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We, Servius; it i» therefore erroneously written Btrecynthut, which is a mountain of Crete. Strabo derives the appellation from the Bereeyntes, a people of Phrygia, worslrippers of the goddess; extinct in hit time.

Beregra, a town of the Piceni, in Italy: Beregrani, the gentilitious name, Pliny. Beregranus, the epithet, as Bertgrantts Ager, Frontinus Its'situation is uncertain; Ptolemy, indeed places it between Interamnia, Asculum, anil Adria, and Pliny among the inland towns.

Berenice, a celebrated'port town on the Sinus Arabicus, near the tropic of Cancer, Ptolemy* Itinerary; from which voyages were made to Arabia Felix and India: it was called Berenice, from the mother of Ptolemy Philadclphus, Pliny; distant from Coptus to rhe south east, two hundred and titty-eight miles, id. Another • Berenice of Arabia Pctraea, on the Sinus Elaniticus; the fame with the Eaion Giber of Moses. A third Berenice of Cyrenaica, situate On the promontory Pscudopenias,'Strabo; Beronice, Stephanus; its ancient name was Hefperis, Mela, and Hesperidcs, Pliny, Ptolemy, Scylax, and washed by the river Ecceus, Scylax; whether the fame with the Latho,i whose mouth lies between Arsinoe and Berenice, Ptolemy, is uncertain. A fourth Viereniet, called aim Arsinoe, surnamed Efidires, from its (itua-tionon a neck, of land that runs out a great way into the Arabic Gulf, and so narrows it, as scarce to be liven miles and a half over, Jubd, quoted by Pliny. A filth Berenice, jfunuamed Panchryfoi, from the quantity of gold there dug, Pliny: this must be Strabo's Berenice, near Sabae, Cellaring; and if this Sabae is Ptolemy's Sabat, according to Sal masius, this Bernice must be situate between Ptolemais, Epitheias, and Adule, on the west side of the Arabian Gulf.

Berenices, a tract of Cyrenaica, in the adjacency of Berenice, Lucan.

Berbthic, a town of Ethiopia beyond Egypt, on the east side of the Nile, Ptolemy.

Berca, a. town of Macedonia AtJ

'recta, on the Stryfhon, above Am

: phipol'ts, "Ptoleiny, Marclarius i tlie native place of Antiphanes, the comedian, so addicted to tell extra vagant stories, that ucs/tii^ny, cam< to denote the advancing things in credible, without the least regaa to truth, Marcianus Heracleota Bergaeus, the gentilitious name, Ste phanus, HefychiUs -. and Bcrgaeu. the epithet, as Bij-fsToi tuyifia, Strabo; a wild extravagant tale.

Bergan, a town of the Susiana, eastwards, near the Bulaeus, or Ctioaf pes, above Susa, Ptolemy.

Berce, Antonine; a town of tin Regio Syrtica, between Leptis ant the Cinypbus

Berci, orum, Pliny; a town of Sean dinavia: now Bergen, a consider able port on the German Ocean, ii Norway. E. Long. 6* Lat. 6«. 10'.

Bergidum, a town of the A-stures ir Spain, near the Minius: anothei of the llergetes, towards the Py renees, Ptolemy.

Bergistani, or Bergilam,'L.ivy; j people of the Hither Spain, betweei the Iberus and the Pyrenees.

BeRgium, Ptolemy; a town ot' Spaii tow.nds the Pyrenoes, situate be tween Osca and Caliguris; luppol ed to be the Vergimn of Livy; Pctru dc Mnrca.

B5rgomum, a town of the Transpa dnr.a, Cato, quoted by Pliny, Pto lemy, Inscriptions: a town buil by the Gauls, on their incursion into Italy, Justin. Btrgamates^ ti> gentilitious name, Pliny. jNoi called Bergamo, in the territory v Venice- K. Long. 10", Lat. 45 40'.

Bergulae, arum, Itinerary; Beririi la, Ptolemy; a town of Thrace,"t the south-east of Adiiauopolis, an. west of Heraclea, near mount Ri,c dope, between the rivers Arzus an Mel as.

