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need die ignorant, and that under the fair sky, on the earth of the smiling fields and the laughing waters, no man nor woman need beg, sell honour for bread, die or live in shame, wretchedness, or sorrow, unloved. .

A dream! A Utopia! An enthusiastic vision! Yes. But Christ's dream.

To-day we have talked of the Kingdom of redeemed humanity, of the perfected social state, as an ideal, one toward which society is, possibly very slowly, working. There has been nothing in these reflections to alarm us; nothing to more than pleasantly interest

The consummation of the Kingdom is in the centuries far ahead. We are willing devoutly to pray for it, from afar, and meanwhile we find living in the existing state of things, very pleasant.

There remains the question whether we living men and women have any duty in reference to the coming Kingdom beyond that of praying for it. It remains for us to ask ourselves whether any among us are called to lives so ordered that they will hasten the day when the ideal shall step forth into the daylight of reality.


Thy kingdom come





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