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Like him, this heart, through many a

track Of toil and sorrow straying, One hope alone brought fondly back,

Its toil and grief repaying.

Like him, alas ! I see that ray

Of hope before me perish, And one dark minute sweep away

What years where given to cherish.

But should I see

Love given to rore To two or three,

Then-good-bye, Lore! Love must, in short,

Keep fond and true, Through good report,

And evil too. Else, liere I swear,

Young Love may go, For aught I care

To Jericho.




FEAR not that, while around thee

Life's varied blessings pour,
One sigh of hers shall wound thee,

Whose smile thou geek'st no more. No, dead and cold for ever

Let our past love remain ; Once gone, its spirit never

Shall haunt thy rest again.

May the new ties that bind thee

Far sweeter, happier prove, Nor e'er of me remind thee,

But by their truth and love. Think how, asleep or waking,

Thy image haunts me yet; But, how this heart is breaking,

For thy own peace forget.

THE garland I send thee was culled

from those bowers Where thou and I wandered in long

vanished hours; Not a leaf or a blossom its bloom hero

displays, But bears some remembrance of those

happy days. The roses were gathered by that garden

gate, Where our meetings, though early,

seemed always too late; Where lingering full oft through a

summer-night's moon, Our partings, though late, appeared al.

ways too soon. The rest were all culled from the banks

of that glade, Where, watching the sunset, so often

we've strayed, And mourned, as the time went, that

Love had no power To bind in his chain even one happy



Whey Love is kind,

Cheerful and free, Love's sure to find

Welcome from me.


But wlien Love brings

Heartache or pang, Tears, and such things

Love may go bang ! If Love can sigh

For one alone, Well pleased am I

To be that one.

IF I speak to thee in Friendship’s name,

Thou think'st I speak too coldly'; If I mention Love's devoted flame,

Thou say'st I speak too boldly. Between these two unequal fires,

Why doom me thus to hover?

I'm a friend, if such thy heart requires, | Thus may we, as years are flying,
If more thou seek'st, a lover,

To their flight our pleasures suit, Which shall it be? How shall I woo ? Nor regret the blossoms dying, Pair one, choose between the two.

While we still may taste the fruit.

Oh, while days like this are ours, Though the wings of Love will brightly Where's the lip that dares repine ? play

Spring may take our loves and flowers, When first he comes to woo thee,

So Autumn leaves iis friends and wine, There's a chance that he may fly away

As fast as he flies to thee.
While Friendship, though on foot she

No flights of fancy trying,

IF thou wouldst have thy charms enWill, therefore, oft be found at home

chant our eyes, When Love abroad is flying.

First win our hearts, for there thy emWhich shall it be? How shall I woo? pire lies : Dear one, choose between the two. Beauty in vain would mount a heartless

throne, If neither feeling suits thy heart, Her Right Divine is given by love alone.

Let's see, to please thee, whether We may not learn some precious art

What would the rose with all her pride To mix their charms together;

be worth One feeling, still more sweet, to form

Were there no sun to call her brightness

forth? From two so sweet alreadyA friendship that like love is warm

Maidens unloved, like flowers in darkA love like friendship steady.

ness thrown, Thus let it be, thus let me w00,

Wait but that light which comes from

Love alone. Dearest, thus we'll join the two.

Fair as thy charms in yonder glass


Trust not their bloom, they'll fade from SPRING AND AUTUMN.

year to year : EVERY season hath its pleasures ;

Wouldst thou they still should shine as

first they shone, Spring may boast her flowery prime, Yet the vineyard's ruby treasures

Go, fix thy mirror in Love's eyes alone. Brighten Autumn's soberer time, So Life's year begins and closes ; Days, though shortening, still can


WHEN o'er the silent seas alone What thoigh youth gave love and roses, For days and nights we've cheerless Age still leaves us friends and wine.