Bergusii. SeeBARGUsn.

Beris, a river of Pontus, Ptolemy.

Bermius, Ptolemy; a mountain c Macedonia, to the south, on. ih confines of Epirus and ThesTak near mount Pindus; with a lak called tennicus.

Bfroa, a town of Theslaly, Cicero.

Ber.oi;a, Strabo, Pliny, Luke j

no al noble city of Macedonia, to tlie fouth of Edesla, or Aegae, and foath-cast of Cyrrhus, situate at the foot of mount Bermius, Strabo.. It; ii written Berrhoea, Thucydides, Ptolemy. Beroeensu, Polybius, and Berceaeus, Stephaniu, the gent illtious name. A people commended for their generous reception of the gospel, on a fair and impartial examination of it, Luke. Another Bercea of Syria, Stephamis; called also Beroe, and by the inhabitants, Bervi'a, id. Beroeen/es, Pliny, the gentilitious name. It is written Ber-, rksea, Appian, But {he truer writing is Beroea, because we have Be- < reeaei in Coins. It is the standing tradition for some ages, that it is j the modern Aleppo-, called Chelep in Niceras, Nicephorus, and Zonarasj from which it is supposed the present appellation Aleppo is derived; distant ninety miles from the Levant Sea, and from the port of Scanderoon, and about an hun- j dred miles west of the Euphrates/ E. Long. 360, Lat. 56" 3C. SiBonts, Antonine, Ptolemy; a people of the Hither Spain, called' Tyrii ancientry, Strabo; situate a long the Iberus, in the north os' Old Castile. Serotha, a town of Upper Galilee,' not far from Caedesa, or Kedes, in the tribe of Napht.'iali, Jofephus. It is mentioned Er.ekiel xlvii. 16. Jofephus fays, that there the kings of the Canaanites, defeated hy Joshua, were encamped; which, Jostiua xi. 5, is said to be at the waters of Merom, or the lake Samachonitisj Berotha. therefore, was at no great distance from it. BiRSABK, a town in the tribe of Simeon, Jostiua: in Jofephus it is written Ber/ubae, Barfubae, and Ber/ubee; the south boundary not only of its own tribe, but of the whole land of Israel, as appears from the common expression, from Dan to Bfrsnbe: in our translation it is Beer Shcba. It was the residence of the patriarchs; as first of Abraham, from whom it took its name, and of Isaac: It signifies the well or fountain of the oath, dug by Abraham, and claimed as his property by covenant and the reli

gionof an oath, against the insults

of the Philistines. Eulebiusand Je1 rorne fay, that there was a citadel and large village of that name in their time. It was called Beerjheba o/Judah, t Kings xix. 3. nottoiiiftinguish it. from the Beerjbeba of Galilee, which probably did not then exist; but to ascertain the limits of the king of Judah. . In the lower age called Castrjur. Verfabini. Bersaber. Jofephus; a village of Lower Galilte, inthe plain of Asochis.

Bersubae,7 C T>
r,rnt„ '> See Bereatje.


Bert A, a town in the territory of Bifaltia in Macedonia, Ptolemy,

BERTULA,an island adjoining to Sardinia, to the west, Ptolemy; no{v supposed to be that called Cofcia di >Dot!*a, or fyjalveiflre, by the inhabitants, Cluver. .;,

Berun-um. See Bblunum.

Berytus, a town and port of Phoepicia, on the Mediterranean, Scylax; so ancient as to bethought to

: have been built by Saturn, Stephtinus; it was destroyed by Tryphon, but restored by the Romans, in which Agrippa placed two legions, Strabo: whence it became a colony, called Felix Julia, Pliny, Coin*. It enjoyed the jusltalicum, had an excellent school for the study of the law in Justinian's time.

Be Sa, a city of Egypt, the fame with Aminoopolis, which fee.

Besachana, a town of Babylonia, Isidorus Cliaracenus; in which stood a temple of the goddess Atargatis.

Bksara. See Basara. I

Besuicus, an island of the Propontis, above 1'roconnesus; a small island between Cyzicus and the mouth of the Rhyndacus, or opposite to its mouth, Strabo, Stephan mis: Pliny places it among the islands, which were formerly joined to the continent, butafterwards violently torn from it.

