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Bastardly: Mistress Q.'s jumble

of 'bastard' and 'dastardly.'

II. I. p. 54. Bate : quarrelling, contention.

(Poins's stories being indiscreet enough to please the palates of his audience.) II. iv. p. 83 ;

rebate. Epil. p. 175. Battle: ariny. IV. i. p. 101. Bawl out: cry out from. II, ii, Baying: driving him to bay.

I, iii. p. 50. Bear-herd : keeper of a tame

bear. I. ii. p. 43. Bear in hand : flatter and be

guile with false hopes. I. ii. p.

37. Beavers: movable front-pieces

of helmets. IV. I, p. 114. Bed-hangings : a contemptuous

designation of 'tapestries.'

II, i. p. 58. Beeves : oxen, III, ii. p. 108. Being you are: since you are

appointed. II. i. p. 60. Beseek: beseech. II. iv. p. 78. Besonian: base fellow. V. iii,

Break: become bankrupt. Epil. Bruited: rumoured. I. I. p. 31, Buckle: bend. I. i.


82. Bung: sharper. II. iv. p. 77. Burst: banged, broke. "III, ii. Busses: kisses. II. iv. p. 83. By, yea and nay: beyond a

doubt. III. ii. p. 95. Caliver: a light musket. III.

ii. p. 105. Calm: qualm. II. iv. p. 78. Candle - mine : tallow - catch, overflow of tallow.

II. iv. p. 85. Cankerod : polluted. IV. v. p.

142. Cannibals : Hannibal's. II. iv.

p. 62.

p. 79.

p. 146.

p. 166.


Capable: susceptible. I.i. p. 34. Carat: purity, quality. IŅ. v. Caraways: a kind of sweetmeat

in which caraway seeds were the principal ingredient, usually eaten with apples at dessert.

V. ii. p. 161. Cast: reckoned up. I. 1. p. 83. Cavaleros : cavaliers, gentlo

V. iii. p. 163. Chambers: a large kind of ord.

nance. II. iv. p. 74. Channel: gutter. II. i. p. 64. Chapped: worn, wrinkled. III.

ii. p. 106. Charge: pledge. II. iv. p. 77 ;

" in ," in position for

charging. IV. i. p. 114. Cheater: "a tame & low

gamester, & sharper; understood by the Hostess to mean escheator,' an officer of the

exchequer. II. iv. p. 76. Civil: well-ordered, law-abiding.

IV. i. p. 111. Clapped l the clout: hit tho

white mark or pin in the centre

of the target. III. ii. p. 96. Close: come to agreement, provo

conciliatory. II, iv. p. 86. Coherence: accord. V. i. p. 168. Cold: calm, dispassionato. V. il.

Bestow : behave. II. ii. p. 68. Bestowed: spent. V. v. p. 169. Big: pregnant. Induc. p. 24. Biggin : nightcap (properly a

coarse head-band worn by the Béguines, an order of nuns in Flanders). IV. v. p. 140. Bloody: headstrong, full

blooded, impetuous. IV. 1. p.

110. Blubbered: sobbing. II. iv. p.

89. Blue-bottle: alluding to the

blue uniform of a beadle. V. iv. p. 168. Blunt : unintelligent. Induc. Bona - robas : handsome and naughty Wenches.

III. ii. P. 95. Borne with: laden with. II.

iv. p. 87. Bravo: defy. II. iv. p. 81. Brawn: mass of flesh. III. ii.

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P. 24.

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p. 159.

V. V. p.

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Colour: excuse. 1. ii. p. 46; Crafty sick: feigning illness. specious protence.

(This has no historical sup173.

port.) Induc. p. 25. dommit you: i.e. to prison, V. Crosses: coins stamped with a ii. p. 158.

cross; quibbling on troubles,' Commodity : profit. I. ii. P. 46. 'afflictions.' I. i. p. 45. Common sense :

common in- Crudy = crude ; nebulous. IV. stinct of self-proservation. IV. iii. p. 180. ii. p. 121.

Current: genuine, punning on Commotion : insurrection. IV. sterling. II. i. p. 57. i. p. 110.

