The Annals of Philosophy, Tom 3

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Baldwin, Craddock, and Joy, 1814

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Strona 52 - In the class which I call metalloids, I shall employ the initial letter only, even when this letter is common to the metalloid and to some metal. 2. In the class of metals, I shall distinguish those that have the same initials with another metal, or a metalloid, .by writing the first two letters of the word. 3. If the first two letters be common to two metals, I shall, in that case, add to the initial letter the first consonant which they have not in common...
Strona 398 - The Morbid Anatomy of the Brain, in Mania and Hydrophobia; with the Pathology of these two...
Strona 144 - The great alligators and the tortoises of Maestricht are found in the chalk formation, but these are both marine animals. This earliest appearance of fossil bones seems to indicate, that dry lands and fresh waters must have existed before...
Strona 52 - SO) + (Po + 2 SO). As to the organic volumes, it is at present very uncertain how far figures can be successfully employed to express their composition. We shall have occasion only in the following pages to express the volume of ammonia. It is 6 H + N + O, or HN 0.
Strona 143 - Essay on the Theory of the Earth ; translated from the French of M. Cuvier, Perpetual Secretary of the French Institute, Professor and Administrator of the Museum of Natural History, &c.
Strona 315 - Gunsmith; for a cock made of metal and wood, for drawing liquor from casks, which produces a stop superior to that which is effected by common cocks, and prevents the liquor from coming in contact with the metals, except when the liquor is in the act of being drawn, and is running from the cask. — Dated May 25, 1813.
Strona 312 - ... liquid into a clean vessel, and mix with it an excess of sulphuric acid. Boil this liquid for some time, Sulphur is precipitated, and muriatic acid driven off. Decant off the clear liquid, and strain it through wool. Put it into a -mul flask, and mix it with as much black oxide of manganese as you used before of sulphuric acid.
Strona 378 - AN Account of some organic Remains found near Brentford, Middlesex. By the late Mr. William Kirby Trimmer. Communicated in a Letter from Mr. James R. Trimmer to the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. KBPRS p.
Strona 379 - ... considered as marine, because, when of sufficient size, they are always penetrated by teredines. The other fossils from this stratum are nautili, oysters, pinnae marinae, crabs, teeth and bones of fish, and a great variety of small marine shells ; this stratum has been penetrated hitherto in this field only to the depth of thirty feet, throughout which the specimens found were dispersed without any regularity. ' The second field is about one mile to the westward of the former, one mile north...
Strona 12 - The quantity of heat, which a hot body yields in a given time by radiation to a cold body situated at a distance, increases, eaeteris paribus, in a greater ratio than the excess of temperature of the first body above the second.

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