provinciales. V. Hugo, Ruy Blas.

1898. Hugo, La Légende des Siècles. Edition définitive. Tome 11. pp. 29-94 (Les Chevaliers Errants), 97-125 (Les Trônes d'Orient), 153-189 (L'Italie, Ratbert). Gautier, Voyage en Russie, pp. 57-365.

1899. Molière, l'Avare. Michelet, Jeanne d'Arc.


1897. Goethe, Faust, Part 1. Lessing, hamburgische Dramaturgie (Selection by Lyon).

1898. Goethe, italienische Reise (Sept. 28, 1786-Feb. 21, 1787). Schiller, Wilhelm Tell.

1899. Goethe, Egmont. Freytag, der Staat Friedrichs des Grossen. 3. (Voluntary.) Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Primer.


The Special Board for Mathematics publishes the following schedule of the subjects for the Special Examination in Mathematics.


1. Elementary Algebra up to and including Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Logarithms (including actual use of tables), the Exponential Theorem.

2. Elementary Geometrical Conic Sections and Euclid x1. 1-21, with easy exercises in the Geometry of Euclid.

3. (Voluntary.) Elementary Plane Analytical Geometry, including the straight line referred to rectangular (or when equally simple to oblique) coordinates; the circle referred to rectangular coordinates; the equations of the parabola, ellipse and hyperbola referred to their principal axes, and the equations of the tangent and of the normal at any point and of the polar of a point; easy exercises.


1. Elementary Trigonometry, including solution of triangles by logarithmic tables.

2. Elementary Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics), including the equilibrium of forces acting in one plane, parallel forces, couples; properties of the centre of gravity; simple mechanical powers; friction; uniform and uniformly accelerated motion in a straight line; composition and resolution of velocities and accelerations in one plane; the laws of motion; uniform

circular motion; work and energy; simple propositions respecting projectiles in vacuo; collision of smooth spheres.

3. Elementary Optics and Astronomy, including the laws of reflection and refraction of light; formation of images by reflection and refraction at plane surfaces and at a single spherical surface (excluding aberrations) and by refraction through a thin lens; the eye and the use of spectacles; construction and theory of the simple astronomical telescope and of the microscope; the sextant, transit, transit circle and equatorial; the coordinates of a heavenly body; apparent motion of the heavens; shape, dimensions and motion of the earth; Kepler's laws; length of day, the seasons; sidereal, apparent and mean solar time; simple methods of determining terrestrial latitude and longitude; principal effects of refraction and aberration; meaning of parallax; general explanation of the phases of the moon and eclipses. 4. (Voluntary.) Elements of the Differential Calculus, including differentiation of simple functions; Taylor's Theorem; maxima and minima of a function of one independent variable; tangents and normals to curves;



PART I. 1. 1897. Herodotus, Book vi. Plato, Protagoras. 1898. Thucydides, Book IV. Demosthenes against Midias. 1899. Plato, Euthyphro and Meno. Herodotus, Book Ix. 2. 1897. Homer, Iliad XVIII, XIX, XX. Sophocles, Edipus Tyrannus. 1898. Homer, Odyssey XXI-XXIII. Aeschylus, Prometheus. 1899. Aristophanes, Clouds. Homer, Iliad XXII, XXIII. 3. Unprepared Translation from Greek. 4. (Voluntary.)

1897. Greek History, B.C. 511-432.
1898. Greek History, B.c. 479-404.
1899. Greek History, B.c. 511-432.


1. 1897. Cicero, de Finibus I, II. Livy, Book 1x.

1898. Cicero, pro Sestio. Livy, Book VI.

1899. Cicero, Philippic II. Tacitus, Histories, Book 1.

2. 1897. Plautus, Rudens. Virgil, Aeneid rv, v, vi.

1898. Lucretius, Book v. Horace, Odes.

1899. Terence, Hautontimorumenos. Virgil, Georgics, Books 1, IV.

3. Unprepared Translation from Latin.

4. Latin Prose Composition.

5. (Voluntary.)

1897. Roman History, B.C. 366-241.
1898. Roman History, B.C. 78-31.
1899. Roman History, A.D. 14-96.


Section A.

The selected authors for Paper 7 are:
Greek, Thucydides, books v, vi, vii, viii.

Latin, Propertius.

The following books will be found useful for papers 5a, 6a and 7: Cobet, Variae Lectiones, Novae Lectiones, Collectanea Critica, Miscellanea Critica.

Bentley, Phalaris.

Madvig, Adversaria Critica, Opuscula Academica, Emendationes Livianae.

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