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" will not

p. 187.

II. iv. p.

Model: plan. I. Ill. p. 48.

Order: measuron. III. 11. p.
Monstrous: abnormal, anomal. 102.
ous. IV. ii, p. 121.

Ostentation : manifestation. II.
More and less : high and low. ii. p. 63.
I. i. p. 85.

Ousel: blackbird. III. ii, p. 98.
Kuchl an expression of angry

Out: “will not
contempt. II. iv. p. 77; fail you. V. iii. p. 164.
much of the father's sub Overllvo : outlive, survive. IV.
stance," used ironically. III. i. p. 109.
ii. p. 100.

O versoutched: (?) over.
Kuch iu : seriously ill. IV. iv. scotched, whipped. Taking

the abusive sense of huswife,'
Muse: wonder, marvel. IV. 1. p. Ray plausibly suggested 'over.

switched huswives' = strum.
Near: intimate with. V. I. p. pets. III. ii.



Overweon : exhibit arrogance.
Neil: fist. II. iv. p. 80.

IV. i. p. 115.
Neighbour confines : neigh Owches: ornaments.

bouring borders. IV. v. p. 145. 74.
New-dated : of recent date. IV. Pantlor: servant in charge of
i. p. 109.

the pantry. II. iv. p. 82.
Nice : effeminate. I. I. p. 82 ; Parcel - gut: partly gilt (the
trivial. IV. i. p. 117.

raised ornamentation of goblets
Nine worthies : i.e. three Gen was often gilt). II. i. p. 56.

tilos (Hoctor, Alexander, Julius Parcels : particulars, details. IV.
Cæsar), three Jews (Joshua, ii. p. 121.
David, Judas Maccabæus), and Part: depart, disperse. IV. ii.
throo Christian Kings (King p. 122 ; characteristic action.
Arthur, Charlemagne, Godfrey

of Bouillon). II. iv. p. 81. Particular : every course in
Noble : a gold coin = 68. 8d.; his ” all the incidents set

“ twenty nobles" = £6 135. 4d. forth in detail and sequence.
II. i. p. 59.

IV. iv. p. 186.
Noise : band of musicians. II. Passingi surprisingly, IV. ii.

iv. p. 72, V. iv. p. 168.
Nut-hook: a contemptuous vari.

Pawned : pledged. IV. ii.

ant of 'catch-pole.'


Peasant: country, provincial.
Obedience : obeisance. IV. v. p. Induc. p. 25.

Peascod-timo: when the pea.
Observanco: reverence, hom.


are formed but not
age. IV. iii. p. 126.

ripened. II. iv. p. 88.
Observed : treated with de Persistency : stubborn persist-
ference. IV. iv. p. 133.

ence in evil ways. II. ii. p. 63.
O'er posting : escaping, getting Peruso : review, observe. IV. ii.
clear of. I. ii. p. 42.

P. 124.
Offer: menace. IV. i. p. 118. Picking: petty, trifling, fanciful.
Omices : stores and servants' IV. i. p. 117.

apartments. I. iii. p. 48. Point: a tagged lace used to sup-
Omlt: neglect. IV. iv. p. 183. port the hose. I. i. p. 28;
One: score. II. i. p. 63.

trumpet-blast as a signal.
Opposite : opponent.

I. iii. p.

i. p. lll.
49, IV. 1. p. 109.

Points: laces ; mark of his com-
Orchard : garden. V. 111. p. 161. mission. II. iv. p. 77.

Tv. V . 142

p. 123.

V. iv. p.


V. i. p.

p. 151.

p. 158.

Ports : portals. IV. V. p. 140. Ragged'st : roughest. I. 1. p. 83.
Posts : post-horses.

IV. iii. p.

Rampallian: an abusive epithet,

usually applied to a woman.
Pottle-pot: half-gallon tankard. II. i. p. 54.
II. ii. p. 64.

Rascals: orginally, lean deer not
Power: armed force. I. ifi. p. 64. worth hunting. II, iv. p. 73.
Precepts: summonses.

Rash: explosive.

IV. iv. p.

Pregnancy: quick wit, in Recordation to: memory of. II.
ventiveness. I. ii, p. 43.

iii. p. 71.
Present: immediate. IV. iii. p. Red wheat: a late wheat. V. i.

