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poot, July 25, after baving had opportu. to stay the progress, even in that city, and nity to look about and get definite impreg certainly in other places, of what threatsions in regard to the state of the work. ened to be an extended and disastrous He states :

division in the Protestant community of “ To outward appearance, the work in Turkey. Something of the character and this city is not, on the whole, as encour- tendency of the movement appears from aging as it was two years ago. The ritu. the following statements of Mr. Barnum's alistic movement in Diarbekir, while it letter:has not any open adherents here, so far * Mr. Wheeler and I have just reas I know, has produced a serious dis- turned from a tour of two weeks to the turbing influence. I suppose that there Palu and Gegbi districts. The Palu is a needs be' in all these things, and church has been from the first one of that on the whole it may be an advantage the most earnest and efficient churches I to these infant churches to be put to the ever knew. Some account of it appeared test; yet we would gladly shield them in the Herald for June, 1869. Last year from these rude blasts. I cannot doubt they built a nice chapel and school-rooms, that they are the Lord's churches, and and during the winter they were very that he will take care of them.

bappy in view of their unwonted pros. “The out-stations, on the wbole, are in perity. Three or four months ago, two of a very encouraging state. In some parts the apostles of ritualism started on a misof the field there are disturbing influ- sion from Diarbekir to the churches of this ences, but as a general rule, the advance field, with the evident purpose of promotduring two years has been very gratifying ing divisions. The only place where they and substantial. In the older communi- had any apparent success was in Palu. ties the legitimate fruit of the gospel is The church as a whole declared against seen in the growth, the increasirg thrift them; but three of the members -- a very and enterprise of the communities, in their unworthy man under discipline, a disafself-reliance, the improvement of their fected belper, who had never been of schools, and their stability under adverse any value to the church, with the deacon, and disturbing influences."

declared in favor of general baptism. Not meeting with very much favor, they

stirred up fifteen or twenty of the young Reference was made in the Missionary men of the community, outside of the Herald for October, page 318, to the church, to demand and insist upon bapmovement at Diarbekir towards Ritual. tism for their children. This was underistic Episcopa lianism — by what is called stood by the church to be but the stepan "English" party in the church. That ping-stone to the demand for general commovement has greatly troubled the breth- munion. The church quietly, patiently, ren of the Harpoot and Mardin stations, but firmly, resisted the demand. This for some time past. The leader in it has bas produced a sad controversy. Some been a native pastor, once much beloved of the malcontents became so violent as and trusted by the missionaries, who be- to disgust the better portion of their assocame disaffected several years since, basciates and lead them to abandon them. visited England, returned with an Eng. The communion had not been observed lish wi'e, and seemed likely, a few months for four months, and the church, hearing ago, to lead his whole church at Diarbe- of our intended visit, thought it a good kir not only to the adoption of Episcopal time to observe it; consequently it was forms, but to a decided bosti'ity against appointed for the Sabbath when we were the American missionaries. Mr, Wheeler, expected to be there.

This announceafter being very urgently called to do so ment incensed the malcontents, and they several times, by letter and telegram, undertook to prevent it. The three diswent from Harpoot to Diarbekir in Feb. affected church-members had proceeded ruary last, and spent some months there. to such lengths in promoting opposition as It is hoped that something bas been done to lead to their suspension from the privi


leges of the church, and they stirred up greatly shocked at this sacrilegious act. the outsiders to demand that there should Very soon all became quiet, and at the be no communion until all difficulties and conclusion of our remarks, we asked the questions of controversy should be settled. church to adjourn to the pastor's house ; The church took the question into careful where, we trust, the Master honored this consideration, and after much prayer, de- sorrowing band by bis presence at the cided to go on with the communion; first, feast. We left Palu the next forenoon. because they could not acknowledge the I have received no word from there since, right of the community to regulate the but we are quite sure that the effect of ordinances of the church; and, secondly, the disgraceful scene at the Lord's table because they well understood that the will be to make the more respectable of only chance for reconciliation was the the disaffected party ashamed of their yielding of what they regarded as an company. Such things as these show the important principle.