Curry: curry favour. V. i. p. 153. Complices : allies. I. 1. p. 33. Cuttle: cut-purse. II. iv. p. 77, Concern : "what doth

Dear and deep: heartfelt and what is the import of. IV. 1. p. lacerating. IV. v. p. 145. 110.

p. 63.

Debate: conflict. IV. iv. p. 132. Condition: capacity as comman- Defensible: able to inspire rosisder. IV. iii. p. 129.

tance. II, iii, p. 70. Confirmities : Mistress Qo's Depart: quit. IV. v. p. 148.

blunder for infirmities.' II. Derives itself: passes in rightful iv. p. 74.

succession. IV. v. p. 141. Confound : exhaust, destroy. Descension: decline. II. ii. p. 68. IV, iv. p. 184.

Determined: ended. IV. v. p. Conger: conger-eel (regarded as 143.

a provocative of passion). II. Devil's book: the register of iv. p. 82.

those sold to the devil. II. ii. Consent: agree. I. iii. p. 48; agreement. V. i. p. 153.

Discharge : dismiss. IV. ii. p. Consigning to: confirming. V. 122. ii. p. 160.

Discoverers: scouts. IV. 1. p. Consist upon : insist apon,

109. demand. IV, i. p. 117.

Distempered: "yet still Contagious: abominable. V. v. indisposed, at present in ill. p. 170.

health. III. i. p. 91. Continuantly : Mistress Q.'s Distracted her: unhinged her

blunder for continually.' II. mind. II. i. p. 56. i. p. 53.

Dole: dealing, exchange. I. 1. p. Conversations: habits. V. v. 83.

Doubt: fear. Epil. p. 175. Corporate : Bullcalf's blunder Draw: withdraw. II. i. p. 58.

for 'corporal.' III. ii. p. 103. Draw our numbers: muster Corpse: corpses. I. 1. p. 84. our forces. I. iii. p. 51. Cost: costly enterprise, object of Drollery: probably a painting of expenditure. I. iii. p. 49.

some ludicrous incident. II. i. Costermonger: peddling, avari. cious. I. ii. p. 43.

Duer: more properly. JII. ii. p. Cotsol' man : an athlete re- 107. nowned in the periodical games

Dull: soothing, soft, dulcet. IV. and sports held on the Cots

V. p. 139. wold Hills. III. ii. p. 95.

Easy: of little movement, & Court'sy: curtsey. Epil. p. 175. trivial matter. V. ii. p. 157. Cover: set the table.

II. iv. p.

Ebon: black, V. v. p. 171. 72.

Effect: "in the of,” in a Crack: pert little boy. III. ii. manner consonant with II, L.

p. 174,

P. 58.

P. 95.

P. 58

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II. i. p.

P. 96.

Element: "cinders of the

Flap-dragon : small pieces of the stars. IV. iii. p. 128.

burning substance set' afloat in Endeared: deeply bound. II. wine and swallowed flaming. iii. p. 69.

II. iv. p. 82. Ending father: the father who Flaws :"small blades of ice

is approaching death. IV. v. p. which stick on the edges of the 142.

water on winter mornings,” and Engagéd : committed, pledged. are soon melted by the sun. I. i. p. 84.

IV. iv. p. 133. Engrosséd : amassed. IV. v. p. Fleet: the debtors' prison. V. 142.

v. p. 173. Engrossments:yield his

Fleshed : made fierce. 1. i. p. 33. his accumulations yield. Foin: thrust. II. i. p. 52. IV. V. p. 142.

Fond: foolish. I. iii. p. 50. Ephesians: a cant term for boon Fondly: fatuously, irrationally. companions. II. ii. p. 67.

IV. ii, p. 125. Equal : match, cope. I. iii. p. 49. Foolish-compounded: made up Ever among : 'ever and anon, of follies. I. ii. p. 36.

an old phrase, used by Chaucer Forehand-shaft: an arrow in(Romaunt of the Rose, 1. 3771). tended to be shot straight V, iii. p. 162.

forward and requiring 'a bigge Exclamation : outcry.

breste, to bere the great 55.

myghts of the bowe.' III. ii. Exion: Mistress Qu's blunder for "action.' II. i. p. 53.

