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DEVOTIONAL SERIES. 16mo. With red borders. Each volume,

Bickersteth's Yesterday, To-Day and For Ever.
Christian Year (The).
Herbert's (George) Poems and Proverbs.
Kempis (T. à), Of the Imitation of Christ.
Lear's For Days and Years.
Sales (S. Francis de), The Devout Life.
Taylor's Holy Living,

Holy Dying.
* These two in one volume, $1.75.

* A cheaper edition without the red borders may be had. DEVOTIONAL WORKS. Edited by H. L. SIDNEY LEAR.

9 vols., uniformly bound. Each volume,

$1.00 Fénelon's Spiritual Letters to Men.

Spiritual Letters to Women.
St. Francis de Sales' Spiritual Letters.

Of the Love of God.
The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales.
The Hidden Life of the Soul.
The Light of the Conscience.

Pascal's Thoughts.
DIX. The Sacramental System Considered as the Extension of

the Incarnation, By MORGAN Dix, S.T.D., D.C.L., Rector of Trinity Church, New York. Crown 8vo.

$1.50 "It is most gratifying to have Dr. Dix's lectures on the sacramental system in permanent and available form. The volume will prove a valuable addition to the religious literature, not of the day only, but of the age.

The logical arrangement of the material is admirable, and the diction at once stately and

precise."-ST. ANDREW's Cross. FLETCHER. Prayers and Meditations for the Holy Communion.

By JOSEPHINE FLETCHER. With a Preface by C. J. Ellicott, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. With red borders. New Edition. Royal 32mo.

$1.00 The same, without the red borders. 32mo, cloth limp.

.50 FOR DAYS AND YEARS. A Book containing a Text, Short Read

ing, and Hymn for every day in the Church's Year. Selected by H. L. SIDNEY LEAR. 32mo. Gilt.

$0.60 Cloth, limp.

.40 Large Type, Ihmo. 16mo. With red borders, gilt. (DEVOTI


1.00 1.00



sometime Dean of Norwich.
An Introduction to the Devotional Study of the Holy Scriptures,
with a Prefatory Essay on their Inspiration, and Specimens of Medita-
tions on various Passages of them. Tenth Edition. Small 8vo. $2.00
Thoughts on Personal Religion : Being a Treatise on the Christian
Life in its Two Chief Elements, Devotion and Practice. New Edition.



The Pursuit of Holiness: A Sequel to “ Thoughts on Personal
Religion,” intended to carry the reader somewhat farther onward in
the Spiritual Life. Seventh Edition. Sinall 8vo.
Cheap Edition.



GRANGER. Life Renewed : a Manual for Convalescents. Arranged

for Daily Reading and Meditation for a Month. By M. E. GRANGER, author of “ Peace,” Lenten Readings,” etc. With a preface by the Rt. Rev. E. R. WILBERFORCE, D.D., Bishop of Newcastle-on-Tyne.



HALL. The Virgin Mother. Retreat Addresses on the Life of the

Blessed Virgin Mary as told in the Gospels. With an appended Essay on the Virgin Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. By the Rt. Rev. A. C. A. HALL, D.D., Bishop of Vermont. Small 8vo.

$1.25 HALL. Manual of Christian Doctrine : Chiefly Intended for Con

$0.30 HANSELL. The Sorrows of the Cross. Seven Sermons. Bodily

firmation Classes. By the Rev. H. E. HALL, M.A. With a Preface by the Rev. W. H. HUTCHINGS, M.A. Iómo, paper boards.

Pain-Ridicule-Ingratitude — Disappointment - Sympathy – Sabacthani—The Sins of the World. By the Rev. E. H. HANSELL, B.D.,

late Rector of East Ilsley, Berks. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. $0.40 HOLLAND. Good Friday. Being Addresses on the Seven Last Words.

By the Rev. HENRY Scott HOLLAND, M.A., Canon and Precentor of St. Paul's.



INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS (The); or, Thoughts on the

Communion of Saints and the Life of the World to come. Collected chiefly from English Writers by L. P. With a Preface by the Rev. H. Scott HIOLLAND, M.A., Canon and Precentor of St. Paul's. Crown 8vo.


