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triumph of divine Art (téxvn Deoở), the good God gives Himself, in His world, in His word, in His sacraments, in His Incarnate Son, and gives His holy purposes for us, over into the hands of men; exposes Himself in all this to misunderstanding and contumely, and yet does it all in such a way that in its surrender, divine Love reveals its invincibility, its world-subduing omnipotence.4 Christ invites us to participation in that divine programme. Is it such madness ?

I propose to you whether it is not possible that Jesus had a definite conception of a redeemed human society, whether that conception may not be eminently sane, and all others short of it imperfect and irrational; and whether we would not do well to study the principles which He announced, and the commands He gave, and to enter upon their obedience.

Concluding the great address in which chiefly He gave the commands of which we have been talking, Jesus uttered a parable which it may be well especially for this time to lay seriously to heart. The end of the century" is a phrase whose unaccustomed accents the world is beginning again to hear. It is uttered everywhere with hope and dread by the earth's expectant peoples. Well will it be for the social institutions—all so sorely beset by the challenge of advancing Democracy–which, having heard these sayings, do them, for they shall be like wise men who built upon a rock, and over them the descending floods and the beating winds shall not prevail.

That it may please thee to give us an heart to love and fear thee, and diligently to live after thy commandments :

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.



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