Forgetive : inventive. IV. iii. p. Extraordinarily: Mistress Qo's 130. blunder for ordinarily.' II. Forms of hope: hopeful possiiv. p. 73.

bilities. I. iii. p. 48. Face-royal: the face stamped Forspent: exhausted. I. i. p. 27.

upon a 'royal,' a coin worth Fourteen and a half : (score) ten shillings (quibbling on & 290 yards. The farthest range 'royal face"). 1. i. p. 37.

of the sixteenth-century archFaitors : evil-doers. II. iv. p. 78. ers being 300 yards. III, ii. p. Familiarity: Mistress Q.’s blun. 96.

der for familiar.' II. i. p. 56. Foutre : a coarse expression of Fancies .....

Good-nights: contempt. V. iii. p. 165. common titles of little poems. Frank: sty. II. ii. p. 67. III. ii. p. 107.

French crown: of about five Fantasy: imagination. V. ii. p. shillings value. III. ii. p. 103. 155.

Fubbed off : put off with speFear: a dreadful thing. I. i. p. cious pretexts. II. i. p. 53.

80; alarm. IV. iv. p. 138. Full points : a full stop. II. iv. Fearful: terrifying. Induc. p. 24. Fennel : a herb, regarded as pro- Fustian: ridiculous. II. iv. p.

80. vocative of passion. II. iv. Fustilarian : an abusive epithet

coined by Falstaff (reminiscent Fetch off: fleece. III. ii. p. 107. of 'fusty' and 'fustian '). II. Few: “in -," briefly, in short.

i. p. 54. I, i. p. 31.

Galloway nags : common hack. Fig me: insult me, by putting neys. II. iv. p. 80.

the thumb out between the Gan: began. I. i. p. 82. fore and middle fingers, origin- Garland : crown. V. ii. p. 188. ally a Spanish gesture. V. ii. Gave them out: calculated

them to be. IV. I. p. 110.

p. 79.

p. 82.

P. 166.

p. 54.

p. 133.

p. 39.

p. 161.

p. 116.

" for my

Gibbets-on: slings the buckets Hold sortance: accord, be in

on to the hook of the yoke on keeping with. IV. i. p. 109. which they are carried in trans- Holland : linen, with quibble on ferring the beer from the vats "Holland' (in allusion

to into barrels. III. ii. p. 105.

Poins's illegitimate children, Giddy : unstable, hot-headed. swaddled in his old shirts). II. IV. v. p. 148.

ii. p. 62. Gird: gibe, jeer. I. ii. p. 36. Honey-seed: Mistress Q.'s blun. Good case : comfortable circum- der for 'homicide.' II. i. p. 54. stances. II. i. p. 56.

Honey - suckle : Mistress Q.'s Graffing: grafting. V. iii. p. 161. blunder for homicidal.' II. i. Grate on: irritate, harass. IV. i. p. 113.

Hopes: prospects. I. iii. P. 46. Green: fresh in mind. IV. v. p. How : what's the selling price of. 148.

III. ii. p. 96. Groat: a fourpenny piece. I. il. Humorous : capricious. IV. iv.

p. 45. Grows to: is natural to. I. ij. Humours of blood : caprices of

nature II. iii. p. 70. Guarded : adorned, trimmed. Hunt-counter: are on the IV. i. p. 110.

wrong scent. I. ii. p. 39. Hall - kirtles : probably, short Hurly hurly - burly, uproar.

skirts or petticoats attached to III. i. p. 90. a jacket. V. iv. p. 168.

Husband : husbandman. V. ili. Handling: (trisyllabic). IV. i.

IIl-sorted : given a low suggesHands: “ of my

tion. II. iv. p. 78. proportions. II. ii. p. 63. Imbrus: draw blood. II. iv. p. Hangs: suspends. IV. I. p. 118. 80. Haply : perhaps, very likely. Immediate: next in blood. IV. 1. i. p. 27.

V. p. 140. Haunch: the latter part. IV. Imp: scion, youngster. V. v. p. iv. P. 136.

171. Hautboy: a wood-wind instru. Indeed : (?) induced (Mason). I.

ment (the modern oboe). III, iii. p. 48. (See Notes.) ii. p. 109.

Indifferency: reasonable proHayo at him: I'm his man. I. portions. IV. iii. p. 126. ii. p. 44.

