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Strona 310 - For take an example of a dog, and mark what a generosity and courage he will put on when he finds himself maintained by a man, who to him is instead of a God, or melior natura, which courage is manifestly such as that creature, without that confidence, of a better nature than his own could never attain. i io OF ATHEISM. So man, when he resteth and assureth himself upon divine protection and favour, gathereth a force and faith which human nature in itself could not obtain.
Strona 429 - As to the first question, we may observe, that what we call a mind, is nothing but a heap or collection of different perceptions, united together by certain relations, and supposed, though falsely, to be endowed with a perfect simplicity and identity.
Strona 429 - If any one upon serious and unprejudiced reflection thinks he has a different notion of himself, I must confess I can reason no longer with him. All I can allow him is that he may be in the right as well as I, and that we are essentially different in this particular. He may, perhaps, perceive something simple and continued, which he calls himself, though I am certain there is no such principle in me.
Strona 299 - ... fell asleep in his chair, and had a frightful dream, in which the prominent figure was an immense baboon. He a.woke with the fright, got up instantly, and walked to a table which was in the middle of the room. He was then quite awake, and quite conscious of the articles around him : but close by the wall in the end of the apartment he distinctly saw the baboon making the same grimaces which he had seen in his dream ; and this spectre continued visible for about half a minute.
Strona 518 - Ayesha's to heed the fire, which must not for a moment relax in its measured and steady heat. Your task is the lightest of all it is but to renew from this vessel the fluid that burns in the lamps, and on the ring. Observe, the contents of the vessel must be thriftily husbanded; there is enough, but not more than enough, to sustain the light in the lamps, on the lines traced round the caldron, and on the farther ring, for six hours. The compounds dissolved in this fluid are...
Strona 512 - Eastern slaves? But, if so, why lead them to these solitudes; and, if so, why not bid me be armed? " " The Eastern slaves, fulfilling my commands, wait for my summons where their eyes cannot see what we do. The danger is of a kind in which the boldest son of the East would be more craven, perhaps, than the daintiest Sybarite of Europe, who would shrink from a panther and laugh at a ghost. In the creed of the Dervish, and of all who adventure into that realm of nature which is closed to philosophy...
Strona 195 - From the results o( his different experiments, conducted with the most unexceptionable precision, it is demonstrated, that diamond affords no other substance by its combustion than pure carbonic acid gas ; and that the process is merely a solution of diamond in oxygen, without any change in the volume of the gas.
Strona 501 - I wrung my friend's hand, and we parted. Oh, to lose her now ; now that her love and her reason had both returned, each more vivid than before! Futile, indeed, might be Margrave's boasted secret ; but at least in that secret was hope. In recognized science I saw only despair. And at that thought all dread of this mysterious visitor vanished — all anxiety to question more of his attributes or his history. His life itself became to me dear and precious. What if it should fail me in the steps of the...
Strona 503 - Near this very spot is there not gold — in mines yet undiscovered? — and gold of the purest metal? " "There is. What then? Do you, with the alchemists, blend in one discovery gold and life? " "No. But it is only where the chemistry of earth or of man produces gold, that the substance from which the great pabulum of life is extracted by ferment can be found. Possibly, in the attempts at that transmutation of metals, which I think your own great chemist, Sir Humphry Davy, allowed might be possible,...
Strona 506 - ... solemn eyes. Her stature was lofty, her bearing majestic, whether in movement or repose. Margrave accosted her in some language unknown to me. She replied in what seemed to me the same tongue. The tones of her voice were sweet, but inexpressibly mournful. The words that they uttered appeared intended to warn, or deprecate, or dissuade; but they called to Margrave's brow a lowering frown, and drew from his lips a burst of unmistakable anger. The woman rejoined, in the same melancholy music of...

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