NEWMAN. Meditations and Devotions of the Late Cardinal

Newman. Part I. Meditations for the Month of May. Novena of St. Philip. Part II. The Stations of the Cross. Meditations and Intercessions for Good Friday. Litanies, etc. Part III. Meditations on Christian Doctrine. Conclusion. Crown 8vo, 439 pages. $1.50


NEWNHAM. “Thy Heart and My Heart.” Four Simple Letters

on the Holy Communion. By the Rev. P. H. NEWNHAM, M.A. 18mo., paper.

$0.10 LITTLE. Works by the Rev. W. J. Knox LITTLE, M.A., Canon

Residentiary of Worcester, and Rector of Hoar Cross.
Sacerdotalism, if Rightly Understood, the Teaching of the
Church of England : Being a Letter Addressed in Four Parts to the
Very Rev. William J. Butler, D.D., Dean of Lincoln, etc. Crown 8vo.

$1.75 The Christian Home: Its Foundation and Duties. Crown 8vo. $1.75 The Hopes and Decisions of the Passion of Our Most Holy Redeemer. Crown Svo.

$1.00 Characteristics and Motives of the Christian Life. Ten Sermons Preached in Manchester Cathedral, in Lent and Advent, 1887. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 The Light of Life. Sermons Preached on Various Occasions. Crown 8vo.

$1.25 Sunlight and Shadow in the Christian Life. Sermons preached for the most part in America. Crown 8vo.

$1.25 Sermons Preached for the most part in Manchester. Crown 8vo.

$1.25 The Mystery of the Passion of our Most Holy Redeemer. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 The Witness of the Passion of our Most Holy Redeemer. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 The Three Hours' Agony of our Blessed Redeemer: Being Addresses in the form of Meditations delivered in St. Alban's Church, Man

chester, on Good Friday. Small 8vo. THE LORD'S DAY AND THE HOLY EUCHARIST. Treated

in a Series of Essays by Various Authors. Edited, with a Preface, by ROBERT LINKLATER, D.D., Vicar of Holy Trinity, Stroud Green. Crown 8vo.

$1.50 CONTENTS : Worship, by the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Halifax-Temple Worship, by the Rev. T. A. Lacey, M.A.-Canonical Sunday Worship, by the Rev. Edmund G. Wood, B.D.-Catholic Worship and the Book of Common Prayer, by the Rev. E. W. Sergeant, M.A.-The Holy Eucharist the Divinely Appointed Service of the Church, by the Rev. Robert Linklater, D.D.-The Holy Eucharist, or the Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving, by the Right Hon. Earl NelsonEucharist_Worship, by the Rev. John Going, M.A.-The Musical Rendering of

the Holy Eucharist, by the Rev. James Baden Powell, M.A. LYRA CONSOLATIONIS. From the Poets of the Seventeenth,

Eighteenth, and Nineteenth centuries. Selected and arranged by CLAUDIA FRANCES HERNAMAN. Crown 8vo.




MACCOLL. Life Here and Hereafter. Sermons. By the Rev. MALCOLM MACCOLL, M.A., Canon Residentiary of Ripon. "Crown 8vo.

$2.25 MILNE, The Doctrine and Practice of the Eucharist as Dea

duced from Scripture and the Ancient Liturgies. By J. R. Milne, Vicar of Rougham, Norfolk, Author of Considerations on Eucharistic Worship.” Crown 8vo.

$1.25 MOBERLY. The Sayings of the Great Forty Days between the

Resurrection and Ascension, regarded as the Outlines of the Kingdom of God. In five Discourses. By the Rt. Rev. George Moberly,

D.C.L., Late Bishop of Salisbury. New Edition. Crown 8vo. $1.75 MOORE. Holy Week Addresses. I. The Appeal and the Claim of

Christ. II. The Words from the Cross. Delivered at St. Paul's
Cathedral, in Holy Week, 1888. By AUBREY L. MOORE, M.A., late
Honorary Canon of Christ Church, Oxford ; Examining Chaplain to
the Lord Bishop of Oxford ; Tutor of Keble and Magdalen Colleges.
Small 8vo.


NEWBOLT. Works by the Rev. W.C. E. NEWBOLT, M.A., Canon and

Chancellor of St. Paul's.

The Fruit of the Spirit. Being Ten Addresses bearing on the Spiritual Life. Second Edition. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 CONTENTS: Introductory: The Spiritual Life-Love-Joy-Peace-Long-Sufa fering-Gentleness—Goodness-Faith-Meekness—Temperance.

