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In the Household of Faith. By the Rev. C. ERNEST SMITH, M.A.,

Rector of the Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Baltimore, Md.;
Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Maryland. 12mo, pp. xi.-295.

$1.25. The work is fully up with the times, and apt illustrations drawn from periodical literature make it a valuable repository of facts pertinent to the important questions here treated. The reading of this book will be a pleasant

and profitable task for all who love the Church.”—CHURCHMAN, New York. Call to Confirmation. A Manual of Instruction for Candidates. By the Rev. C. ERNEST Smith, M.A. Paper, 12 cents net; cloth, 25 cents.

Admirable in plan and execution. Just the kind of thing we have long been looking for. It will be found most helpful in this most difficult and delicate duty of properly preparing Candidates for Confirmation."

CHURCH AFFAIRS, Easton, Md. The Old Church in the New Land. Lectures on Church History. By

the Rev. C. ERNEST SMITH, M.A. With a Preface by the Bishop of Maryland. Crown 8vo, cloth.

$1.25. “We heartily endorse the recommendation of the Bishop of Maryland, and we go farther : we should say that this little book is perhaps the very best historical account of the Church of England for family reading that we have ever seen ; and an attentive congregation, to which these lectures should be read, would be well prepared to vindicate the position of the Anglican Church against the assaults of either Rome or Geneva. It is not a controversial book, but its statements are so plain as to make argument superfluous.”—THE CHURCH STANDARD.

“These lectures deserve all the praise we can give them. We strongly recom. mend their addition to parish libraries, and their study to teachers, lay readers, and to not a few of the clergy. They retell the story of the old Church in the new land with an accuracy of detail both in fact and doctrine that is refreshing, and with a style as vigorous and pointed as it is clear.”—THE AMERICAN CHURCH ALMANAC, 1895.

"Here is a book for every member of the Brotherhood to own and study. Mr. Smith very justly says : ' A knowledge of some of the chief facts in the history of the Church has become almost a necessity to every Churchman, and there are, consequently, few subjects upon which lecture-sermons can more appropriately be preached in our day than on Church History, especially on the history of our own branch. To some persons this may seem a very unedifying kind of a subject; they prefer what is known as “Gospel preaching ; they have, indeed, no interest in any other; and if, unfortunately, they are compelled to listen to any other, they imagine there is no help in it, and are none the better for it, but rather the worse.'

“This is all true enough, and when this instruction is given with a clearness and freshness that illuminate the subject, it becomes a pleasure as well as a duty to receive it.

With a scholarship which is never heavy, with a belief in the Catholic Church which never descends into mere partisanism, the lectures, in the words of the Bishop of Maryland, who writes the preface, admirably fulfil their purpose to trace the links of that continuity (between the Church in America and the Church in England), to make Churchmen feel sure through them of an apostolic origin, to help them know that this is no late-born sect, but that in it we are in the very fellowship of the Apostles.'

Make yourself a present of this book, read it, digest it, and then lend it as widely as possible among your friends."-St. Andrew's Cross.

“The whole story is told in strong and clear outline, in a very interesting and instructive way, and any one who follows the plain teaching in this little volume cannot fail to be convinced of the identity of our Church with that Church which the Lord Jesus founded. We wish that every layman would read it, for we are sure he would find it full of strength and truth.”—THE LIVING CHURCH,




REV. ALFRED G. MORTIMER, D.D. The Seven Last Words of Our Most Holy Redeemer. With Medi

tations on Some Scenes in His Passion. By the Rev. ALFRED G. MORTIMER, D.D., Rector of St. Mark's, Philadelphia. 12mo. $1.00

CONTENTS: MEDITATIONS ON THE Passion-1. The Scourging of our Blessed Lord -II. The Mockery of our Blessed Lord-III. The Presentation of our Blessed Lord to the People-IV. The Cross-bearing of our Blessed Lord-V. The Piercing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-Vl. The Uplifting of the Cross of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Three Hours' AGONY OF our Lord Jesus CHRIST-Introductory Address --The First Word-The Second Word-The Third Word- The Fourth WordThe Fifth Word--The Sixth Word-The Seventh Word.

