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A Beautiful monument to the the inscriptions and inferior specie

niens in the colonnade beneath. sionary Schwartz, has been just The Rev. E. Patteson, M. A. has finished by Mr. Flaxman, and is in in the press an introduction to antended for Iudia. The subject is tient and modern Geography, in a bas-relief, representing the Rajah one small volume octavo, of Tanjore's last vssit to the worthy Mr. Brewster's Lectures on the priest while on his death-bed: it was Acts of the Apostles will soon chosen by the Rajah himself: one

make their appearance. or two of the Rajahs ministers are The Prospectus of a New Perirepresented as accompanying him, odical Work has just been circuwith three boys, in the fore ground, lated, entitled, “ Records of Litebelonging to the school which Mr. rature;" it is intended to present a Schwartz superintended for many general statement of the progress years. The inscription is in English. of knowledge in all its depart

The Pomfret and Arundel mar ments; and, by giving a brief acbles about to be removed to the count of all works announced as Radcliffe library at Oxford, are to published, to form an Index to the be enereased by the addition of Sir Literature of the World. Roger Newdigate's collection. The The Life and Letters of Mrs. statues and other articles of exqui- Chapone are preparing for publisite workmanship, are to be placed Cation. in the upper part of the building:


FERMENTS, OXFORD, October 30. this day duly elected as RepresentMR.

R. William Charles Casa- atives to represent this University

major, Student in Law of in Parliament. All Soul's College, was a.lmitted 7. The Hon, and Rev. Richard Bachelor of Laws.

Bagot, of All Souls' College, and The Rey. James Hutchinson, the Rev, Philip Thistlethwayte B. A. of Baliol College, was ad Strong, of Oriel College, Bachemitted Master of Arts.

lors of Arts, were admitted MasMess. Robert Napier Raikes and ters of Arts. Percival Frye, of Oriel College; 12. Joseph Harpur, Esq. StuFrederick Henry Papendick, James dent in Law of Trinity College, Blencowe, Arthur Meyrick, and was admitted Bachelor of Law John Eckley, of Trinity College; Grand Compounder. and William Vcale, of New Col. The same day Messrs. Edward lege, were admitted Bachelors of Brice, of Wadham College; James Arts.

Haldame Stewart, of Exeter ColNov. 3. Messrs. Paggen Hall, and lege; William Guford Motte, and, Paul Beilby Lawley, of Christ George Fost, of Baliol College, Church; Peter Frye Honey, of were admitted Bachelors of Arts. Exeter College, and John Latham, Mr. Awbrey Charles Price has of Brazen Nose College, were been elected Fellow of New Col. elected Fellows of All Souls' Col- lege. lege.

15. This day the appointment of 6. Sir William Scott, and the the Rev. John Cole, D. D. Fellow Right Hon. Charles Abbott, were

University Intelligence and Church Preferments. 397 of Exeter College, as one of the Chancellor of this University; and Public Preachers, in the room of the day following, the Rev. Wilthe Rev. Mr. Philpotts, of Mag- liam Pearce, D.D. Master of Jedalen College, who has resigned, sus College, and Dean of Ely, was was approved in full convocation. elected into that office for the year In the same convocation, the ap- ensuing. Dr. Pearce served the pointment of the Rev. George office in 1789. Shepherd, M. A. Fellow of Uni The Sermon at Great St. Mary's versity College, and the Rev. on the 5th of November, was Richard Dixon, M. A. Fellow of preached by the Rev. Professor Queen's College, to be Public Ex- Farish. The Latin Speech in the aminers, was approved.

Senate House was delivered by the The following is a list of the ten Rev, Mr. Wood, Fellow of Pen. public. Preachers:

broke Hall. Rev. M. Marlow, D.D. Presi A grace having passed the Senate dent of St. John's College.

to the following effect :

« That Rev. J. Parsons, D.D. Master those to whom the Sunday afterof Baliol College.

noon turns, and the turns for Rev. J. Cole, D, D. Fellow of Christmas-day and Good Friday, Exeter College.

are assigned, shall, from the beginRev. R. Laurence, D.C.L. of ning of November 1806, to the University College.

end of May, 1807, provide no Rev. J. Buckland, B. D. of Cor- other substitute than sueh as should pus Christi College.

be appointed in conformity with Rev. W. Wood, B.D. Student that grace;" the following persons of Christ Church.

have been elected, each for the Rev. R. Chewton, M.A. of month to which his name is afBrazen Nose College.

fixed; Rev. H Hutton, M. A. of Ba November, the Rev. Dr. Clarke, liol College.

Jesus College. Rev. G. Heathcote, M. A. of December, the Rev. Mr. Shield, New College.

St. John's College. Bev. J. Browne, M. A. of Cor January, the Rev. Mr: Browne, pus Christi College.