animus of the new Diarbekir Movement,' “We reached Palu on Friday. The which is essentially anti-missionary. pastor of the Heusenik church accompa- “ Our visit in the Geghi district was nied us on this tour. On Saturday we much more pleasant. While at Gegbi itbad full conferences with both parties, self, the congregation made arrangements but could effect no reconciliation. The for the organization of a church and the church and the pastor appeared to be ordination of a pastor, in October, we willing to do anything that would not agreeing to pay one fourth of the salary compromise their principles, while the for the first year. The brethren are very opposers were very bitter. The Sunday hopeful. There is good reason to believe morning services proceeded as usual. In that the formation of a church will give a the afternoon, when the pastor began to new impulse to the work in all that respread the table for the communion, the gion, for it is a hundred miles distant from most unworthy of the suspended church- here, and Protestantism has had the repmembers shouted out to bim to desist, and utation there of having no church ordiat the same time ran up and pulled off nances." the cloth. This was the signal for a protest from half a dozen other persons, who

A TOUR BY MISS CHARLOTTE E. ELY. raised a great clamor. Not a word was On the 29th of June, Miss C. E. Ely, spoken by the pastor or any of the mem- of Bitlis, wrote at Mr. Knapp's request, bers of the church, as we had requested giving some account of a tour to out-stathem, in case of any confusion, to leave tions with Pastor Simon, from which she the matter to us, so that the disturbance had just returned. The whole account is need not get beyond bounds. We tried of much interest, but only portions of it in vain to pacify them. It became evi- can be given here: dent that if the communion were to proceed, we should be obliged to call in the Halred turned to Love. “ While at police. As an alternative, we decided to Moosh, I visited at a wealthy Armenian go on with the introductory services, and house. Several of the men of the family when the time for the distribution of the are persuaded of the truth, but have not elements should come, to request the mem- yet come out clearly and decidedly on the bers of the church to adjourn to the pas- Lord's side. Two very interesting and tor's house, for the administration of this promising girls from this house are in our ordinance. We did not announce this boarding-school. They have been in atpurpose, but Mr. Wheeler and I spread tendance for a year and a half, their exthe table, and as I gave out the hymn, the penses being entirely met by their parents. one who had taken the cloth rushed up I had visited at this house before, and was and took the tankard of wine, and carried now much impressed with the change in it to the back part of the chapel. We the mother of these girls. In the course proceeded with the service just as though of a long conversation, she acknowledged nothing had happened, although we were that she formerly bated us, and even after

Several young

sending her daughters to our school, with and memory of Scripture, as to rewhich she had done in obedience to the call vividly to our minds the lamented request of her husband, — she had cher- Hohannes, surnamed • Concordance.' ished any but kind feelings towards us. “One indication of the progress of the Now, with a touching humility and child- work in this village is the recent avowal like simplicity, she talked about her spirit- of seven men, who have publicly declared ual condition, and entreated our prayers themselves Protestants. and counsel. She spoke very freely of men modestly inquired of the pastor if her Armenian friends, and said she was they might offer themselves as candidates grieved at their inconsistent manner of for the training.class. Of one of them life, and charged me, that in case her pastor Simon remarked, tbat his whole apbrother and bis wife very worldly- pearance and conversation reminded him minded people — should come to Bitlis to of Christ's commendation of Nathanael — see Sophia and Aznew,' I should not al- 'An Israelite indeed, in whom there is no low the girls to go and visit them; and guile.'”

HAVADORIC. begged me so to arrange it that any conversation between the girls and their “ It was with reluctance that I left Mofriends should be in my presence. She goonk; but I was soon intensely interested said, 'I do not want my girls' minds di- in the work at Havadoric. Many of the verted from their school and stirred up; people of this village spend the summer and I cannot tell you of all that they months several hours distant, among the might hear.' My stay there was rendered upper mountains, where they can find exceedingly pleasant by the earnest love pasture for their herds and flocks. We of the truth shown by this woman. This therefore feared it would be impossible for family is one of the most influential in all a large number to come together for meetthat region. The man (in some depart- ings, but were pleased to learn that they ment of government employ) is widely were in the habit of meeting regularly on known as a defender of Protestantism, the Sabbath, for prayer and services. and a sower of Bibles and religious books, Said they, 'Our pastor has forsaken us, He does much good in the many villages but the Lord never forsakes.' The helpwhere he goes, sometimes assisting to rent ers from Moo:h and Mogoonk are able to houses for our helpers, and always taking preach to them occasionally, and there is their part in any local persecution or diffi- also a Christian young man at Derkevank, culty that may arise.”