“The Meditations in this volume were given in Lent (1895) in St. Mark's, Philadelphia, at noon on Fridays. Though complete in themselves, they are really a continuation of a course on the Passion of our Blessed Lord which had been de livered in St. Mark's the previous Lent. In the latter course the Passion had been treated as witnessing as a whole to certain moral virtues. In the present series a few scenes in the Passion have been taken in relation to the individual soul. The Addresses on the Seven Last Words were given in the same church at the Three Hours' Service on Good Friday, 1895. Together they form a consecutive series of Meditations for Holy Week or for the Fridays in Lent."-Extract from Preface.



The Virgin Mother. Retreat Addresses on the Life of the Blessed

Virgin Mary, as Told in the Gospels. With an Appended Essay on the Virgin Birth of Our Lord. By the Rt. Rev. A. C. A. HALL, D.D., Bishop of Vermont. I2mo.

“It is often said, and the saying is true, that Protestantism and Anglicanism have lost something of sweet Christian tenderness in their extreme reaction from the semi-idolatrous cultus of the Blessed Virgin which prevailed in the Middle Ages. We have not the slightest tendency to that form of doctrinal aberration; nor would it be possible, we suppose, for any clear-minded Englishman or American to join in the glowing but hyperbolical addresses to the Mother of our Lord which are found in the liturgies of Oriental Churches ; yet it does seem that something has been lost in our habitual forgetfulness of the human being to whom our blessed Lord in His earthly life was nearest and dearest, and who, doubtless, of all the sons and daughters of men, was- nay, perhaps still is-nearest and dear. est to Him.

In this little volume, Bishop Hall very admirably and delicately discourses of the Blessed Virgin with the reverent affection which is due to her, and yet without the slightest approach to the extravagances which our Church has rightly and wisely banished. In a brief appendix he has written a few timely words on the subject of the virgin birth of our Lord, considered as an article of the Christian faith.”—The Church STANDARD, Philadelphia.



AIDS TO THE INNER LIFE. Edited by the Rev. W. H. HUTCH

INGS, M.A., Rector of Kirkby Misperton, Yorkshire. 5 volumes, each
volume sold separately, as follows:
32mo, cloth limp.
32mo, cloth extra.

Of the Imitation of Christ. By THOMAS À KEMPIS. In Four
The Christian Year. Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holy
Days throughout the Year.
The Devout Life. By St. FRANCIS DE SALES.
The Hidden Life of the Soul. From the French of JEAN NICOLAS

The Spiritual Combat. Together with the Supplement and the
Path of Paradise. By LAURENCE SCUPOLI.
Uniform with the above :
The Light of the Conscience. By H. L. SIDNEY LEAR.
The Spiritual Letters of St. Francis de Sales.

AVANCINI. Vita et Doctrina Jesu Christi. Ex Quatuor Evan.

gelistis collecta et in Meditationum Materiam ad Singulos totius Anni Dies distributa. Per N. AVANCINUM, S. J. Ad usum Cleri Anglicani accommodavit Presbyter Ignotus. Editio Secunda. 18mo. $1.00

“Besides its original purpose as a help to meditation, Avancini would make a valuable help to the preparation of short sermons.

There are in all some 400 meditations, and each meditation has three points. Almost every one of these points would bear amplification into a sermon a few minutes long; and, if the book were used in this way we should hear less than we do from the clergy of the difficulty of preparation, and from the laity of the extent to which it is omitted." -GUARDIAN.

BALFOUR. The Foundations of Belief: Being Notes Introductory

to the Study of Theology. By the Right Hon. ARTHUR J. BALFOUR, M. P. Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo.



What I Should Believe. A Simple Manual of Self-instruction for
Church People. Crown 8vo.

A Lent with Jesus. A Plain Guide for Churchmen. Containing
Readings for Lent and Easter Week, and on the Holy Eucharist. $0.40
The Christian's Roadbook. By ANTHONY BATHE and F. H. BUCK-
HAM, Vicar of Sledmere, Yorkshire.

Part I. Devotions. 16mo, cloth limp.
Part II. Readings. With an Introduction by W. J. Knox LITTLE,

M.A., Canon of Worcester. 16mo, cloth limp.




Each, 1.75

BENSON. The Final Passover : A Series of Meditations upon the

Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the Rev. R. M. BENSON, M.A., Student of Christ Church, Oxford.

12mo, cloth. Vol. I. The Rejection.

$2.00 Vol. II. The Upper Chamber. Two parts.

Part I. The Last Supper. Part II. The Final Discourse and Prayer. Vol. III. The Divine Exodus. Two parts.

Each, $1.75 Vol. IV. The Life Beyond the Grave.

