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Mary Woolnoth, Lombard Street. These two sermons are quoted in Fors Clavigera.

18 This paragraph is a loose quotation from passages in that remarkable book, Christianity a Civilized Heathenism, which was put into my hands during the progress of these addresses in Boston.

19 Adapted from a collect in the fragmentary Leonine Sacramentary.

20 Cf. The Law of Civilization and Decay, by Brooks Adams.

21 The Reverend Charles Ferguson visited me during the revision of this address, and once for all I credit to him all that is good in it.

22 The Ethics of Citizenship, p. 73.

38 Miss Wilkins has a story (Calla-Lilies and Hannah, in A New England Nun) which faithfully illustrates this.

24 De Incar. Verbi, Cc. xxvii.-xxxii.

36 In a sensible sermon on “What the Church might do for London," preached in St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, in Lent, 1895, the Reverend Stewart Headiam maintained this proposition with great force. The sermon is printed in A Lent in London, p. 127. (Longmans.)

20 Ethics of Citizenship, p. 46. 27 Lamennais. 38 Gregory of Nyssa, nepż puxñs vai avabrábews, i., “Look up to heaven, and consider the depths below ; extend thy thought on this side and then on that, to the ends of the whole universe ; and enquire what is the power which holds these together, and becomes, as it were, a bond to unite the whole. Then wilt thou see how spontaneously the idea of the divine power imprints on thy mind the figure of the Cross, reaching from the heights

above to the depths beneath, and stretching on both sides to the utmost bounds of space.”

Cf. Rufinus, Expositio Symb. Apost., xiv. Commenting upon the great passage in the Epistle to the Ephesians concerning “the length and breadth and height,” the Aquileian begins : Altitudo ergo et latitudo et profundum descriptio crucis est, and runs on with the thought. Cf. Basil, Com. in Is. xi. 12 (cap. 249).

20 Lactantius, Institutiones Divina, iv, 26. Extendit ergo in passione manus suas orbemque dimensus est ut iam tunc ostenderet ab ortu solis usque ad occasum magnum populum ex omnibus linguis et tribubus congregatum sub alas suas esse venturum, signumque illud maximum atque sublime frontibus suis suscepturum.

30 This wonderful prayer is from the Sacramentary of Gelasius. It was the first of the ten solemn prayers connected with the lessons of Holy Saturday. Cf. Muratori, Liturgia Romana Vetus, i. 566, and Bright, Ancient Collects, pp. 98-99.


CANON MASON. The Conditions of Our Lord's Life Upon Earth. Being Lectures

delivered on the Bishop Paddock Foundation in the General Seminary at New York, 1896. To which is prefixed part of a First Professorial Lecture at Cambridge. By ARTHUR JAMES MASON, D.D., Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, and Canon of St. Saviour's, Canterbury. Crown 8vo.

$1.50 The Principles of Ecclesiastical Unity: Four Lectures delivered in

St. Asaph Cathedral on June 16, 17, 18, and 19. By ARTHUR JAMES # MASON, D.D., Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, and Canon of Canterbury, Crown 8vo, 162 pages.

$1.00 REV. H. C. POWELL, M.A. The Principle of the Incarnation. With especial reference to the Relation

between the Lord's Divine Omniscience and His Human Consciousness. By the Rev. H. C. Powell, M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford ; Rector of Wylye, Wilts. 8vo, 504 pages.

$4.00 "In this very painstaking volume Mr. Powell gives us, first, a theory of the Incarnation based on the principles of modern psychology; and secondly, a history and criticism of the views commonly known as Kenotic. ... the author's second point... is treated in a very scholarly way, with great clearness and thoroughness," -THE GUARDIAN.

ALFRED G. MORTIMER, D.D. Catholic Faith and Practice. A Manual of Theological Instruction for

Confirmation and First Communion. By the Rev. ALFRED G. MORTIMER, D.D., Rector of St. Mark's, Philadelphia; Author of “ Helps to Meditation,” “The Seven Last Words of Our Most Holy Redeemer,” etc., etc. 8vo, pp. xiv-340.