Indited : Mistress Qo's blunder Head : “make

take arms,

for 'invited.' II. i. p. 53. gather an army. 1. i. p. 33. Infer: suggest. V. v. p. 170. Headland: the strip of un- Infinitive: Mistress Q.'s blunder

ploughed land left at the end of for 'infinite.' II. i. p. 53. the furrows. V. i p. 151.

Insinewed : allied.

IV. i. p. Heat: pursuit. IV. iii. p. 127. 116. Heavy: mourning. V. ii. p. 155. Instance : proof. III. I. p. 94. Hence: henceforth.

V. V. p.

Instances : evidences. I. i. p. 172.

28. Hilding: base, slavish. I. i. p. 28. Intended : implied, understood. Hinckley: a market-town in IV. i. p. 116.

Leicestershire. V. i. p. 151. Intervallums : intervals, inter. History: relate, chronicle. IV. mission. V. i. p. 153. p. 118.

Invested :

armed Hold: stronghold. Induc. p.

with full authority. IV. iv. p. 25 ; carry out. IV. 1. p. 118. 132.

" well

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p. 86.

p. 44.

IV. iv. P.

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Investments: vestments. IV. Magnanimo08: courageous. i. p. 111.

III. ii. p. 101. Iron man: clad in armour. IV. Malt-worms: alo-topers. II. iv.

ii. p. 119. Jadé : worn-out horse. I. I. p. Manage me: handle. III. fi. p. 28.

106. Joint-stools : folding chairs. II. Mandrake : & plant possessing iv. p. 83.

soporific qualities, whose root Juvenal: youth. I. ii. p. 36. was supposed to resemble the Keech : the spare fat of an human figure, and to shriek

animal rolled up by a butcher when drawn from the earth. for the tallow merchant; hence I. ii. p. 36. & cant term for a butcher. II. Man queller: man-killer, mur. i. p. 56.

derer. II. i. p. 54. Kickshaws: trifles, light dishes. Many : multitude. I. iii. p. 60. V. i. p. 151.

Mare: nightmare. II. i. p. 55. Kindly: natural, filial. IV. v. Marks : & mark = 138. 4d. I. ii.

p. 143. Kírtle : & kind of tunic with & Marry : corruption of Mary,'

short petticoat attached. II. a mild oath. II. ib. p. 62. iv. P. 84.

Martlemas : Martinmas ; occurs Lavish: licentious.

in November when the weather 135.

is usually broken up, hence Lay: dwelt. III. ii. p. 106.

applied figuratively to an old Leather-coats: russet apples. man, II. ji. p. 65. V. iii. p. 163.

Matter: "no such Leman : sweetheart, lover. V. is not the case. Induc. p. 24. iii. p. 163.

Mechanical: vulgar. V. v. p. Lethe: the river of oblivion in 170.

Hades, of whose water all souls Medicine potable : alluding to were compelled to drink, after the solution of gold, aurum leaving Tartarus, that they potabile, produced by alchemmight entirely forget the past. ists, and supposed to have V. ii. p. 158.

wonderful healing power. IV. Lie: lodge. IV. ii. p. 124.

V. p. 146. Lighten: enlighten. II. i. p. 60. Melting : compassionate. IV. Liko should: probably will. I. iv. p. 133. iii. p. 50.

Mess :

broken portion, small Like well: appear to be 'fit.' quantity of any food. II. i. p.

(Folios, look well.) III. il. p. 56. 98.

Metal: mettle, used in both Liking: likening. II. i. p. 56. senses. I. i. p. 81. Lined: bolstered up.' I.ii. p. Mete: rockon, judge. IV. iv. p. 47.

185. Livers: the supposed seat of the Mile: if it were a mile. V. iii. p. passions. I. li. p. 43.

163. Loathly: prodigious, monstrous. Miscarried : perished. IV. 1. p. IV. iv. p. 188.

114. Look beyond : misjudge. IV. Misdoubts: misgivings, fears. iv. p. 185.

IV. 1. p. 134. Lookod : anticipated. I. il. p. Misordered: disordered. IV. ii.

87. Low: low-born onos. III. I. p. Hodo: condition of affairs, IV, 20.

V. p. 148.

p. 121.

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