Presented : represented. V. li. Remembered : reminded you,

mentioned to you. V. ii. p. 160.
Priok : mark him on the list. Remembrance : injunction. V.
III. ii. p. 101.

ii. p. 159.
Prioked down: entered, Rendered : reported, related. I.
registered. II. iv. p. 86.

i. p. 27.
Prolace : an Anglicised form of Reputation: position. II. i. p.

the Italian prò vi faccia, 'much 58.
good may it do you' (spoken

Resolved correction: the pun.
in good fellowship without ishment determined upon. IV.
irony). V. iii. p. 162.

i. p. 119.
Project: fancying, expectation. Respect : consideration. I. L p.
I. iii. p. 48.

Proof : tested and proved valour. Rheumatio: probably Mistress
IV. iii. p. 180.

Q.'s blunder for ‘splenetic'=
Proper : handsome.

choleric. II. iv. p. 74.
63; own. V. ii. p. 159.

Rigol: circle. IV. v. p. 140.
Propose: suppose, imagine, Ripe : mature. IV. i. p. 109.
picture. V. ii. p. 158.

Rood: cross. III. ii. p. 94.
Pulsidge: Mistress Q.'s blunder Rotten opinion: soiled reputa-
for 'pulse.' II. iv. p. 73.

tion. V. ii. p. 160.
Purchased : 'acquired by my Roundly: without ceremony.

own act' (a legal sense of the III. ii. p. 95.
word). IV. v. p. 148.

Routs : gangs. IV. i. p. 110.
Quantities : little pieces. V. i. Rowel-head: the axis of the

revolving spiked tip. 1. i. p.

Queasiness : qualms, nausea. Royal-faiths : loyalty, fidelity
i. p. 85.

to the King. IV. i. p. 117.
Quit: safe. III. ii. p. 104. Sad : serious. V. i. p. 153.
Quittance: requital, return. I. Sadly: seriously, soberly. V. ii.
i. p. 31.

p. 160. (See Notes.)
Quiver: nimble. III. ii. p. 106. Samingo : San Domingo, the
Quoif: "sickly

head adopted patron-saint of topers.
bandage or cap worn in illness. V. iii. p. 164. (See Notes.)
I. i. p. 32.

Satisfy : pay. II. i. p. 58.
quoit, shore. II. iv. p. 80. Saving your manhoods : A
Ragged: rugged. Induc. p. 25. variant of 'saving your rever-
Ragged and forestalled re ence,' a deferential phrase. II.
mission : beggarly pardon i. p. 63.
granted prematurely because of Scab: a low epithet [(?) punning
my importunity. V. ii. p. 156. on 'wart '). III. ii. p. 106.

II. ii. P.

p. 163.

IV. v.

p. 144.

p. 153.

p. 80.

Soalds with safety : at the State: “ your

" that kingly
same time scorches and pro capacity. V. ii, p. 159.
tects. IV. v. p. 140.

State of floods: the majesty of
Stray: stragglers. IV. ii. p. 125. the ocean. V. ii. p. 160.
Sealed up : confirmed.

Stewed prunes :

a common

article of diet at brothels. II.
Sect: sex. II. iv. p. 73.

iv. p. 78.
Semblable: like, parallel. V. i. Still: continually. Induc. p. 24.

Still-discordant: ever-
Set off: ignored, set aside. IV. discordant. Induc. p. 24.
i. p. 115.

Stomach: appetite. iv. iv. p.
Seven stars: the Pleiades (i.e. 137.
spent nights together). II. iv. Strange-achievéd : amassed but

set aside for their sons' use. IV.
Shadows: bogus names (for

V. p. 142.
which the recruiting officer Stratagem: amazing and ter-
would receive pay). ÎII. ii. p. rible deed. I. i. p. 26.

Strond : strand. I. i. p. 29.
Sherris-sack: sherry, so named Studied : inclined. II. ii. p. 61.

from the town of Xeres in Success of mischief: a succes-
Spain (sack, used as general sion of calamities.

IV. ii. p.
name for Spanish wines). IV. 121.
iii. p. 130.

Successively : by right of
Shot: marksman. III. ii. p. 106. succession. IV. v. p. 148.
Shove-groat: a game consisting Sufferance: suffering. V. iv. p.

of shoving the coin towards 168.
marked spots on a board. II. Suggestion: instigation. IV. iv.

iv. p. 80.
Shroye-tide: the uproarious last Supplies : reserves. IV. ii. p. 121.

days of carnival time, im. Surecard : an old name for
mediately before Lent. V. iii, boon-companion.' III. ii. p.

