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the heads and guides of the Church, if we did not immediately come forward to put a stop to this man's blasphemy; we must despise the MASTER we profess to serve ; and shew no regard for his HONOUR and GREAT NAME; neither can we have any regard for the people, by whose bounty our livings are supported, knowing that many weak minds might be hurt by such blasphemy.” Therefore for the glory of God, for the good of mankind, and for their own honour, and a good conscience, they would say they should immediately come forward, if they saw that the man had written blasphemy. Now the same must be their answer to my Books, If they believed they were written from the Spirit of the Devil, in the name of the Lord, they would immediately come forward to put a stop to them, as they were offered for their judgment. So their silence gives full Consent, that my Calling is from the Lord. And this I now testify and affirm to the world, that there is no Bishop who can come forward against me.-—" And as the Bishops are șilent, let all the Clergy be silent: and know it is I the Lord that works in the heart of my people, to will and to do of my good pleasure,”

Therefore 'tis I, who dwell on High, ... : Do send out this to man ;

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That as the Bishops silent lie,

Thy written word shall stand,
Ever to be as spoke by mé;

And so the end I'll clear.-
The Bishops' silence, all shall see, :

Proves I have spoken here.
Have I not one in love would come,
• In honour to my Name !!!
If that from Hell the whole did swell,

And Satan did blaspheme?
Then they must be despis'd by me,

As me they must despise, ..
If they judge thine is blasphemy, .

And say they'll blind their eyes, Not to appear and see it clear

“ We care not what goes on, “ The minds of who are injur’d here,

“ Nor what from Hell doth come, “ As long as we in grandeur be,

“ 'Tis all we wish for here"-
Then they shall see the mind of ME,

In anger I'll appear;
Because no love they so can prove,

If they judge thou art wrong. , If they judg'd right before their sight,

Their silence leads thee on,
Forward to go, they all shall know,

For who shall thee prevent ?
While all tbe Bishops silence shew,

Thou'st got their full consent.
So now for thee 'twould fatal be

If thou should'st here draw back;
Because the Bishops, thou dost see,

Ne'er tried thy hand to stop ;

So if 'tis sin what thou hast done,

It on tbeir beads must fall.
If all be right, before their sight,

I'll surely screen ibem all,
If they will say this very way,

Like thee,“ We all did fear
6. The Calling was from Heaven high,

“ Then how could we appear
« To stop thy hand when in the Land

« We see the Truth abound?
“ And could we come to thee unknown,

“ And e'er condemn the sound ?"
So now appear my Bible here,

For it I'll all go through;
And so I say, thou'st nought to fear,

For I shall prove all true,

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Sunday Afternoon, September 23, 1804. Joanna began this morning, as soon as she had breakfasted, to read through Samuel, and could not avoid pondering in her heart, how David, that was such a chosen man of the Lord, and to whom such great blessings were promised, should have such wicked Sons; and yet she was clearly convinced in her own mind, that it was no cunningly devised fable of David's to say it ; because our Saviour himself speaks so highly of him. She likewise thought upon, Jacob's Sons; how great the Promise was made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and yet what vices were in Jacob's Sons! All these things appeared marvellous in her eyes : but here comes

THE ANSWER OF THE LORD. “JOANNA, I shall answer the ponderings of thy heart. All these are Types of the CREATION, Types Of The Fall, and Types OF THE REDEMPTION. Here are mysteries thou canst not understand ; but I shall explain them unto thee; and begin with the Creation. What a Promise did I make to Man at first, and what blessings did I set before him! In whose likeness did I say I created him? and in what Paradise did I place him, if he had continued to obey my command? But where did Adam fall ? and what followed the Fall? Was not Adam the original progenitor of all men that I created, to be fruitful, to mụltiply, and to replenish

the earth ? and said, I had formed him in my own likeness? But after his Fall, what did Cain do? Then why dost thou marvel so' much about David's sons ? Was not Adam as greatly formed as David ? Was not I his Maker ? And do I not call myself, the Father of all men ? Yet what followed on in the posterity of the children, here I shall explain to thee, in the children of David. As David was the father of his children, that rose up in rebellion against him, just so am I the common PARENT of all men ;, and thou mayest as well marvel how men rise up in rebellion against their God, as marvel how David's sons rose up in rebellion against him : and thou mayest as well marvel how mankind can be so wicked, when every BLESSING they receive is from ME; and yet see what rebellion there is in the world against ME. Do not men rise up in open violence against Me, and want to take the power out of my hand, if they could ; as much as Absalom rose up against David, and wanted to take the throne from him? Now I shall answer thee from thy pondering heart. Thou thoughtest so great a Promise, as was made to David, his sons must have been the best of men, he being anointed a chosen servant of mine ; but I tell thee, No. These chosen servants shew the Type of Mån in the Creation ; what they were created for; and what their children' departed from, like David's sons. How could I compare David with MYSELF. if it were otherwise? Is it not written, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against Me? And so did David's children rebel against him': for the children of David are throughout the land, and have been in every age of the world, 'as rebellious against me, that am the common PARENT of all men, as David's sons were against him; and their vices and cruelty one against the other, as David's sons were one against the other. So marvel not, if the children, where the promises. were made great to the parents, whom thou judgest

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