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In 1751 for L'um published his Essays on Morality & Natural Religion, in which he conceded to men only an apparent freedom of the will. His views in that respect to aroused the celarm of Clergymen of the Church of Scotland that he withdrew what was regarded as so senous emor, & attributed man's delusive seine of brudom, not to innate conviction implanted by you, but to the influence of the passions - David Hume, his fellow-Countryman, would not have made that right about fare. But the latter view is about same as the other.

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Usually books are lent out for two weeks, but there are exceptions and the borrower should note carefully the date stamped above. Fines are charged for over-due books at the rate of five cents a day; for reserved books there are special rates and regulations. Books must be presented at the desk if renewal is desired.

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