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CANON MASON. The Conditions of Our Lord's Life Upon Earth. Being Lectures

delivered on the Bishop Paddock Foundation in the General Seminary at New York, 1896. To which is prefixed part of a First Professorial Lecture at Cambridge. By ARTHUR JAMES MASON, D.D., Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, and Canon of St.

Saviour's, Canterbury. Crown 8vo.
The Principles of Ecclesiastical Unity: Four Lectures delivered in

St. Asaph Cathedral on June 16, 17, 18, and 19. By ARTHUR JAMES
Mason, D.D., Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, and
Canon of Canterbury. Crown 8vo, 162 pages.

$1.00 REV. H. C. POWELL, M.A. The Principle of the Incarnation. With especial reference to the Relation LONGMANS, GREEN, & CO.'S PUBLICATIONS.

between the Lord's Divine Omniscience and His Human Consciousness. By the Rev. H. C. POWELL, M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford ; Rector of Wylye, Wilts. 8vo, 504 pages.

$4.00 “In this very painstaking volume Mr. Powell gives us, first, a theory of the Incarnation based on the principles of modern psychology; and secondly, a history and criticism of the views commonly known as Kenotic.

the author's second point is treated in a very scholarly way, with great clearness and thoroughness. ."- THE GUARDIAN.

ALFRED G. MORTIMER, D.D. Catholic Faith and Practice. A Manual of Theological Instruction for

Confirmation and First Communion. By the Rev. ALFRED G. MORTIMER, D.D., Rector of St. Mark's, Philadelphia; Author of “ Helps to Meditation,”

" " The Seven Last Words of Our Most Holy Redeemer," etc., etc. 8vo, pp. xiv-340.

$2.00 CONTENTS: 1. God—II. The Creation and Fall of the Angels—III. The Creation and Fall of Man-IV. The Incarnation-V. The Atonement–VI. The ChurchVII. The Origin of the Church's Doctrine-VIII. Grace and the Sacraments in General—IX, Baptism-X. Confirmation-XI. The Sacrament of Penance-XII. Sin and Self-Examination-XIII. Conditions Required for Repentance-XIV. The Holy Eucharist — As a Sacrament - XV. The Holy Eucharist — The Real Presence XVI. The Holy Eucharist — The Sacrifice - XVII. The Holy Eucharist – The

Communion-XVIII. The Liturgy-XIX. Prayer-XX. The Rule of Life. Helps to Meditation: Sketches for Every Day in the Year.

By the Rev.-A. G. MORTIMER, D.D. With an Introduction by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Springfield..

Vol. 1. Advent to Trinity. Twelfth Edition. 8vo. net $2.50

Vol. II. Trinity to Advent. Eleventh Edition. 8vo. net $2.50 Stories from Genesis: Sermons for Children. By the Rev. A. G. MORTIMER, D.D. Crown 8vo.

$1.00 These Sermons will show how a very valuable foundation of Church teaching may be laid in young minds, and how children may be taught to trace the vital connection between faith and morality.”—THE GUARDIAN, London.

THE BISHOP OF VERMONT. Christ's Temptation and Ours. By the Right Rev. A. C. A. HALL, D.D., Bishop of Vermont. (The Baldwin Lectures, 1896.) 12mo, cloth.

$1.00 CONTENTS: I. The Necessity of Temptation for Man, and Its Possibility for Christ-II, The Story of the Temptation, and the Personality of the TempterIII. The Temptation Through the Body-IV. The Temptation PresumptionV. The Temptation of Power—VI. The Passion a Sequel to the Temptation, and the Renewal of Its Struggle.

MORGAN DIX, S.T.D. Harriet Starr Cannon, First Mother Superior of the Sisterhood of

St. Mary. A Brief Memoir by MORGAN Dıx, sometime Pastor of the Community. With 4 plates (2 portraits). Small crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top.

$1.25 “The biography of Mother Harriet is a history of one of the most successful experiments in community life which our Church has yet enjoyed.

The wonder is that Dr. Dix should have compressed so much into so small a space. there is no undue compression, nothing hasty and nothing overwrought. The life of Mother Harriet is an example of holy living and holy dying. She was a brave woman and strong, but above all things womanly, and the strength and courage of her character were both chastened and invigorated by the blessed assurance of an accepted self-consecration.”—THE CHURCH STANDARD.

The Larger Life. Sermons and an Essay. By the Rev. EDGAR GARDNER

MURPHY. With an Introduction by the Bishop Coadjutor of Southern
Ohio. Crown 8vo.

$1.50 Contents: 1. The Christian's Knowing–II. The Sabbath Principle and the Sabbath Spirit-III. The Heart and the Earth-IV. A Parable of ConfidenceV. The Brother of the Prodigal-VI. Essential Churchmanship-VII. The Practising of Religion-VIII. The Life and the Work-IX. The Church's Book-X. The Meaning of the Books—XI. The Unperfected Church-XII, Formalism and Liberalism-XIII. God's Evidence for God-XIV. The Social Prophecy of Jesus ChristXV. For the Easter Faith-XVI. The Continuing Cross-XVII. The Reverence of Science and the Appeal of the Resurrection-XVIII. The New Religion and the Modern Mind. An Essay.

The Sanctuary of Suffering. By ELEANOR TEE, Author of This

Everyday Life," etc. With a Preface by the Rev. J. P. F. DAVIDSON,
M.A., Vicar of S. Matthias, Earl's Court. Crown 8vo. 387 pages.

$2.00 The author writes with a freshness and ease of expression that make the book the most delightful reading.