$2.00 Contents: 1. God—II. The Creation and Fall of the Angels—III. The Creation and Fall of Man-IV. The Incarnation-V. The Atonement- VI. The ChurchVII. The Origin of the Church's Doctrine—VIII. Grace and the Sacraments in General-IX. Baptism-X. Confirmation-XI, The Sacrament of Penance-XII. Sin and Self-Examination-XIII. Conditions Required for Repentance-XIV. The Holy Eucharist - As a Sacrament -- XV. The Holy Eucharist - The Real PresenceXVI. The Holy Eucharist — The Sacrifice — XVII. The Holy Eucharist - The

Communion-XVIII. The Liturgy-XIX. Prayer-XX. The Rule of Life. Helps to Meditation: Sketches for Every Day in the Year. By the

Rev.-A. G. MORTIMER, D.D. With an Introduction by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Springfield.

Vol. I. Advent to Trinity. Twelfth Edition. 8vo. net $2.50

Vol. II. Trinity to Advent. Eleventh Edition. 8vo. net $2.50 Stories from Genesis : Sermons for Children. By the Rev. A. G. MORTIMER, D.D. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 .

These Sermons will show how a very valuable foundation of Church teaching may be laid in young minds, and how children may be taught to trace the vital connection between faith and morality.”—THE GUARDIAN, London,


THE BISHOP OF VERMONT. Christ's Temptation and Ours. By the Right Rev. A. C. A. HALL, D.D., Bishop of Vermont. (The Baldwin Lectures, 1896.) 12mo, cloth.

$1.00 CONTENTS: 1. The Necessity of Temptation for Man, and Its Possibility for Christ-II. The Story of the Temptation, and the Personality of the TempterIII. The Temptation Through the Body-IV. The Temptation to PresumptionV. The Temptation of Power-VI. The Passion a Sequel to the Temptation, and the Renewal of Its Struggle,

MORGAN DIX, S.T.D. Harriet Starr Cannon, First Mother Superior of the Sisterhood of

St. MaryA Brief Memoir by MORGAN Dıx, sometime Pastor of the Community. With 4 plates (2 portraits). Small crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top.

$1.25 “The biography of Mother Harriet is a history of one of the most successful experiments in community life which our Church has yet enjoyed. ... The wonder is that Dr. Dix should have compressed so much into so small a space. . there is no undue compression, nothing hasty and nothing overwrought. The life of Mother Harriet is an example of holy living and holy dying. She was a brave woman and strong, but above all things womanly, and the strength and courage of her character were both chastened and invigorated by the blessed assurance of an accepted self-consecration.''--THE CHURCH STANDARD,

REV. E. G. MURPHY. The Larger Life. Sermons and an Essay. By the Rev. EDGAR GARDNER

MURPHY. With an Introduction by the Bishop Coadjutor of Southern Ohio. Crown 8vo.

$1.50 CONTENTS: 1. The Christian's Knowing–II. The Sabbath Principle and the Sabbath Spirit-III. The Heart and the Earth-IV. A Parable of ConfidenceV. The Brother of the Prodigal-VI. Essential Churchmanship-VII. The Practising of Religion--VIII. The Life and the Work-IX. The Church's Book-X. The Meaning of the Books—XI. The Unperfected Church-XII. Formalism and Liberalism-XIII. God's Evidence for God-XIV. The Social Prophecy of Jesus ChristXV. For the Easter Faith-XVI. The Continuing Cross-XVII. The Reverence of Science and the Appeal of the Resurrection-XVIII. The New Religion and the Modern Mind. An Essay.

The Sanctuary of Suffering. By ELEANOR TEE, Author of “ This

Everyday Life," etc. With a Preface by the Rev. J. P. F. DAVIDSON,
M.A., Vicar of S. Matthias, Earl's Court. Crown 8vo. 387 pages.

$2.00 . The author writes with a freshness and ease of expression that make the book the most delightful reading. . . . We know of no book more calculated to help one in trouble, more free from anything that is morbid, more full of divine love, better calculated to teach truth without arousing prejudice, nor written in a more happy and sympathetic style."-CHURCH ECLECTIC, Milwaukee,

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