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APOSTOPesis half our sense reveals, And smother'd with our paffions half conceals. “ Rebels whom I - but that I'll first assuage “ These dang'rous storms, and quell the ocean's rage

APOPHASIS, while feigning to impose Strict filence, will our fullest sense disclose. “ I might have mention'd, but I choose to spare, “ How like a tyger, or a raging bear, " You rush'd upon me, and had ihed my blood, “ Had not this arm your curs’d attempt withstood.

ANACOENOSIS will to others trust Our cause, and ask them if it is not juft. ss Judge, men of Isr’el; I to you appeal, ss If my kind labours for my vineyard's weal ss Could be surpass’d. I chose the richest ground, ss Gave it the noblest vine, then fenc'd it round, ss And with my rains and rays the young plantation

crown'd t.ss ANASTROPHE will the attention stay By an irregular and bold delay. " The matchless songs of two contending swains, « The heifers, ravish'd with their charming strains, “ Forbore to graze, and lynxes, gath'ring round, “ Forgot their rage, astonish'd at the sound, " While rivers stood suspended with delight, « The songs of these two swains we will recite 1.

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An EROTE$IS, while it questions, throws A luftre round, and kindles as it

goes. ss Canst thou, a grov'ling worm of yesterday, ss, In glory rival my eternal ray?

ss Haft • VIRGIL. See page 151.

+ Isa. V. 2, 3, 4 I VIRGIL. Eclog. viii. ver. T.

ss Haft thou an arm like God, or hast thou hurld
$ The bolt, that shakes the center of the world * s

PROLEPsis an objection fully shows, · And then at pleasure all its strength o'erthrows. But some will say, ss How will the dead arise ? ss Or with what bodies will they mount the skies? ss Thou fool, the feed thou sowest in the earth

Only by death is quick’ned into birth ; ss And God a body, as he wills, bestows, ss And, like the seed, the future harvest grows 7.5

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A SYNCHORESIS, with surprizing art, By yielding much secures th' essential part. $I grant the Grecians a distinguish' mind, By sense ennobled, and with arts refin'd; • There's not an excellence that I can name, “ But what I yield as their unquestion'd claim; « But Grecians will for trifles pledge their troth, “ And never felt the fetter of an oath I."

An EPANAPHORA to grace our strain, Dwells on one word, and sounds it o'er again. “ This globe's the basis of our lawless pride; " Here we assume our pomp, and here preside; " Here wealth is courted with intense desire; « Here nations rush to arms with boundless ire; “ Here civil wars are wag'd, and here the plain “ ís delug'd o'er with blood, and heap'd with fain l.'

APOSTROPHE diverts the speaker's strain
To other objects. - Witness earth and main,

ss Witness


• Job xl. 9.

+ 1 Cor. xv. 35-38. # Cicero. See page 201.

Pliny. See page 212.

ss Witness thou sun, and all ye rolling spheres,
ss How great, how good the LORD of all appears.”

PERIPHRASIS, ungrateful sense to hide, Language of softest texture will provide. “ Full from the feast, and Auth'd with wine, I'll send “ The draught around to ev'ry joyful friend ; “ The body's pains, the anguish of the soul, “ Shall all be bury'd in the blissful bowl ; “ No more your breasts Thall heave with boding fears " Of the hard galling chain that flav'ry wears *."

AsYNDETON cashiers, to speed its pace, The cop'lative from its accustom'd place. “ I came, saw, vanquish'd, mighty CÆSAR cry'd, Viet'ry and Fame attendant at his side +."

A POLYSYNDETON each thought to fhow Distinct with cop'latives will overflow. “ Bagnios, and sloth, and whores, and swimming bowls " Diffolv'd their virtue, and unmann'd their souls [."

An OXYMORON is in found absurd, And word discordant wages war with word; But from the conflict sense th’advantage takes, And in a sudden blaze of genius breaks. “ A Christian's pains are pleasures, losses wealth, “ His shame is glory, and his sickness health.”

ENANTIOSIS opposites presents, And thus the pow'rs, or charms of both augments. 6 Torrents and streams are not describ'd alike : “ The torrent, bursting thro’the shatter'd dyke, $ Tears up the harvests in its headlong course, « And foams and thunders with refiftlefs force :

* Not + SUETONIUS. See p. 234.

* Liyy. See p. 224. | Livy. See p. 236.

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* Not so the stream, that from the fountain flows,
sc Limpid it runs, nor breaks the swain's reposes
«« Plenty and peace its lucid windings chear,
s6 And scarce its murmurs touch the list’ning ear.'

CLIMAX our sense will by gradation raise, And this thought for the next a groundwork lays. ss Then,ss says th’Omnipotent, who reigns on high,

My pitying ear shall hearken to the sky; ss The sky shall hear the earth, the earth the wine, ss The wine shall) ezreel hear, for Jezreel now is mine*ss


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HYPOTYROSIS to the life will paint. ço At Dives' gate poor Laz’rus pours his plaint: $c Each eager feature speaks the asking foul; & Thick heave his fighs, his tears in torrents roll."..

O! my son, $I saw, abhorr'd idea! at the stake ☆ Old, venerable LATIMER; a foul “ Spotless as infant chastity, than whom " No Prelate wore a whiter robe, or grac'd « An holier mitre. With officious hafte “ A blood-stain's fury hurl'd a flaming brand “ Amidst the pile, and taught the tow'ring blaze « To roufe a thousand agonies of pain “ In ev'ry limb. He smild, the martyr smild, “ Scarce conscious of a pang. His lifted eye, “ O majesty of virtue! calmly hung " On heav'n's unclouded arch, and seem'd to shine “ With something more than human; rapture seiz'd “ Each glowing cheek, and flush'd his ev'ry look « With all a cherub's brightness. At his side, “ Sad intercourse of sorrows! Ridley grasp'd k! The social chain, and shar'd with equal zeal

“ Barbarity * Hofea ii. ?I.




“ Barbarity of torture -- Yes, I shar'd “ Afiction's deadly cup, and half affum'd “ His dignity of soul. Ye heav'ns ! what joy - Tumultuous heay'd my breast ! what manly strength, “ What energy of firmness, while my ear « Enjoy'd hỉs heav'nly comforts ? Ev'ry nerve “ Confess'd the full divinity, and steeld " Affrighted nature, till th' angelic band, “ Bright hov'ring o'er the fame, exulting led « Our unembodied souls to seats of bliss, “ A paradise of sweets ! and gently lulld & The last keen agonies of sense to rest *.”

“ Duration's long interminable line 6 In regions unexplor'd, O man, is thine : " Why then of low terrestrial cares fo full ? “ Why in thy work so languishingly dull ? " Thy life with what rapidity t it flies? " A moment glances, and a moment dies : “ And yet how few remain upon thy score ! " Or who dares say, thou hast a moment more? « Ere long all nature too shall fink in years, " And suns and planets, lawless from their spheres, " In ruin shall rush down precipitate, 6 Quench’d and absorb'd in all-devouring fate ; « O'er worlds demolith'd Night shall throw its pall, « And Death and second Chaos swallow all."

PROSOPOPEIA into persons turns The qualities of mind. « See Valour burns 5. From Virtue's threat'ned head t'avert the blow, “ And crush Oppreffion, her insulting foe.'

Abstract • Bishop Rinley's Ghost, page 212.

+ Respice celeritatem rapidiflimi temporis: cogita brevitatem hujus fpatii, per quod citatisimi currimus. Sen.Epift.99.-- Were ever words more happily chosen to express a Writer's ideas &

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