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conclusion, that every one who frequents a Theatre, most plainly shows that he is not a Christian? You may make out a plausible case you may say that you go very seldom-that you see none but the most unexceptionable plays--that you are not conscious of getting any harm :-even admitting all this to be true, yet if you had the feelings, and acted upon the principles of a Christian, you would not dare to attend a Theatre, if it were only lest you might embolden another to go who might get that harm which you think that you yourselves escape. But you are deceiving yourselves, in dreaming that you can attend these Amusements without sin or injury; and your mistake is owing to your inadequate notions of sin, and to your insensibility of moral injury; nor can you give a more unequivocal proof of an unenlightened mind, and of an unsanctified heart, than by making such a vain boast.

I am aware that the general application of the principles which I have laid down, would

prove multitudes not to be Christians, who never enter a play-house; but I think whatever else it

may do, the argument which I have used, does prove beyond all rational doubt, that a true Christian will never be found in a Theatre, with the knowledge of what he is doing, and by his own consent.

In these discourses, while I have desired to promote the spiritual benefit of all, my views

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have been directed more particularly to the young. I do not, however, now address them; because, as this afternoon is appropriated for their especial instruction, I intend then to resume the subject; and I earnestly invite their attendance and serious consideration. In the mean time, my dear Brethren, judge ye what I have said ; and may God convince your understandings, and rightly dispose your hearts; and effectually stir you up and strengthen you, to be faithful to your convictions; and at all times, resolutely to renounce what your judgment disapproves, and your conscience condemns !


2 CORINTHIANS, vi., 17, 18.

Wherefore come out from among them, and be

ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.'

It may seem to some an excess of zeal to bring forward a second time, in the same day, the subject of Theatrical Amusements; but while it is of great importance to all, to have this subject placed in its true light, it is of peculiar importance to the young. The young are most likely, on many accounts, to be tried with this temptation; they are most in danger of being induced to comply with it; and they are most susceptible of the evils arising out of it. If, therefore, it is my duty to warn others, much more is it my duty to warn you, my younger hearers; and as this is one of the afternoons more especially devoted to your instruction, it will be my object in this discourse to make another attempt to dissuade you

from venturing to a place, where you will be in danger of being drawn into many hurtful snares; where you must of necessity be partakers in other men's sins; and where Satan still gains his greatest advantages, and tries his most successful arts.

You may be told, my dear young friends, that these are nothing more than the exploded opinions of a narrow-minded bigot, or mere methodistical peculiarities; you may be told, that there are many of the Ministers of your own Church who countenance and attend the Theatre. It is not my part to condemn others; to their own Master they stand or fall. I think, however, I may justly claim from you a candid hearing and a fair examination of what I say. God knoweth that it is my heart's desire and prayer to speak to you the truth as it is in Jesus; and, that in order to discover the truth, I do apply the energies of my mind to the careful study of my Bible, and do earnestly and habitually seek the help and guidance of God's Holy Spirit; and, I trust I can say, that what I bring before you, from time to time, is the result of such investigation and prayer. While, therefore, I do most sincerely disclaim any desire “to have dominion over your faith,” I think I may, without presuming, expect that you will not at once dismiss what I say, as the hasty effusion of a prejudiced or enthusiastic mind; but that you will take it into your most serious consideration, as the result not only of deliberate inquiry and earnest prayer, but also of real and affectionate concern for your present and eternal welfare.

I am addressing, I doubt not, some young persons in this congregation, whose minds are opening to perceive the importance and excellency of true religion ; and whose desires are excited, that they may become real partakers of its influence, its hopes, and its consolations; but from various causes you are induced, perhaps with reluctance and self-condemnation, to make worldly compliances which bring guilt upon your consciences, and perpetually keep you back from that religious course to which you sometimes feel yourselves inclined, and from that happiness which you might otherwise enjoy; and probably with some of you, this is the case with respect to the Theatre more particularly ; your hearts condemn you in attending; you do violence to your better feelings; but still you are prevailed upon by different considerations, to follow the leading of others, or to comply with the wishes of your friends; you have not sufficient strength of principle to withstand the force of example or intreaty. Now, it is for such that I feel very sensibly; and I would this afternoon point out to you the necessity, and encourage you in the determination of entirely renouncing these vain, sinful, and dangerous amusements.

In the verses before the text, the Apostle had been warning the Corinthians against contracting

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