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stands the faithful and gracious purposes of our heavenly father, in the eternal salvation of mankind, in Christ his ever blessed Son; the promises which God made of universal blessings in the promised seed, and the testimony that he who hath promised is faithful.

Next was brought to view the faithfulness of the mediator, as he acted through the whole of his mediatorial office, with reference to those establishments of the purposes of his father, in the destruction of sin and death, and the deliverance of mankind from all their woes, to the bliss of reconciliation to God.

Notice was taken also of the opposition which now ap pears against the Gospel, similar to what appeared in the days when Christ was on earth, and the necessity of equal zeal and faithfulness now, as was then necessary to oppose the torrent of Pharisaical righteousness and religious pride. To this opposition, it has been observed, our blessed Saviour opposed the moral virtues, with all their divine energies; and too much care cannot now be exercised in this particu lar, for nothing can overcome evil but good. Under this head was urged the necessity of patterning after Christ in prayers, watchfulness, meekness, patience, vigilance in labor, and painful sufferings, and of improving the mild, tolerant government of our happy country, as an encouragement in the faithful discharge of ministerial labours. Particular notice of the necessity of the servants of the Lord paying strict attention to no WILL or WORK of their own, was thought not to be improper. And in this section is pointed out the evils, in short, which have been experienced in consequence of those who profess to teach mankind the knowledge of divine things, departing from the plain revealed WILL of God, and setting up their own WILLS in opposition. The necessity of faithfulness has been urged on the very just ground of that love which the servant of the Lord ought to feel to his divine master, and the wants of the flock of God, whom he is directed, by the Holy Ghost, to lead to the green pastures of the redeemer's grace.

The imperfections of our earthly nature, our proneness to go astray, has been urged, and no doubt with propriety, as a reason why the servant of the Lord should be faithful in the government of all the natural appetites and passions. A remedy has been prescribed against a folly which too of ten overtakes the labourer in the vineyard of the Lord, when

advanced in life. To this due attention ought to be paid, that the servant may finish his course with joy, and not in vexation. We have noticed the glorious crown of rejoicing, which, in the presence of angels, will be placed on the head of the faithful in the day of the Lord Jesus. And have found that divine revelation holds out such encouragements with a manifest design to interest us in doing well.


In addition to your successful labors of love in the country, your brethren in the ministry rejoice in your having, by the blessing of the great head of the church, been enabled to feed the sheep and lambs of the spiritual fold in this place. It is with confidence in your sincerity and faithfulness in the ministry of the gospel, that this Council have obeyed the voice of this newly formed society, to assist them in their public acknowledgement of you as their minister in the Lord. Here, we hope, under your ministry, to see this vine of our heavenly father's planting, flourish for a long time to come; here, we humbly pray that God would add many souls to the happy number which may sparkle with divine beauty in the crown of your rejoicing in the day of the Lord Jesus.

Christian brethren and friends of this parish-The Conncil feel disposed to congratulate you on this solemn and joyful occasion. Your prosperity hitherto as a society, has been noticed with great satisfaction and though our local situations and circumstances have not permitted us to visit you so often as we could have desired, our constant prayers for the promotion of your spiritual interest have been fervent; and it is our reasonable duty on this occasion to acknowledge the goodness of God in building up the cause of Zion in this place.

Having joined with you in the former part of this day, in the dedication of this convenient edifice to the public service of God, and now in setting apart a brother in the ministry of the everlasting Gospel, to your spiritual service, our cup of divine comfort is full. May the good will of him who dwelt in the bush, abide with you, and render the connection between you and your pastor, a lasting blessing to both.