Fiesek, Judges; a town in the hilly country of Judah, whose prince wtis called Atlaiii-besth; from this plage the Israelites marched to attack Jerusalem: its particular situation cannot be determined, as il is no where else mentioned. Called BeR * W, xece, Jbsephus; and in some copies Zebece.

Beseldunum, or BesenJunum,z town of the Ausetani, in Hifpania Tarraconensis: now Besalu in Catalonia.

Besidiab, Livy; an inland town of the Brnttii, ntuate on the right or south bank of the Crathis ■. supposed to be Bifignano, in the Hither Calabria. E. Long. i6° 45', Lat. 39° 50'.

Besippo. SeeBAESippo.

Bksor, a river of Judea, more to the south than that which David crossed in pursuit of the Amalekites, who burnt Ziklag, 1 Sam. xxx. It runs between Gaza and Anthedon, Adrichomius.

Bess A, a town of the Locri Opuntii, Homer; a woody plain, Strabo: but where lituate, cannot be determined.

Bessapara, Antonine; a town of Thrace, in the district of Bessica, to the west of Philippopolis, towards mount Haemus. .

Bessara, Ptolemy; a'town of Assyria, on the Tigris, between Marde and Ninus.

Bessica, Ptolemy; a district of Thrace, towards mount Haemus, '(to the south of the Hebrus: Best, the gentilitious name, Tacitus. A barbarous and fierce people, more so than the bleak climate they inhabit, Jerome; noted for their robberies, and called robbers, occupying the greatest part of mount Haemus, Strabo. Lucullus was the

'first Roman who made war upon them, defeating them in a great battle on mount Haemus.Eufropius.

Besuchis, atownof Babylonia, Ammian; about twelve miles from Ctefiphon.

BlSYNGA, Ptolemy; or Babjsenga, a trading town of the Farther India, to the east of the eastmost mouth of the Ganges.

Bet Ar 1, Itineraries; a town of Samaria, situate between Diolpolis and Caefarea.

Bktaron, Antonine; a town of Samaria ; Btthoron, Joshua ; Upper and Nether, and both in the tribe of Kphraim, built by Sherah, grand daughter of Kphraim, 1 Chron. viii. *4- both which were restored by

Solomon, after falling to decay, 1 Kings ix. 17, and 1 Chron. viii. 5. Their distance was almost the whole breadth of the tribe of Epbraim, the Upper being in the north; the Nether in the south of that tribe, Joshua xvi. We know more of the Nether than of the Upper: it was situate on a mountain, and therefore Josephus and Jerome mention going up or ascending; and it stood on the public road to Lydda and Caefarea, distant an hundred stadia, or twelve miles from Jerusalem: and on account of this vicinity, some allot it to the tribe of Benjamin.

Betasi, and Betasii, Pliny, Tacitus; thus the Aduatici of Caesar were called.

Beten, a town of Galilee, in the tribe of Asher, Joshua xix. 15.

Beterrae. See Baetkrrae.

Bethabara, a term denoting a passage, and therefore by many referedto the passage at Jericho, where the Israelites passed over dry-shod; by Lightfoot, to the passage at Scythopolis; but Cellarius refers it to the mid-way between both ; because there were doubtless several passages, or fords, on the Jordan. Here-John is said to have baptized, on the other side Jordan, Evangelists.

Bethagla, or Beth-hagla, atownof the tribe of Benjamin, Joshua xviii. at. In Jerome's time there was a village called sigln, ten miles from Eleutheropolis, towards Gaza, and supposed to be Bethagla.

Bethania, a village at the soot of mount Olivet, on the east side, about two miles to the east of Jerusalem, John, Jerome: where Lazarus dwelt and was raised from the dead ; and where happened the ascension of our Saviour.

Bethar. See Bithkr.

