Life of Mrs. Ann H. Judson: Late Missionary to Burmah

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American Sunday school union, 1830 - 266

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Strona 210 - But what a scene of wretchedness was presented to my view ! The prison was an old, shattered building, without a roof; the fence was entirely destroyed; eight or ten Burmese were on the top of the building, trying to make something like a shelter with leaves; while under a little low projection outside of the prison sat the foreigners, chained together two and two, almost dead with suffering and fatigue. The first words of your brother were, "Why have you come? I hoped you would not follow, for you...
Strona 198 - Sometimes, for days and days together, I could not go into the prison till after dark, when I had two miles to walk in returning to the house.
Strona 211 - It was in May, one of the hottest months in the year, and eleven o'clock in the day, so that the sun was intolerable indeed. They had proceeded only half a mile, when your brother's feet became blistered, and so great was his agony, even at this early period, that as they were crossing the little river, he ardently longed to throw himself into the water to be free from misery.
Strona 187 - On the 8th of June, just as we were preparing for dinner, in rushed an officer, holding a black book, with a dozen Burmans, accompanied by one, whom, from his spotted face, we knew to be an executioner, and a ' son of the prison.' 'Where is the teacher?' was the first inquiry. Mr. Judson presented himself. 'You are called by the king,' said the officer — a form of speech always used when about to arrest a criminal.
Strona 72 - He spoke to me, however, very condescendingly, and asked if I would drink some rum or wine. When I arose to go, her Highness again took my hand, told me she was happy to see me, that I must come to see her every day. She led me to the door ; I made my salam, and departed. My object in visiting her was, that if we should get into any difficulty with the Burmans, I could have access to her, when perhaps it would not be possible for Mr. Judson to have an audience with the Viceroy.
Strona 233 - ... have this day moved into the new house, and, for the first time since we were broken up at Ava, feel myself at home. The house is large and convenient, and if you were here I should feel quite happy.
Strona 194 - Have you not deposited silver with some person of your acquaintance ?' ' My acquaintances are all in prison, with whom should I deposit silver?' They next ordered my trunk and drawers to be examined. The secretary only was allowed to accompany me in this search.
Strona 115 - He came forward unattended — in solitary grandeur — exhibiting the proud gait and majesty of an eastern monarch. His dress was rich, but not distinctive ; and he carried in his hand the gold-sheathed sword, which seems to have taken the place of the sceptre of ancient times. But it was his high aspect and commanding eye, that chiefly rivetted our attention.
Strona 71 - I had a husband and children, whether I was my husband's first wife — meaning by this, whether I was the highest among them, supposing that Mr. Judson, like the Burmans, had many wives ; and whether I intended tarrying long in the country.
Strona 115 - The scene to which we were now introduced really surpassed our expectation. The spacious extent of the hall, the number and magnitude of the pillars, the height of the dome, the whole completely covered with gold, presented a most grand and imposing spectacle. Very few were present, and those evidently great officers of state. Our situation prevented us from seeing the...

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