Every Man Has His Price: The True Story of Wrestling's Million-Dollar Man

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Multnomah Publishers, 1997 - 167
There is no better-known villain in professional wrestling than Ted DiBiase. But in real life, the Million Dollar Man is not the arrogant, evil character he appears to be on television. Quite the opposite. Ted DiBiase is a kind; caring man who deeply loves his wife and three sons, a man who shares is faith in large group meetings-especially with teens-and who has a deep, genuine walk with Christ. Every Man Has His Price tells the story of Ted's life, from his humble beginnings in a broken home to his days on the pro wrestling circuit, to his dramatic conversion to Christianity a few years ago. Every Man Has His Price is more than a biography. It is the story of a man's compassionate heart for God and for ministry. Readers will be inspired to serve the Lord from wherever they are today, and will see through the life of Ted DiBiase that God can make even a "villain" his beloved child.

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Ted DiBiase is known around the professional wrestling world as the ultimate villain, "The Million Dollar Man." He no longer wrestles, but now stars as an announcer for the WCW's weekly program on the Turner Broadcasting Company. He lives in Missouri.

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