Sights: eye-holes. IV. i. p. 114. Suspire: breathe. IV. v. p. 140.
Single : feeble, silly. I. ii. p. 48. Sway on: move in a solid body.
Slops: wide loose trousers (gen IV. i. p. 110.

erally called French slops '). Swinge-bucklers : roysterers.
I. ii. p. 37.

III. ii. p. 95.
Smooth - pates : sleek - headed Swinged : thrashed. V. iv. p.
fellows. I. ii. p. 37.

Sneap: rebuke, snub. II. i. p. Tables := tablets, memoranda


mistress, 'confidante.
Soft silencing: gently rebuk. II. iv. p. 83.
ing. V. ii. p. 159.

Ta'en up: levied. IV. ii. p. 120.
Soon at night: this very night. Take not the heat: do not get
V. v. p. 173.

the start of him. II. iv. p. 85.
Sort: manner. IV. v. p. 148. Taking up: obtaining on credit.
South: south wind (all kinds of I. ii. p. 37.

plagues and diseases were be Tall : valiant, sturdy. III. ii. p.
lieved to be borne upon the 97.

south wind). II. iv. p. 87. Tap for tap: tit for tat. II. L.
Stand my good lord : favour
IV. iii. p. 129.

Temperality : Mistress Qo's
Stand upon : demand. I. ii. p. blunder for temper.' II. iv.

p. 134.

p. 162.

[ocr errors]

p. 60.

p. 73.

p. 47.

Yaward: vanguard. I. Il. p. 48. Yent: aperture. Induc. p. 24. Vice: grasp, clutches. II. 1. p.

53. Vice's dagger: the Vice of the

old Moralities wore a ‘dagger of lath,' hence Falstaff calls

Shallow a 'lath.' III. i. p. 108. Wanton : luxurious.

32. Warder : staff of command. IV.

i. p. 114. Wassall candle : a large candle

used at feasts. I. ii. p. 42. Watch-case: sentry-box. III. i.

I. i. p.

p. 90.

p. 79.

Tompering: becoming impres

sionable as wax. IV. iii. p. 131. Tester : sixpence. III. ii. P.

106. Theme: matter, business. I. iii. Thews : sinews. III. ii. p. 105. Thiok : rapidly, abruptly. II.

iii. p. 69. Three-man beetle : a wooden mallet for driving piles, wielded

by three men. I. ii. p. 45. Tidy: used as in modern slang, without any precise meaning.

II. iv. p. 82. Tiring on : riding furiously.

Induc. p. 25. Tirrits: Mistress Q.'s blunder for

'terrors.' II. iv. 80. Toward : brewing, preparing.

II. iv. p. 80. Toys: trifles, idle fancies. II. iv. Traverse : march. III. ii. P.

106. Trimmed in: furnished with,

satisfied in. I. iii. p. 50. Trip: defeat. V. ii. p. 158. Turnbull Street | Turnmill Street, in Clerkenwell, a notorious haunt of disreputable

characters. III. ii. p. 107. Twelve score : twelve score yards = 240 yards.

III. ii. p. 96. Unfirm: weak. I. iii. p. 49. Unseasoned : untimely. III. i. Up-swarmed : made to swarm

(like bees). IV. ii. p. 120. Utis : "old

great fun (derived from Fr., huit), origin. ally revels held on the octave or eighth day of a festival. II.

iv. p. 72. Yail his stomach: humble his

proud spirit. I. i. p. 32. Valuation : estimation. IV. i. Vantage of ground: favourable

opportunity. II. i. p. 55.

Water-work: painting in water

colours, as substitute for tapes.

try hangings. II. i. p. 58. Wel conceited : smartly con

ceived, cleverly imagined. V.

i. p. 152. Well encountered : fortunately

met. IV. ii. p. 119. Well said: well done. V. iii. p.

61. What the good-year! probably

corrupted from Fr., goujère, a

disease. II. iv. p. 74. Wheason: Whitsuntide. II. i.

p. 56.

Whipping - cheer: whipping

fare. V. iv. p. 167. Winking: blindly, closing his

eyes. I. iii. p. 48. Withal: with. IV. ii. p. 124. Within a ken: within sight.

IV. i. p. 115. Witnessed usurpation : witnesses of its usurpation. I. i.

29. Worst: “the-"i.l. which.

ever may be the worst. V. ii.

p. 94.

p. 155.

Wrought the mure: worn away

the wall (the flesh). IV. iv. p.

137. Yeoman: the sheriff's officer, an

under-bailiff. II. I. p. 52. Zeal of God: (?) seal of God.

IV. ii. p. 120.

p. 117.


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