*As a series of spiritual addresses we can speak of this work in terms of high

The Man of God. Being Six Addresses delivered during Lent, 1886, at the Primary Ordination of the Right Rev. the Lord Alwyne Compton, Bishop of Ely. Second Edition, Small 8vo.


“The subjects are varied, and are written in a tender and devotional manner, and all of them are more or less suggestive and practical."-CHURCH Times.


Penitence and Peace. Being Addresses
Twenty-third Psalms. Crown 8vo.

the Fifty-first and


Counsels of Faith and Practice. Being Sermons preached on Various Occasions. New and Enlarged Edition (1894). Crown 8vo.


Speculum Sacerdotum; or, the Divine Model of the Priestly Life.
Crown 8vo.


A book which every clergyman ought to read and re-read till he has thoroughly assimilated it and wrought it into the very texture of his being. Candidates for Holy Orders and the younger clergy especially, should make a special study of it.



NICHOLAS FERRAR: His Household and his friends. Edited

by the Rev. T. T. CARTER, M.A., Hon. Canon of Christ Church, Oxford. With portrait engraved after a picture by Cornelius Janssen at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo.

$1.75 “The little volume before us is a real boon to the Church. It might well be made a part of the Lent reading of those who would know what types of saintliness, after the ancient model, the Anglican Church has been able to produce."LIVING CHURCH.


OXENDEN. Works by the Right Rev. Ashton OXENDEN, formerly

Bishop of Montreal.
Thoughts for Holy Week. 16mo.

The Pathway of Safety; or, Counsel to the Awakened. 363d
Thousand. Small 12mo. Large type.
Cheap Edition. Small type. Limp.

.40 Thoughts for Lent. In seven chapters. Small 12mo.

.60 Confirmation. 697th Thousand. 18mo.

.30 Counsels to Those Who Have Been Confirmed; or, Now is the Time to Serve Christ. 17th Thousand. 18mo.

$0.40 Baptism Simply Explained. 19th Thousand. 18mo.

.40 The Lord's Supper Simply Explained. 87th Thousand. 18mo.

$0.40 The Earnest Communicant. 572d Thousand. 32no.


OXFORD HOUSE PAPERS. A Series of Papers for Working Men.

Written by Members of the University of Oxford. First Series.
Nos. I.-XIII. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 CONTENTS : Difficulties about Christianity no Reason for Disbelieving It, by E. S. Talbot, M.A.-Can Man Know God ? by T. B. STRONG, B.A.-Free-Thinking, by W. SANDAY, M.A., D.D.-What the First Christians Thought About Christ, by W. SANDAY, M.A., D.D:-Why Do We Call the Bible Inspired ? by W. Lock, M.A.-Salvation, by V. S. §. COLES, M.A.--Everlasting Punishment, by F Pages, D.D.-Christ and Morality, by A. CHANDLER, M. A.-The Discipline of Self, by R. L. Ortler, M.A.-Fraternity, by G. W. GENT, M.A.-What has Christianity Done for England ? by H. O. WAKEMAN, M.A.-Magna Charta ; the Church and English Freedom, by ARTHUR HASSALL, M.A.-The National Church of a Democratic State, by Spencer L. HOLLAND, B.A.

OXFORD HOUSE PAPERS. A Series of Papers for Working Men.

Written by Members of the University of Oxford. Second Series.
Nos. XIV.-XXI. Crown 8vo. Cloth.

$1.00 CONTENTS: Jesus Christ To-Day, by J. G. ANDERLEY, B.A.- Prayer and the Reign of Law, by C. GORE, M.A.-The Justice of the Atonement, by A. T. LYTTELTON, M.A:—The Christian Church, by R. W. CHURCH, M.A., D.C.L.-Christianity and Slavery, by H. Hensley Herson, M.A.-The Necessity of Pain, by F. A. Dixey, M.A.-Why We Believe the Gospels to Contain Genuine History, by FalconER MADAN, M.A.-Evolution and Christianity, by AUBREY L. MOORE, M.A.

PARNELL. Ars Pastoria. By FRANK PARNELL, M.A., Rector of Oxtead, near Godstone.. 3d Edition. Small 8vo.


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