Betharaba, a town of the tribe of Benjamin, Joshua xviii. Another in the Wilderness of Judah, Joshua xv. 61,

BetharAmphtha, a town of Galilee, Ptolemy ; of thfc Peraea, Josephus; which being walled round by Herod Antipas, was called Julias, after Julia, the daughter of Augustus, and consort of Tiberius: it


•ood to the north of the lake of Genesareth, at the influx of the Jordan into that lake; and here Dr. Wells places Btthsaida.

Betharan, a town of thePeraea, or en the other fide Jordan. Said to be called Livias, or Libias, in the Greek manner, by Herod in honour of Livia, Eufebius, Jerome; and of the fame latitude almost: with Jerusalem, Ptolemy; called Julias 'by Jofephus, who always calls the Li•via of Augustus, Julia.

Bit Haven, a town in the tribe of Ephraim, and a name given Btthtl by Hosea, after the establishment of the idolatry of Jeroboam there; meaning it to have become thehoufe of iniquity, from being the house of God: but Bethawen was a distinct town, Joshua vii. a, to the southeast of Bethel.

BtTHAUNA, Palatine Copy: Bocthavtka, Ptolemy; a town of Mesopotamia, near the confluence of the Saocoras.

Beth-cherem, Jeremiah,Ezra, Nehemiab ; a village situate on a hill, midway between Jerusalem and Hebron, Jerome.

Beth-diblathaim, oneofthe towns of Moab, Jeremiah ; situate in Arabia Petraea.

Beth-eden, Amos i. 5. a valley situate between the mountains Libanus and Antilibanus, Huetius; so called because of its fertility and pleasantness; four hours and a half to the west of Damascus, Mauadrel.

Beth-hacla, a town in the tribe of Benjamin, of uncertain situation, Joshua. SeeBETHALA.

Beth PlOR, Jolhua; or BethPhogor, Septuagint, Vulgate; a town of the Reubenites, Jofhuri; on the other side Jordan, at mount Fogor, overagainst Jericho, six miles above Livias, Jerome, Eufebius. It had a temple sacred to the idol Baal Peer, Numbers xxv. 3. called BeelPJuger by the Vulgate; interpreted Priapus by Jerome.

BiTH-TAPHVAi Jolhua; a town in the tribe of Judah, of uncertain position.

Beth-zachariae, a town of the tribe of Judah, about seventy stadia above Bethsur, or Btthzur, on

'the road to Bethlehem, Jofephus: who this Zacharias was is unknown.

Bethel, a city of Samaria, on the borders of the tribe of Benjamin, anciently called Luz, Moses; but they seem to be distinguished, Joshua xvi. ». they were, however; contiguous places: and Bethel properly the place of Jacob's vision; and Lux, or Lus, an adjoining town, afterwards called Bethel, the former name being lost in that of - Bethel: it was twelve miles to the north-east of Jerusalem, Jerome; and called Bethavan, Hoseah which see.

Bethesda, John v. a pool on the north' side of Jerusalem, formed by the rain-water, and allotted for washing the sheep to be sacrificed j and hence the appellation, Piscina Probatica. Bethlebaoth, Judges; a town in the tribe of Simeon, but in other respects unknown. Bethlehem, Bethlemoon, Bethltemon, and Bethlemen, Jofephus; Bethlema, orum, Stephanus; a town of the tribe of Judah, six miles to the south of Jerusalem; the birth-place of our Saviour, and the place of the sepulchre of Jesse and David, Jerome: and though small and inconsiderable in itself, yet highly dignified, above all cities, by so extraordinary an event as the birth of Christ. Bethlemita, the gentilitious name, Stephanus. It was anciently called Ephrat, or Ephrata, Mo.

which fee. Another in (he tribe of Zabulon, Joshua xix. 15. of uncertain situation, being more obscure than the preceding : of this place was Ib7.an, one of the judges of Israel, Judges xii. 8. BetHleptephene, a name restored from Jofephus to Pliny by Harduin: Jofephus fays, that Vespasian, having left encamped at Ammaus, or Emaus, the fifth legion, marched with the rest of his army to the Toparchia of the Bethleptephi, and laid waste with fire and sivord that and the adjoining country, and at the fame time fortified the citadels'abput Idumaea: so that Bethteptephene, must be situate between Emaus and Idumaea; and thus to be looked for in the tribe of Judah; but where uncertain.

