Donum Amicis

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author, 1815 - 72
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Strona 38 - Incipe. Vivendi recte qui prorogat horam, " Rusticus expectat, dum defluat amnis : at ille " Labitur, & labetur in omne volubilis a3vumf.
Strona 40 - Aegroto domini deduxit corporo febres, Non animo curas. Valeat possessor oportet Si comportatis rebus bene cogitat uti. » Qui cupit aut metuit juvat illum sic domus et res Ut lippum pictae tabulae, fomenta podagram, Auriculas citharae collecta sorde dolentes.
Strona 49 - AH tongues! as fast as they could chatter — Sure never was there such a clatter ! — But one, much louder than the rest, Amused them with a mighty jest — A word ! — she had picked up in the street } A word ! — the bard will not repeat. Now, hushed at once the little band, Behold ! the governess, so grand, The schoolroom enters ! — not a word, Where all was riot, now is heard ! Each head, by her majestic look, Bent down on sampler, or on book ! When, lo ! the gloomy, lowering eye Prognosticates...
Strona 52 - Whip — whip — whip — whip — inflicts the pain : Now pauses — while miss roars aloud, Sad warnings to the little crowd — Crying, ' Oh ! dear ma'am, pray give o'er, I never will do so no more.' In vain : the rod's reiterations Produce fresh pauses, fresh orations. ' These stripes I'm sorry to impart ; But 'tis for your own good you smart. Who spares the Rod will spoil tfie child!— ' By me the proverb sha'n't be spoiled.
Strona 52 - The governess now takes her stand, The birchen sceptre in her hand : With lofty air, inspiring awe, And upraised arm to inforce the law, She shakes the whistling twigs, and then, Whip — whip — whip — whip — inflicts the pain : Now pauses — while miss roars aloud, Sad warnings to the little crowd — Crying, ' Oh ! dear ma'am, pray give o'er, I never will do so no more.
Strona 23 - Many summers rolled on, full of joy, Many winters, that never were drear;— And oft-times, or a girl, or a boy, Gave delight to the date of the year. Bred in harmony, virtue, and truth, Happy faces around me appear ; And the grateful affections of youth Prove a balm to the date of the year.
Strona 53 - This brought the conflict to a close ; When quick the smarting culprit rose. The governess, with awful state, And head erect, resumed her seat : Then calling up her victim, Fry (Sobbing and wiping either eye), Descanted, with all due reflection, On crimes provoking such correction : But, still to heighten the impression Of punishment for this transgression, On a high stool she made her perch, And in her bosom stuck the birch : Warning the school 'gainst crimes and errors By the grand triumph of its...
Strona 34 - Iliacos intra muros peccatur et extra. Rursum, quid virtus et quid sapientia possit, Utile proposuit nobis exemplar Ulixen...
Strona 36 - Ad strepitum citharae cessatum ducere curam. Ut jugulent hominem, surgunt de nocte latrones : Ut teipsum serves, non expergisceris ? Atqui, Si noles sanus, curres hydropicus : et, ni Posces ante diem librum cum lamine, si non Intendes animum studiis et rebus honestis, Invidia vel amore vigil torquebere.
Strona 42 - Ire viam qua monstret eques ; venaticus, ex quo Tempore cervinam pellem latravit in aula, Militat in silvis catulus. Nunc adbibe puro Pectore verba, puer, nunc te melioribus offer. Quo semel est imbuta recens servabit odorem Testa diu.

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