On the 5th of September instant, the new brick Meeting House, erected by the first Universal Society in Charlestown, (Mass.) was publicly dedicated. The services commenced at 10 o'clock A. M. The dedication discourse was preached by the Rev. EDWARD MITCHELL, of Boston, from 2d Chronicles, 5th chapter, 13th and 14th verses. In the afternoon of the same day, the Rev. ABNER KNEELAND was re-installed Pastor of that Church and Society. Sermon by the Rev. HOSEA BALLOU, of Portsmouth, N. H. from Revelations ii, 10, last clause. The delivery of the Scriptures, and Charge, by the Rev. THOMAS JONES, of Gloucester, Cape Ann. And the Right Hand of Fellowship by the Rev. EDWARD TURNER, of Salem, Mass. A numerous assembly witnessed with the deepest solemnity and most dignified attention, the transactions of the day. A large band of vocal and instrumental performers of music, by a judicious selection, and elegant and impressive performance of several appropriate pieces, heightened the moral pleasure, animated the devotion, and increased the rapturous joy of the Congregation.


At Murraysville, in Pennsylvania, on the 16th day of May last, the Rev. NOAH MURRAY, aged 66, for many years a faithful, laborious, and able Preacher of Universal Salvation. The circumstances attending his death, reflected high honor upon the Christian vocation, and evinced the strong exercises of that faith which rises superior to trials and death. A record of such events is not only honorable to the departed, but may be blessed of God to the edification of the Churches. Mr. Murray was seized with a violent typhus fever, on the 6th of May, and after 10 days severe struggling with the disease, finished his earthly course. During the whole period, his mind was filled with divine consolations, and he went on his way rejoicing in the Lord Jesus; and having lost all power of speech for two or three days before his death, yet still retaining the unclouded light of his reason, he made signs for a table, and pen and ink, and left a written testimony behind him, in addition to the many expressions which had fallen from his lips, while, able to speak, that he died as he had lived, in the fulness of faith, nothing doubting. His remains were interred on the 18th, with civil and masonic honors: and his funeral sermon was preached to the Church and Society in Philadelphia, to which he had formerly preached, by the Rev. GEORGE RICHARDS, their present pastor, from Hebrews 11th chap. 13th verse.


Hail Solitude divine !


Blest seat of mental joy and holy love,

Where man, the mighty works of God may prove.
Lo! at thy peaceful shrine,

A new come suppliant asks a calm retreat,

Like that which led of old the meditative Isaac's feet.*

Is Solitude thy name?

Methinks the term is greatly misapplied;

For, in thy temple, man to God allied,

Discovers whence he came ;

There angels dwell, to sacred rapture given:

The fellow-servants of the earthly heirs of heaven.

There too, in mildest beams,

Our all benignant Jesus shows his face,

And while his heavenly features' we can trace,
And catch the trembling gleams:

The pliant mind of man, with reason warm,
Receives the lively outlines of his precious form.

There God himself is known,

In matchless grandeur deck'd, and mighty power,
Which lead the soul to wonder and adore,

Before his flaming throne.

Then, Solitude, to thee I give this name,

The audience chamber of the Glorious, Great I AM.

There would I choose to rest

My aching head and wandering feet a while,

From busy cares and life's distracting toil

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And on my Saviour's breast,

Like favor'd John, of old, I would recline,

And make his rapturous joys and all his pleasures mine.

* “And Isaac went out to meditate in the fields at even tide.” Gen. xxiv, 63,

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NAY, it is hardly credible what I could relate to you, of the usage he hath receiv'd from those who most of all, would, in time, have found the want of him, had he not succeeded to this crown.

One of the first complements, he received from his most famous university, was a particular mark of respect, by the unanimous vote of that learned body, given to a man, whom he had, with displeasure, dismiss'd from his service; and whom your friend, the pretender, had he been King here, would have distinguish'd, long ago with honours, for all his hearty service to the Popish cause, in Ireland.

But, can this be a wonder to his majesty, when he once knows, that his very title, and succession to his crown, was a disputed point, between an Oxford decree, and an act of Parliament; that he now possesseth his crown against the solemn decree of that learned body; and a decree, which still hangs up, to the view of the world, unrepealed, as an open testimony of the tender regards of those who own it, to his cause, and of the sincerity of their hearts, in abjurg the Popish line.

And from the members of his other university; what hath he received? If violent, and tumultuous riots, beyond what almost any other parts, of his kingdom have seen, be a dis tinguishing mark of affection, and good-will; they have given it him, beyond all doubt.


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