The Secular And the Sacred Harmonized

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AuthorHouse, 1 wrz 2005 - 300
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It is the result of years of extensive and painstaking research. Within its pages are shocking, yet convincing revelations that force readers to reconsider what has been established as truths about mankind's past and purpose on planet Earth. It harmonizes the Biblical account of Creation and the Theory of Evolution. It applies historical events to the events described in the Biblical book of Revelation. It proves that the earth gods of antiquity are the biblical fallen angels, or demons, today's "extraterrestrials." It is non-proselytizing and reader friendly, and all theories are supported by scientific data, historical facts, and holy texts. It answers the age-old questions of: "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" and, "Where are we going?"

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The Way Things Really Were
Chapter Three
theory as do many apocalyptic books it discusses the end of time on earth followed by the beginning of life forever
Chapter Eight
Further Reading
The Big Bang described by God to Enoch
The Biblical Adam and Eve perpetual youths and an advanced species of man
How God utilized advanced technologies to destroy evil mankind and their civilizations and why He spared
There are nine main KJV commandments or prime directives not ten
Chapter Two 53
Chapter Five 159
Glossary 301
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