Oh, they who've felt it know how sweet, Phillis, when she might have caught Some sunny morn a sail to meet.

mie, All the spring looked coy and shy, Sparkling at once is every eye, Yet herself in Autumn sought me, Ship ahoy! ship ahoy!" our joyful When the flowers were all gone by.

cry; Ah! too late ;-she found her lover While answering back the sounds we Calm and free beneath his vine,

hear Drinking to the Spring-time over “Ship ahoy! ship ahoy! what cheer ? In his best auiumnl wine.

what cheer?

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sin ?

ove? aishing




Thoma ile vings of Love will real

30 ng Bar Wann irst je me a rag thee,

un ir There i 1 chane at je mar dy away

1 Az bist as he iras to thee. While Frieniship, though on foot she LTE 15,

come Ko ights of lanes trying, ir thou wount bare hy deurus va W.1, therefore, oft be found at home

chant our eyes When Love abroad is flying. First win our bearts, for there thy a Which shall it be? How shall I 100!

pire lies : Dear one, choose between the two. Beauty in vain would mount a hearts

throne, If neither feeling sa*e thy heart,

Her Right Divine is given by lore alour
Let's see, to pietate fua, wielu
We may not bear dit stor at

Visat would the rose with all her prave
To mir tautas ta keluar

be worth One migrii mute a PT.R.

Vere there no sun to call her brightness
Pro ma baas. -

fortbt Airedautt iki stw

Taidens unloved, like flowers in dark

ness thrown,
Wait but that light which comes from

love alone.
Pair as thy charme in yonder glass


Trust not their bloom, they'll file from

year to year :

Wouldst thou they still should shine as
burç ur wat

first they stone,
10, fx tiby mirror is love's eyes alone.



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Then sails are backed, we nearer come,
Kind words are said of friends and

And soon, too soon, we part with pain,
To sail o'er silent seas again.

Come, once a bumper !- then

driuk as you please, Though who could fill half-way to toasts

such as these ? “Here's our next joyous meeting-and

oh, when we meet,
May our wine be as bright and our

union as sweet!"
Charge ! (drinks) hip, hip, hurre',


Come, fill round a bumper, fill up to

the brim,
He who shrinks from a bumper I pledge

not to him ; “Here's the girl that each loves, be her

eye of what hue
Or lustre it may, so her heart is but

Charge! (drinks) hip, hip, hurra,


Come, charge high again, boys, nor let

the full wine Leave a space in the brimmer where

daylight may shine ; Here's the friends of our youth

though of some we're bereft,
May the links that are lost but endear

what are left !”
Charge ! (drinks) hip, hip, hurra,


“Hush, hush !"-how well

That sweet word sounds,
When Love, the little sentinel,

Walks his night-rounds;
Then, if a foot but dare

One rose-leaf crush,
Myriads of voices in the air

Whisper, “ Hush, hush !”
“ Hark, hark, 'tis he!”

The night-elves cry,
And hush their fairy harmon!,

While he steals by ;
But if his silvery feet

One dewdrop brush,
Voices are heard in chorus sweet,

Whispering, “ Husb, bush !



Once more fill a bumper- ne'er talk of

the hour ; On hearts thus united old Time has no

power. • May our lives, though, alas ! like the

wine of to-night, They must soon have an end, to the last flow as bright.” Charge ! (drinks) hip, hip, hurra,


On to the field, our doom is sealed,

To conquer or be slaves :
This sun shall see our nation free,

Or set upon our graves.


Quick, quick, now, I'll give you, since Farewell, oh farewell, my love !
Time's glass will run

May Heaven thy guardian be,
£ven faster than ours doth, three bum. And send bright angels from above
pers in one ;

To bring thee back to me. Here's the poet who sings—here's the

warrior who fights"Here's the statesman who speaks, in On to the field, the battle-field, the cause of men's rights !

Where Freedom's standard waves, Charge ! (drinks) hip, hip, hurra, This sun shall see our tyrant yield, hurra!

Or shine upon our graves.


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