We know of no book more calculated to help one in trouble, more free from anything that is morbid, more full of divine love, better calculated to teach truth without arousing prejudice, nor written in a more happy and sympathetic style.”—CHURCH ECLECTIC, Milwaukee,




The New Obedience. A Plea for Social Submission to Christ. By

WILLIAM BAYARD HALE, Mission Priest of the Church of Our Saviour, Middleboro, Mass. 12mo, cloth.

CONTENTS: 1. The Authority of Truth-II. The Code and the Issue—III. The New and Great Commandment-IV. The Coming Kingdom-V. The Present DutyVI. The New Freedom-VII. The Certain Triumph-Notes.

Sermons Preached on Special Occasions, 1860–1889. By H. P.

LIDDON, D.D., D.C.L., LL.D., late Canon and Chancellor of St.
Paul's. Crown 8vo.

$2.00 *** A collection of some of the carefully prepared Occasional Sermons published by Dr. Liddon, which has the interest of illustrating the style of his preaching at different periods during the thirty most active years of his life. The volume is uniform in general size and style with the set of the author's works printed in crown octavo.

REV. B. W. MATURIN, D.D. Some Principles and Practices of the Spiritual Life. By the Rev.

B. W. MATURIN, Mission Priest of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, Cowley, Oxford. Crown 8vo.

$1.50 “The tone of the book is thoroughly healthy, and the manner of spiritual life which it seeks to foster is of the most robust and manly sort. We have never found the topics of which it treats grasped with a firmer or truer hand, nor presented in a more persuasive form. We believe the book will become a devotional classic, and take rank with such works as “ The Light of the Conscience” and “The Hidden Life of the Soul." -LIVING CHURCH,

Teachings from the Parables. By the Rev. B. W. MATURIN. Crown 8vo.

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REV. ARTHUR HEBER BROWNE, M.A. Wearied with the Burden: a Book of Daily Readings for Lent. By

Rev. ARTHUR HEBER BROWNE, M.A., LL.D., Rector of St. John's, and Canon of Newfoundland Cathedral. Crown 8vo.

$1.25 “ The Meditations in this volume are to some extent adapted either for reading in church-a custom which appears to be now very general in Lent-after Matins or Evensong, or for the private use of those who may be prevented from attendance at the daily offices. These readings endeavor to follow very closely the lines of thought marked out by the Church for her children's guidance during the Lenten season. Each Meditation is based upon the Gospel for the day, and deals with some link in the “ Chain of our Sins," as it appears in the light of our Blessed Lord's life and teaching.”—EXTRACT FROM Preface.



Striving for the Mastery. Daily Lessons for Lent. By the Rev.

WYLLYS REDE, D.D., Canon of the Cathedral and Rector of the
Church of the Incarnation, Atlanta, Georgia.


This book claims the attention of all those, both clergy and laity, who are forming their plans for Lent. It consists of a series of forty ten-minute addresses or readings, following a systematic line of thought throughout the holy season. It will appeal especially to two classes of people :

1. Hard-worked parish priests, who do not find time for the preparation of such a series every year, and yet desire to help their people to draw nigh to God in the practice of devout meditation during Lent.

2. Christian people who are accustomed to spend some part of each day in Lent in spiritual reading, and many of whom are deprived of Church privileges.

The clergy will find these addresses well suited for reading at the daily services in Church, and people who cannot attend such services will find them equally

adapted for morning or evening reading and meditation at home. CONTENTS : FIRST WEEK IN LENT. The mastery over self-Keeping under the

body-Governing the mind-Bridling the tongue-The subjugation of the will. SECOND WEEK. The mastery over temptation—The trial of our faithDoes God lead us into temptation ?-Is it a sin to be tempted ?-Temptation to distrust God-Temptation to presumption and false confidence- Temptation to do evil that good may come. THIRD WEEK. The mastery over the world. Is the world our friend or our enemy ?-Overcoming the evil that is in the world-Overcoming the world by faith-Non-conformity to the worldCrucifying the world— The profit and loss of worldliness. FOURTH Week. The mastery over adversity-The school of life—The mastery by poverty of spiritBy meekness-By mourning-By peace-making-Through persecution. FIFTH Week. The mastery over sin—The mystery of iniquity—The pervasiveness of sin—The deceitfulness of sin—The lawlessness of sin—The malignity of sinThe mystery of godliness. Sixth Week. The mastery over suffering-Betrayal - Misjudgment-Poverty_Sufferings of the body-Sufferings of the soul—The reward of suffering. Holy Week. The mastery over death-What is death? -Obedience unto death-Love stronger than death—The blessing of a finished life-The surrender of the soul-After death.

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The Communion of Saints. By the Rev. WYLLYS REDE, D.D. With a Preface by Lord Halifax. Crown 8vo.

$1.25 “The book is valuable as a clear exposition of the teaching of the Church concern. ing the fellowship, the brotherhood which in her mind exists between all who are baptized into the Church of Christ, whether living or departed. And it will be found no less valuable as affording the truest and most efficacious consolation to all the sad company of those who grieve because their friends are not.

One turns away with almost angry impatience from the wearisome commonplaces with which many good people seek to bind up the breaking heart, for they act iike salt upon a raw wound. It is only in the truth that all are one in Christ--the doctrine of the Communion of Saints—that any healing for such sorrow resideș. There fore, both on this account and for the clear statement of this doctrine, the book is a very valuable one, and deserves to be not only widely read by church people, but carefully digested."— Pacific CHURCHMAN.

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