The Chemist, Tom 2

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R. Hastings., 1841

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Strona 83 - That the gentlemen whose names are appended be requested to act as a Committee (with power to add to their number) for the purpose of carrying out the previous resolution and of reporting to an adjourned public meeting to be held during the second week in October next.
Strona 214 - ... Council. 27. — Every member may introduce a visitor at an Ordinary Meeting, with the consent of the meeting. 28. — At an Ordinary Meeting, no resolution relating to the rules or management of the Society shall be proposed, except as provided by Article 36. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS. 29. — The Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Society shall be held on the third Friday in May at eight in the evening, or on such other day, and at such other time as the Council shall appoint, to receive...
Strona 74 - ... the very locality from which some of the first waters which I examined were taken, and nothing more is wanting to identify the cause of the rapid decay of the ship's copper with that of the mortality of the climate.
Strona 249 - Half an hour had scarcely passed when he became quiet, and at the end of an hour, he had so far recovered as to be able to sit up in bed, and give rational replies to every question.
Strona 257 - ... distilled water ; it is quickly dried, and a second time washed with the same solution. It is then, when dry, placed for a minute in a solution of...
Strona 213 - Superintendents, who shall be elected by the Council, and who shall severally subscribe the sum of Two Guineas annually. (The Sum of Twenty Guineas, subscribed in one payment, shall be received in lieu of the annual subscription.) Honorary and Corresponding Members, comprising such medical and scientific men as have distinguished themselves in any of the branches of knowledge embraced in the Educational Objects of the Society, shall be elected by the Council, but shall not be allowed to be present...
Strona 74 - ... and the prevalence of the deadly miasma, to which we were nightly exposed from the surrounding swamps. The horrid sickening stench of this miasma must be experienced to be conceived : no description of it can convey to the mind the wretched sensation that is felt for some time before and after daybreak. In those accursed swamps, one is oppressed not only bodily but mentally with an indescribable feeling of heaviness, languor, nausea, and disgust, which requires a considerable effort to shake...
Strona 74 - The peculiar unhealthiness of mangrove swamps in all parts of the world, I have little doubt, arises, from that tree requiring salt water for its growth, and its decaying foliage being thus brought into immediate contact with the sulphates. The hypothesis also agrees with the fact, (which I believe has been established,) that the unhealthiness of such situations does not extend to any considerable distance from the sea.
Strona 148 - BRITAIN," having for its object the union of the members of the trade into one body — the protection of the general interests — and the improvement and advancement of scientific knowledge. As the basis of such union, your Committee would recommend the adoption of education, examination, registration, and representation as in.
Strona 234 - Italian might be under less restraint, leaving M. Gros with one of his own workmen, as an attendant. The Italian put a quantity of tin into one crucible, and a quantity of quicksilver into another. The tin was melted in the fire and the mercury heated. It was then poured into the melted tin, and at the same time a red powder enclosed in wax was projected into the amalgam. An agitation took place, and a great deal of smoke was exhaled from the crucible; but this speedily subsided, and the whole being...

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