The various theories of the relation of mind and brain reviewed

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Trubner & Company, 1869 - 106

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Strona 69 - The internal anguish of her mind was, however, at its utmost height when the funeral hymns began to be sung, and when the lid of the coffin was about to be nailed on. The thought that she was to be buried alive was the first one which gave activity to her soul, and caused it to operate on her corporeal frame.
Strona 58 - ... A clergyman had come to this city from a short distance in the country, and was sleeping at an inn, when he dreamed of seeing a fire, and one of his children in the midst of it. He awoke with the impression, and instantly left town on his return home. When he arrived within sight of his house, he found it on fire, and got there in time to assist in saving one of his children who, in the alarm and confusion, had been left in a situation of danger.
Strona 56 - He then seated himself at his secretoire to write, when, happening to look up a long avenue of trees opposite the window, he perceived a man in a blue jacket, mounted on a white horse, coming towards the house.
Strona 17 - ... sake of a joke, she was told to pack up her things, and start off immediately, but to this she made no reply. She rebuked her fellow-servant for not remaining longer in bed, and shortly after this became quiet. She was afterwards shaken violently, and awoke. She then rose, and seeing the cotton-box disturbed, demanded to know why it had been meddled with, not knowing that she alone was the cause of it. In...
Strona 17 - ... failing in effect, her mistress went up to her room, and rather angrily desired her to get up, and go to her work, as it was now six o'clock ; this she refused, telling her mistress that if she did not please her, she might look out for another servant, at the same time saying, that she would not rise up at two o'clock, (pointing to the window,) to injure her health for any one. For the sake of a joke, she was told to pack up her things, and start off immediately, but to this she made no reply....
Strona 60 - ... by her brother, while the other was writing a note in the adjoining room. When her note was ready for being sealed, she was proceeding to take out, for this purpose, the watch alluded to, which had been put by in her writing-desk ; — she was astonished to find it had stopped. At the same instant she heard a scream of intense distress from her sister in the other room, — their brother, who had still been considered as going on favourably, had been seized with a sudden fit of suffocation, and...
Strona 49 - Of all the truths we know," says Mr. Stewart, " the existence of mind is the most certain. Even the system of Berkeley concerning the non-existence of matter is far more conceivable than that nothing but matter exists in the universe.
Strona 67 - However astonishing, it is now proved beyond all rational doubt, that in certain abnormal states of the nervous organism, perceptions are possible through other than the ordinary channels of the senses.
Strona 51 - The soul, secured in her existence, smiles At the drawn dagger, and defies its point. The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and Nature sink in years, But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the war of elements, The wreck of matter, and the crush of worlds.
Strona 61 - ... tried in vain: they only aggravated her distress, and made the bitterness of despair more poignant. In a surprisingly short period, her graceful form declined into all the appalling characteristics of a fatal illness ; and she seemed rapidly hastening to the grave, when a dream confirmed the horrors she had long anticipated, and gave the finishing stroke to her sorrows. One night, after felling asleep, she imagined she saw her lover, pale, bloody, and wounded in the breast, enter her apartment.

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