Sidney College. The six public Examiners are February, the Rev. Mr. Vince, the following:

Vil. Com. The Rev. Messrs. G. Smith, Fel March, the Rev. Mr. Browne, low of Magdalen College; J. sen. Trin. Coll. Dean, Fellow of Brazen Nose April, the Rev. Mr. Venables, College; W. Corne, Student of Clare Hall. Christ Church;R. Hughes, Fellow May, the Rev. Mr. Chilcott, Sidof Jesus College; G. Shepherd, ney College. Fellow of University College; and 14. William Carlyon, Esq. of R. Dixon, Fellow of Queen's the Inner Temple, and the Rev. J. College.

H. Howlett, Curate of St. Martin's 19. The Rev. Thomas Anthony in the Fields, are elected Fellows Methuen, B. A, of Oriel College, of Pembroke Hall. was admitted Master of Arts. 19. Mr. William Lake Pinder, Messrs. William Vaux, of Christ of Pembroke Hall; and Mr. FreChurch, and Robert Karness Carne, derick Stephen Bevau, of Emaof Exeter College, were admitted nuel College, are admitted Masters Bachelors of Arts.

of Arts. CAMBRIDGE, Nov. 3. --The Rev. Mr. Thomas Turton, B. A. has Dr. Turner, Master of Pembroke been elected a Skirne Fellow of Hall, resigned the office of Vice Catharine Hall.

Lord Henry Perry and Lord The Rev. John Walker, M.A. Ewstone have been re-elected Mem. Tutor of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, bers to serve in Parliament for this has been instituted by the Lord University.

Bishop of Lincoln, to the Rectory The Rev. W. S. Knott, Vicar of of Coltered, in Hertfordshire, Bishop's Lydiard, in Somerset- vacated by the death of the Rev. shire, 'is instituted to the valuable A. Trollope. Rectory of Bawdrip, with the per- The Rev. Robert Jones, B.D. petual advowson thereto annexed. Fellow of St. John's College, Cam

The Rev. Edward Edgell has bridge, is presented by the Master been collated to the Prebend of and Fellows of that Society, to the Coombe, on the presentation of Rectory of Soulderne, in Oxfordthe Bishop of Bath and Wells. shire, vacated by the death of the

The Rev. Thomas Comber, A. B. Rev. John Horseman, B.D. Tate of Jesus College, Cambridge, The Rev. Peter Leigh, B. A. of has been instituted to the vicarage Trinity College, Cambridge, is inof Creech St. Michael, in the stituted by the Lord Bishop of county of Somerset, by the Lord Chester, to a medrity of the RecBishop of Bath and Wells, on history of Lyme, in the county of own Petition.

Chester, on the presentation of The Rev. J. Michell, L.L.B. Egertoa Leigh, Esq. of Twemlow, Prebendary and Sub-dean of Glou

in the same county. cester Cathedral, has been insti- The Rev. Charles Coxsell, M.A. tuted to the Rectory and Parsonage Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of of Toynton, in the diocese and Bristol, is empowered, by a discoanty of Gloucester, on the pre- pensation, to hold the Vicarage of sentation of the Dean and Chapter. Bibury, together with the Rectory

The Rev. Richard Smith, M. A. of Barnsley, both in the county and of Castle Bromwich, Chaplain to

diocese of Gloucester. Lord Cathcart, and Vicar of Monk The Rev. Valentine Hill, is instiHopton, is presented by Richard tated to the Rectory of Wells, in Thompson, Esq. of Easterick, to Norfolk, on the presentation of the very valuable Rectory of Wan- John Hill, Esq. nesley, otherwise Mareston, near

The Rev. Bence Bence, L.L.B. York.

is instituted to the valuable rectoThe Rev. Samuel Shipley, M. A. ries of Kelsale, with Carlton and is presented by Sir Richard Kaye, Thorington, in Suffolk, on his own Bart. Dean of Lincoln, to the Vi- petition, vacant by the death of the carage of Ashbourne, with the Rev. George Golding Golding. Rectory of Mappleton, in the The same gentleman is also instimounty of Derby, vacant hy the tuted to the Rectory of Beccles, on death of the Rey, William Wehb. the presentation of R. Sparrow, Esq


Further decount of the Rev. JOHN 1774, being at that time B. Á. of

BRAND, whose death wus men- Licol College, Oxford, he was tioned page 240.

presented by Matthew Ridley, Esq. HE

(E was a native of Newcastle of Heaton, to the curacy of Cram

opov Tyve, and October 6, lington, a chapel of ease to St.