“It is a book which may be used with the greatest advantage by Christians of every school and creed, without any fear of being jarred by the conflict of views at variance with their own. For it is not a book of views and opinions, but of deep and profound spiritual devotion.”—Pacific CHURCHMAN, San Francisco.


BIRCH. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper according to the LONGMANS, GREEN, & CO.'S PUBLICATIONS.

Teaching of the Primitive Church and of Anglican Divines. By EDWARD JONATHAN BIRCH, M.A., Rector of Overstone and Hon. Canon of Peterborough. 18mo.


BODY. Works by the Rev. GEORGE BODY, D.D., Canon of Durham.

The Life of Temptation. A Course of Lectures delivered in substance at St. Peter's, Eaton Square ; also at All Saints', Margaret Street. 6th Edition. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 CONTENTS : The Leading into Temptation-The Rationale of TemptationWhy we are Tempted-Safety in Temptation-With Jesus in Temptation, The End of Temptation. The Life of Justification. A Series of Lectures delivered in substance at All Saints', Margaret Street. 6th Edition. Crown 8vo. $1.00

CONTENTS: Justification the Want of Humanity-Christ our JustificationUnion with Christ the Condition of Justification--Conversion and Justification- The Life of Justification–The Progress and End of Justification. The School of Calvary; or, Laws of Christian Life Revealed from the Cross. A Course of Lectures delivered in substance at All Saints', Margaret Street. Small 8vo.

$1.00 The Life of Love. A Course of Lent Lectures.

$1.25 In his treatment of the subject, Canon Body draws out from the life and recorded sayings of the Mother of our Lord the lesson that the Christian life is a life of love; of separation : of consecration ; of association ; of joy which sounds through every versicle of the magnificat of sorrow; and in every stage a life of ministry. How admirably he has drawn these lessons from the Gospel story of the Blessed Virgin can only be appreciated by a reader of his lectures.”—CHURCH

STANDARD, Philadelphia. BODY. The Permanent Value of the Book of Genesis as an Integral

Part of the Christian Revelation. By the Rev. C. W. E. BODY, M.A., D.C.L., Professor of Old Testament Literature and Interpretation in the General Theological Seminary, New York. Crown 8vo.



CARTER. Works Edited by the Rev. T. T. CARTER, M.A., Hon.

Canon of Christ Church, Oxford.

The Way of Life. A Book of Prayers and Instruction for the Young at School, with a Preparation for Confirmation. Compiled by a Priest. 18mo.


Meditations on the Life and Mysteries of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. From the French. By the Compiler of “The Treasury of Devotion."

Crown 8vo. Sold separately.
Vol. I. The Hidden Life of our Lord.
Vol. II. The Public Life of our Lord.

Part I., $2.00. Part II., $2.00.
Vol. III. The Suffering and Glorified Life.



The Star of Childhood. A First Book of Prayers and Instruction for Children. Compiled by a Priest. 16mo.


The Guide to Heaven. A Book of Prayers for Every Want. Compiled by a Priest. Large Type. 12mo, cloth.

$0.60 Cloth limp.


The Path of Holiness. A First Book of Prayer for the Young. Compiled by a Priest. 16mo.


CARTER. Preparation for Worship. A Series of Five Short Ad

dresses on the Best Answer in the Church Catechism. By F. E. CarTER, M.A., Canon Missioner of Truro Cathedral. Small 8vo.


COLES. Seven Addresses Delivered at St. Paul's Cathedral at

the mid-day service, Good Friday, 1879. By V. S. S. COLES, M.A., Librarian of the Pusey House, Oxford. Small 8vo.


COMPTON. The Armoury of Prayer. A Book of Devotion. By BERD

MORE COMPTON, M.A., sometime Vicar of All Saints', Margaret Street. Fourth Edition. 18mo.

$1.25 " It has a marked individuality of its own, and will no doubt meet with a certain number of persons-chiefly men, it is probable-to whose spiritual wants it is fitted above others. Those--and their number is far larger than is generally borne in mind - will find here a manual rich and abundant in its material for devotion, but remarkably modern in its tone, fitted to express the feelings and to in terpret the aspirations of a cultured dweller in towns; and it is emphatically a book of and for the times."-LITERARY CHURCHMAN.


by C. M. S. With an introduction by the Rev. M. F. SADLER, Prebendary of Wells, and Rector of Honiton, Devon. Small 8vo. $1.25

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