"The Book!" Or, The Proceedings and Correspondence Upon the Subject of the Inquiry Into the Conduct of Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales: Under a Commission Appointed by the King, in the Year 1806. Faithfully Copied from Authentic Documents

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John Belle, 1813 - 132
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Strona 23 - ... .such as must, especially considering her exalted rank and station. necessarily give occasion to very unfavourable interpretations.
Strona 82 - ... his approbation, I shall be in some degree at least consoled. i retain eVery sentiment of gratitude for the situation in which I find myself as princess of Wales, enabled, by your means, to indulge in the free exercise of a virtue dear to my heart, I mean charity. " It will be my duty likewise to act upon another motive, that of giving an example of patience and resignation under every trial " Do me the justice to believe that I shall never cease to pray for your happiness, and to be Your much...
Strona 125 - The powers with which the constitution of these realms vests your Royal Highness in the regulation of the royal family, I know, because I am so advised, are ample and unquestionable. My appeal, sir, is made to your excellent sense and liberality of mind in the exercise of those powers ; and I willingly hope that your own parental feelings will lead you to excuse the anxiety of mine for impelling me to represent the unhappy consequences which the present system must entail upon our beloved child.
Strona 2 - Highness's protection, are all established by such a concurrence, both of positive and circumstantial evidence, as can, in our judgment, leave no question on this part of the subject. That child was, beyond all doubt, born in...
Strona 125 - I cannot for a moment conceal from myself, that the serious, and it soon may be, the irreparable injury which my daughter sustains from the plan at present pursued, has done more in overcoming my reluctance to intrude upon your royal highness, than any sufferings of my own could accomplish ; and if for her sake I presume to call away your royal...
Strona 103 - ... to come in. At first I had no conception her Royal Highness really wished to come in, but must have mistaken the house for another person's, for I had never been made known to her, and I did not know that she knew where I lived. I stood at the window looking at her, and, as she looked very much, from respect courtesied (as I understood was customary) ; to my astonishment (she returned my courtesy by a familiar nod, and stopped.
Strona 2 - Majesty, to whom, more particularly, belonged the cognizance of a matter of state so nearly touching the honour of your Majesty's Royal Family, and by possibility affecting the succession of your Majesty's Crown. Your Majesty had been pleased, on your part, to view the subject in the same light, considering it as a matter which, on every account, demanded the most immediate investigation. Your Majesty had thought fit to commit into...
Strona 15 - ... certain statements, which had been laid before his royal highness the Prince of Wales, respecting the conduct of her royal highness the Princess. That these statements not only imputed to her royal highness great impropriety and indecency of behaviour...
Strona 43 - ... like it, which may occur in my case, could not occur in the case of a married woman, who was not living in my unfortunate situation; or, if it did occur, it must occur under circumstances which must give it, and most deservedly, a very different character. A married woman, living well and happily with her husband, could not be frequently having one...
Strona 3 - Cole, Frances Lloyd, and Mrs. Lisle, your Majesty will perceive that several strong circumstances of this description have been positively sworn to by witnesses, who cannot, in our judgment, be suspected of any unfavourable bias, and whose veracity, in this respect, we have seen po ground to question.

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