Waverley Novels, Tom 4

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A. & C. Black, 1852

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Strona 274 - Ah! it's a brave kirk — nane o' yere whigmaleeries and curliewurlies and open-steek hems about it — a' solid, weel-jointed mason-wark, that will stand as lang as the warld, keep hands and gunpowther aff it. It had amaist a douncome lang syne at the Reformation, when they pu'ddoun the kirks of St. Andrews and Perth and thereawa', to cleanse them o...
Strona 465 - They shall hear of my vengeance, that would scorn to listen to the story of my wrongs — The miserable Highland drover, bankrupt, bare-footed, — stripped of all, dishonoured and hunted down, because the avarice of others grasped at more than that poor all could pay, shall burst on them in an awful change. They that scoffed at the grovelling worm, and trode upon him, may cry and howl when they see the stoop of the flying and fiery-mouthed dragon. — But why do I speak of all this ? " he said,...
Strona 328 - And hears him rustling in the wood, and sees His course at distance by the bending trees ; And thinks, Here comes my mortal enemy, And either he must fall in fight, or I...
Strona 103 - ... narrative. At the time, this person's conduct only inspired me with contempt, and confirmed me in an opinion which I already entertained, that of all the propensities which teach mankind to torment themselves, that of causeless fear is the most irritating, busy, painful, and pitiable. CHAPTER IV. The Scots are poor, cries surly English pride.
Strona 421 - But the knot had been securely bound ; the wretched man sunk without effort ; the waters, which his fall had disturbed, settled calmly over him, and the unit of that life for which he had pleaded so strongly, was forever withdrawn from the sum of human existence.
Strona 28 - While the favourable moment for action was gliding away unemployed, Mar's positive orders reached Rob Roy that he should presently attack. To which he coolly replied, " No, no ! if they cannot do it without me, they cannot do it with me.
Strona 499 - His master's dead, and no one now Dwells in the hall of Ivor ; Men, dogs, and horses, all are dead ; He is the sole survivor.

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