Bethmarcaboth, a town in the tribe of Simeon, Judges xix.

Bethmai, orum, Josephus; a village of Galilee, distant four stadia, or half a mile, from Tiberias.

Bethnimra, a town beyond Jordan, on its cast bank, Moses, Joshua; situate in the tribe of Gail.

Bjjthoron. See Betaron.

Bethphaoe, a place at the west descent or declivity of mount Olivet, Matthew xxi. i. From which it may be gathered, that the whole of that declivity, with a part of the valley, and the extreme skirts of the city went under the common name of Btthphage.

Bethsaida. See Betharamph


Bethsan, or BtthscsB, Joshua; a town os Samaria, in the half tribe •of Manasseh.on the borders of Galilee, about half a league from Jordan, on this tide, having half of its territory in the Peraeai it was afterwards called Scythopolis, Josephus, Stiabo: Scythopditae, the gentilitious name, * Maccabees: it was distant from Tiberias, situate on the Jake Genesareth, an hundred and twenty stadia, or fifteen miles, Josephus, to the south i and from Jerusalem to the north fix hundred stadia, or seventy-five miles, a Maccabees. As to the origin of the appellation Siylhopolss, there scarce appears any thing in history that has a relation to it, but the irruption of the Scythians, in the time of the Meries, when they over-ran all Alia, Herodotus. It was the greatest city of all the Decapolis, Josephus. It is called Bttejoa, Stephanus.

Bethsemes, i. e. Hrliopolis, the residence or city of the lun, situate in the tribe of Judah, Joshua, i Kings siv. 11. A little to the west of Kirjath-jearim, as appears from the history of the ark, taken by the

. Philistines, i Sam! vi- 7 Josephus.

j The number of the Bethsliemites

. slain for curiously looking into the aik, Josephus makes only seventy, in. which he.is followed by Jerome, Bochart, Sec. Here Amazi'ah, king

.. of Judah, was defeated and taken j

by Joalh, king of Israel, 1 Kinj xiv. Another Bethfemet, in the ti ll of Naphthali, Joshua xix. 38. Bethsemes of Egypt. See Helic POMS.

Bethsimoth, Vulgate; Bcth-jtsimot, in our translation; Beth/imuth, J< rome; a place on the other fitJordan, in the plains of Moab, e ver-against Jericho, to which tr encampment of the Israelites reach ed from Abel-(hittiin,Numb.xxxii 49. Distant ten miles from Jerichc Jerome t consequently two, mil< from the Jordan, Josephus; be cause Jericho is eight miles fror the Jqrdan, id.

Bethsura, Joseph.us; or Bethz.u> Joshua xv. from its situation on rock, or amidst rocks; a town c the tribe of Judah, near Hebro to the north, Eusebius, Jerome who call it Btthforon, and reck? it twenty miles to the south of Ac lia, from which Hebron ii nc twenty-five: they add, that ther is a fountain there, in which th eunuch was baptized by Philip Luke.

Bethth An A, an inland town of Cbal dea, Ptolemy.

Bethul, a city in the tribe of Si meon, Joshua xix. 4.. ,

Bethulia, a fictitious town of Gi lilee, for which there is no othe authority but the apocryphal boo of Judith; a romance rather than true history, as the more learned d now acknowledge.

Bethzur. See Bethsura.

Betis. SeeBAETis.

Betonim, a town of the tribe of Gac! on the other fide Jordan, Jolhu xiii. 16. Jerome calls it Bsthnim.

Bhtousa, Ptolemy; Bctuna, Pa'latin Copy ; atown of Mesopotamia, ove against. Ninus, on the other sideth Tigris.

Betriacum. See Bepriacum. Bettigus, a mountain in the Hi ther India, but nearer the Indue ; . Ptolemy.

Betula. See Baetula.
Betvlo See BaitUu>.
Bktuna. See Betousa.
Beupi, orum, a town of Phrygh

Magna, Livy.
Bezabpe, a citadel of Mesopotamia

near the Tigris,, o«,au eminence

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