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II. THE TESTIMONY OF SCIENCE-Connection between the

material and spiritual parts implied in the abuses of

science-Made the basis of materialism under the form

of cranioscopy, phrenology, &c.—The system of Law-

rence—The human frame made a barrel-organ-Such

sentiments at variance with sound science-Discoveries

concerning the whole internal apparatus of the body.

Pages 27-31.

THE BRAIN—Soldier at the battle of Waterloo-Patient of

Sir Astley Cooper-of Dr. Caldwell Size of the human

brain-of Lord Byron's - Baron Cuvier's-of Bona-

parte's—Case of Dean Swift-Conceit of some physiolo-

gists—of Descartes—We do not know how the power of

thought is originated. Pages 31–35.

THE STOMACH-Its connection with the mind-Appetite

affected by the states of the mind-King Lear-Dr.

Brigham—Cardinal Woolsey and Henry VIII.—The

stomach reacts upon the mind—Dyspepsia supposed to

be a disease of the brain-Aristotle and the hypochon-

driacs of his day. Pages 35—38.

THE LUNGS AND HEART- Affected by the brain. Pages

38, 39.

THE LIVER— The uses of this organ—Its influence on

the temperament, mental functions, &c.-The story of

Tityus--Version of Lucretius, Hippocrates, Galen, Are-

tæus—Their use of the term “melancholy.” Pp. 39–42.

THE SPLEEN--The use of this spongy viscus—Opinions of

Dr. Good and Archdeacon Paley-Remarks of a lady of

genius and accomplishments on the subject of hepatic

influence. Pages 42—45.

LOVEPower of the passion--Antiochus and Stratonice.

Page 45.

San Francisco. Pages 48–55.

GRIEF–Description of it by Father Chrysostom-Melanc-

thon-Philip V. of Spain-Dr. Zimmermann's opinion

of the cause of his death—Dr. Johnson-Metaphorical

expression “broken heart," sometimes pathologically cor-

rect. Pages 55, 56.

Joy-A woman in the city of New York—Cases of Sopho.

cles, Chilo, Juventius, Talma, and Fouquet. Pages

56, 57.

CHAGRIN, OR SHAME--Story told by the Rev. Daniel

Baker. Page 57.

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III. Christian EXPERIENCE—Religious frames closely

allied to what is called the constitution"-Idiosyncra-
sies of nature not merged in grace-Remark of the
astrologers concerning Cyrus-Example of Simon Peter-
of Paul and John-of Melancthon-of Martin Luther-
Rev. Timothy Rogers-Christianity made to suffer from
the physical sufferings of its professors-Their spiritual
fluctuations produced by physical causes-Rev. Dr. J.
R. McDuff - Dr. Francia-Case mentioned by Dr. Spen-
cer, of Brooklyn-Case of Rev. Mr. Cecil-Rev. Dr.
James Hall, of North Carolina - A venerable clergyman
lately deceased — Dean Milner-Richard Baxter-Dr.
Payson-David Brainerd, and the poet Cowper. Pages


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Dr. A. Alexander concerning young preachers—Rev.

Mr. Greenham's sentiments. Pages 97-100.
DOCTRINE-Subject profitable for — President Edwards'

remarks concerning Brainerd-Case of Dr. Rush-His
Essay on the Influence of Physical Causes on the Moral
Faculty-Rev. Thomas Boston — His “ Crook in the
Lot”—Dr. Alexander's opinion of the work-Extract
from a preacher's diary–Case of Rev. Dr. Thomas
Scott-of Rey. Andrew Fuller-of Dr. Madan and Cow-
per—Censure of physicians by the Secretary of the

Royal Academy of Medicine in Paris. Pages 100—106.
CHARITY—Subject profitable for The melancholy claim

our condolence- Are not to be treated with levity or
ridicule-Dr. John Cheyne's description of nervous dis-
eases—The sufferings which they cause inconceivable to
any who do not know them by experience-Such suf-
ferers not to be rebuked with severity-Rev. Mr. Dod
Rev. Timothy Rogers-The power of kind words. Pages


popular error of ascribing certain disordered states of
the mind to the influence of religion—Testimony of
Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexander-Insane monks in France
before the Revolution-Mental disorder caused by epi-
demical delusions-Dr. George Moore, member of the
Royal College of Physicians in London-His opinion on
the alleged influences of religion in producing insanity-
Of Rev. Dr. Ashbel Green-Of Doctors Abercrombie,
Burrowes, John Cheyne, and Combe-Dr. James John-

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