Nicholas, at Newcastle. While at his death, had a long ramble with the University he published a poeir two much valued friends, with on “Illicit Love," supposed to have whom he párted in the evening apbeen written among the ruins of parently in perfect health, He rese Godstone Priory, He was admit- next morning and went into his ted F. S. A. in 1777, and in that study, where his servant took him year he published his “ Observa- an egg, which he usually ate hetions on Popular Antiquities, in- fore he went to Somerset Place. cluding the whole of Mr. Bourne's On returning to the study some Antiquitutes Vulgares, with ad- time afterwards, she discovered denda to every chapter of chat him lying on the floor, lifeless, work; as also an Appendix, con- with a wound in his head, which taining such articles on the sub- he had received in falling. A mar ject as have beeu omitted by that geon was sent for; but all attempts author, 8vo." For an enlarged to restore animation proved ivefedition of this book, which is now fectual. He died unmarried, leavi. very scarce, he had long been col- ing no relation except an aunt wko lecting materials. After taking is very aged. Some of his contri orders, he was admitted into che butions are in the volumes of the family of the late Duke of Nar- Archælogia, and his colletion of thumberland, by whom he was books and prints was very valuable. presented to the Rectory of St. It At Askam Bryan, near York, Mary at Hill, in 1784; in which the Rev. John Preston, Prebendary year he was also elected Secretary of Riccal in that Cathedral, and to the Society of Antiquaries. In rector of Marston and Fosten, both 1789, he published the History in the diocese of York. and Antiquities of the Town and At the parsonage-house, Nether County of Newcastle, % vols. 4to. Whitley, Cheshire, aged 71, the embellished with views, the engrav- Rev. Philp Antrobus, minister of ings of which cost. 500l. The the chapel there. He was the son compiler of the Catalogue of Eng. of Philip Antrobus, of Snelson, in lish Living Authors ascribes to Cheshire: who had him instructed him some political pamphlets, which (bcing his younger son) not only in were, in fact, written by another the mathematics, but also in a clergyman of both the saine name, thorough knowledge of the classics, and a member of the University being well versed in Latin and of Cambridge.

Greek, and having a competent Mr. Brand was twice troubled knowledge of the Hebrew; after for non-residence, having let his his father's decease he undertook parsonage; but he performed all the Grammar School of Great Budthe parochial duties with great worth, 1755; of Newton, near punctuality, being regular in his Middlewich, in ('heshire, 1761; attendance on duty in the week- was nominated master of Dendays as well as on Sundays, walk- bigh Grammar School, North ing from Somerset-place for that · Wales, 1775; ordained by the purpose. Since the late regula- Bishop of London, when Bishop tions, however, respecting resi-' of Chester, and presented to the dence, Mr. Brand, who before domestic chapel of Nether White that period lived entirely in the ley, 1777, by Sir John Chetwode, apartments of the Society of An- of Oakley, in Staffordshire, father tiquaries, at Somerset Place, had to the present worthy Baroneto

. been in the habit of sleeping at At Bath, the Rev. James Hewit the rectory. He always took much Bumstead, vicar of Bumshaw, iu exercise; and on the day before Hampshire,

At Blaenen, near Denbigh, aged At Ashurst, in his 720


the 76, the Rev. Rue Pughe, rector Rev. Edward Wilson, D.D. Recof Llysvan, and vicar of Nant- tor of that place, and of Hartfield, alyn.

both in Sussex. At Tilford, near Farnham, Sur- After a painful illness, at the rey, after a lingering and painful Rev. Archdeacon Moore's, in Exillness, Mrs. Charlotte Smith, au- eter, aged 55, Lieut.-Gen. Simcoe, thor of Sonnets, Novels, and se- late commander of the forces ini veral other celebrated works. the western district. He arrived

At Harlesthorpe, Derbyshire, at Torbay a few days before, and the Rev. John Cballand Forrest, was conveyed from theuce by water head master of the Free Grammar to Exeter. He has left a widow, School, in Nottingham.

and nine children to lament his In Yorkshire, the Rev. John loss; and by his death, his MaWilsford, fellow of Catharine Hall, jesty has been deprived of a MeCambridge.

ritorious and skilful officer. Gen. The Rev. Thomas Boyce, rector Simcoe was appointed commander of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk, in chief in the East Indies, and his and formerly fellow

of Clare Hall, lady was in London, making the Cambridge; B. A. 1769, and M.A. necessary preparations for the voy1772. The rectory is in the gift age, when she received the melan. of the masters and fellows of choly summons to attend the funeClare Hall.

ral at Exeter. By his death, the In the 38th year of his age, the colonelcy of the 22d regiment bes Rev. Thomas Fisher, rector of comes vacant. Griton, Cambridgeshire.


WE have received two letters in vindication of the new chapel at Islington against the animadversions of Theodosius and Observator. It is our intention to enter into a consideration of the subject in our next.

Our much-esteemed friend, J. R. may be assured, that none of his favours have been intentionally neglected. One of them appears in the present number, and the other will immediately follow. His farther communications are requested.

The Letter of Clericus came to hand after the Magazine was made up; it shall appear next month, as also will the favours of Mr. Ludlam, Scrutator, &c. &c.


Page 243, line 10, for 1731, read 1732.

244, line 2 from the bottom, for“ a" read « of." 266, line 13 from the bottom, for " universally” read “uno

usually." 267, line 8, for « reveal” read “ recal." 287, line 12, for“ desired” read “ denied." 301, line 5, dele x. 306, line 25, for “all mankind" read “ all the elect people of

Ibid, line 2 from bottom, for “ many' read “ may."

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