Spencer Farm: With Some Account of Its Owners

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G. W. Fulcher, 1845 - 160

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Strona 153 - Arthur, had unexpectedly descended amongst a company of modern sportsmen. On all occasions the Cervantic turn of his humour was singularly heightened by his researches in antiquarian knowledge. It is impossible to consider such a simple and amiable character without lamenting that he neglected to become his own biographer ; because no species of writing, perhaps, is more capable of uniting amusement with utility than the genuine unvarnished picture of private life ; and certainly no species of writing...
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Strona 109 - How fain the tree would swell its rind ! But, vainly trying, it decays, So fares it with my shackled mind ; So wastes the vigour of my days ; And soon our deaths will prove, I guess, The triumph of unthankfulness.
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