who, we were told, works as a laborer

during the week, in his fields, and on CANDIDATES FOR Sabbath morning, putting on his clean

clothes, walks up to Havadorick, and there “ From Moosh we went to our out-sta- preaches to the people. On the Sabbath, tion Mogoonk, a pleasant and thrifty vil- the Lord's Supper was administered. With lage on the plain. Here a steadily ad. dawn of day might be seen little groups of vancing and promising work is going on. people hastening down the mountain steeps, They have a belper who remains both looking in the distance, as Pastor Simon summer and winter. This preacher, Mo- remarked, very like ants treading along ses, acts also as an evangelist, visiting the narrow paths. Men and youth, and other villages, and preaching once in a women with their little ones tied to their given number of days at Moosh, Hava- backs, hurried on and on, moved by the doric, and other places. He and bis wife one impulse — Let us go into the house appear thoroughly in earnest, and exhibit of the Lord.' On this occasion, three pervery commendable self-denial and perse- sons were admitted to the church ; one At a communion season cele

a young man from Mogoonk, of whose brated at Havadoric during my stay there, examination for church-membership the they were permitted to see the first fruits pastor said, “We felt as though he was a of their labors gathered into the church

1 The pastor of this church had recently left a young man, who has such acquaintance for America.







messenger sent from God, and were not a ing. Eight Koords, fully armed, came little edified by the narrative of his expe- down upon us, and succeeded in getting rience. When he had finished speaking possession of one baggage animal long of the way in which the Lord bad led him, enough to abstract my possessions. We a brother said, “What remains for us to made an attempt to drive them off, but ask ? He has already more than answered finding ourselves the central objects at our questions.' It was a precious season. which four or five guns were aimed, we Though our surroundings were rude, and concluded the better part of valor was to the people ignorant in the wisdom of this beat a graceful retreat. Our guide, who world, yet in many faces shone the light knew Koordish, was just out of sight, over and peace of God, and we felt that we a bill in advance of us, at the time. We were sitting in heavenly places in Christ soon came up with him, and then turned Jesus.

back again. He shouted at the robbers “ Allow me to add, in closing, that I and they fled, leaving the horse and my have never seen more hopeful signs of bedding, but carrying my satchel and varithe progress of the work than now. One ous packages with them.” great want, among these aroused and inquiring communities, is teachers and preachers; but above all the quickening

Micronesia Mission. influences of the Holy Spirit. For this we must repeatedly implore Christians at

“ENCOURAGED!" home to pray.”

Mr. WHITNEY wrote from Ebon, FebGIRLS' BOARDING-SCHOOL AT BITLIS. ruary 10th, 1873:

“-Sail, bo’l awakens us again, and we Miss A. C. Ely reported their school

see another possibility of communicating (July 1) as having “a very interesting to you of our welfare. We are encourand promising membership of twenty- aged - yes, that's the word. Everything three.” Four are the wives of helpers, about is cheering. Everything, sball I and more than half a score of the others say? I mean the majority is overwhelmare self-supporting. She states: “We are ingly that way. Following the Week of encouraged by seeing much that is bope- Prayer we have bad a precious work, and ful in their deportment. . ... They come there are now some seventy who are infrom their scattered homes, uncouth in quiring after the truth. Some of these look and manner, ignorant to a painful are not new comers, but are returning degree, and holding unchecked many pas, from their wanderings. sions natural to the human heart. School influences and instructions soon begin to

A SERMON WORTH READING. tell on their previously neglected minds

“But I took my pen to tell you of the and hearts ; and O, it is so cheering to privilege I had yesterday of listening to see them turning from the ways of igno- preaching. The sermon was so good that rance and sin - striving after a better I propose to give you the substance of it, and a holy life! We are greatly encour- and I trust it may reach the hearts of aged in our delightful work. Words fail some who shall read it from the pages of to express the joy it gives us to labor for the Herald. these dear pupils.”

“ First let me explain a little. Jeremia is a person whom you already know, and

I need not introduce him to you. He Mr. Scott wrote from Bitlis, July 18, returned a few weeks since to spend the soon after his return from the mission time till the Morning Star comes, in study meeting at Harpoot, and states : “Our and further preparation for his work on journey there was enlivened by an encounter with robbers, from which they ited education, who has been acting as a mis

1 Jeremia is a Marshall Islander, of very limcame off the better by the amount of all sion helper for a few years past, on the island of my good clothes and fixings for the meet- Mejuro.


Mejuro. He brings no mean record for «• You are all like trees in God's gartwo and more years spent on an island den, and you ought to bear fruit. But where life was not safe at the outset. what is your fruit? I look around and

Our people, who are quite liberal in see you clad in good clothes. What is many respects, have been strangely defi- this; fruit ? No, this is only leaves. cient of late in monthly concert contribu- Leaves are good, and give promise of tions. They are, I have feared, uncon- fruit, but they are not fruit. And what sciously imbibing some influences like about your cutting off your chignons, and those which hold the purse-strings of so combing your hair smoothly down, the many Christians in America. Month af- men parting theirs on one side, and the ter month they let pass, and only a few women making their parting straight from faithful ones have kept up their regular their noses; this is not fruit? This is but contributions. Others let theirs accumu more leaves. What about throwing away late as a debt to God and his treasury, to your pipes and tobacco, and leaving off be paid when ?

your other bad and sinful habits ? These “When I asked Jeremia to preach for are only more leaves on another branch. me last Sabbath, he spoke of his grief " Where, then, shall we look for fruit ? at this condition of affairs, and wished Whatever work is done for God, that is to preach to the people about it. He fruit. My brethren, and my little chilselected for his text the words of John dren, I was glad, and my heart rejoiced the Baptist, Matt. iii. 8: · Bring forth yesterday, because I saw you all come therefore fruits meet for repentance.' and clear up around this church. This

“ He said : “This word which I preach was like a little branch which is bearing to-day is not my word only; it is the word fruit, because it is work for God. AnJohn preached, and we know that he other good fruit is your giving your tribpreached many words good and true, ute to God. when he came to prepare a way before “ . Have you anointed this month yet ? the Lord Jesus. He said, as in verse 2d, If not, it will be well to make it right im“Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven mediately. [Our contributions are reis at hạnd.” Some had repented and ceived in cocoa-nut oil, and they speak of been baptized, and now he teaches them “anointing" each new month by bringing what is their next work.

their quart promptly, on the first Mon“I know that for a long time you have day.] If you keep back from God what heard these words, and I want you to re- belongs to him, he will not help you. member that they are words from God. “. It is my opinion that there are two Some of you have just repented, and said principal fruits; prayer and almsgiving that you throw away your sins, all of them; a part of which is giving to God for the such as stealing, and lying, and fighting, spread of the gospel — our “aling iju" and pride, and adultery, and all kindred (monthly concert contribution). God will evils. You stand up from these, do you? take note of and remember these fruits. If you do, then bear this word from John, So he said, in the tenth chapter of Acts. for he said, “Bring forth therefore fruits You know heaven is far away from earth; meet for repentance."

then why did God send an angel to Cor“ . You know if one of you makes his nelius? That he might tell him that his garden he plants first the seed — bread- “ prayers, and alms, had come up for a fruit, or cocoa-nut, or pandanus — and memorial before God.” then waits for it to grow until the time «. So, in like manner, when you believe of fruit. Then he watches for fruit, and God and repent, and bear fruit, he will is well pleased when any tree bears good remember your prayers and alms. You fruit. Yes, as he beholds the ripening think you cannot do this, do you? You fruit there is no displeasure, but joy only. sit still while the cocoa-nuts grow and But how about the tree that bears noth- ripen, and fall at your feet from the trees. ing but leaves ? He will cut it down and It is not much work for you to fill your burn it.

shell [about a quart]. Take fifteen or

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