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«i And who are we, vain simple men,
« For to withstand his every word ?
“ We see the truth in all is said.
“ So if the Lord hath cleans'd her here,
• To 'shew the end to all is near,
“ 'That all the Beasts he'll cleanse the same,
« The curse was fixt for to remain,
“ You know, upon the Serpent's head-
“ And there the axe she now hath laid:
- Now if the Lord will cleanse the whole,
" And make that poisonous Serpent fall,
“ Shall we complain 'tis come to she?
“ IfGod hath cleans'd she cleans'd must be;
• And so the same he'll cleanse the whole,
“ If we'rely upon our call;
« Because the Gospel we see plain,
“ The Holy Ghost must come to men
For now I say to one and all,
That in the ending so must fall
Orthose that do believe MY WORD,
Belicve my Gospel what is said,
'Tis but a shadow come to ONE;
The Holy Ghost to all must come,
When I MY KINGDOM bring below
You'll find your joys within to flow :
For as the vision did appear,
The cleansing time for all draws near,
That I will make my people clean,
The power of darkness shan't remain
To sting them by his poisonous spear-
Another day I'll answer here.

night, Oct. le

e of Mr'days hath


Thursday night, Oct. 18, 1804. Joanna for many days hath been pondering over the whole of Mr. Ponieroy's conduct from first to last, which filleth her heart with two burning pas. sions too great to bear, when she reflects on him as being a minister that she once esteemed above all preachers, and thought him the first preacher in the kingdom, before she heard of Mr. Foley. Now when she reflects how much she respected him as a minister in his pulpit, and how much he acted worthy that character out of his pulpit in all his conduct to her, from 1796 to 1801, this filleth her heart with love and respect on the one hand, and makes

ÅBASONS FOR LOVE AND ANGER IN JOANNÀ. 241 her tremble to come against him; but when she considers, on the other hand, the change that took place in him, and the work she is engaged in is from the LORD ; and when he saw other ministers had taken it up and supported it, that he should then come against her, and publish that her works were from the Devil, which he before had denied were from the Devil; then to burn all her letters, that the Truth might not appear; turn her from the Sacrament; and now to write in the most spite. ful manner against her; and she is compelled, for the Glory of God, and for the honour of her Friends that support the cause, now to come fora ward against him; this appears as a dagger to her heart. When she thinks of the beginning of his conduct, love and anger wounds her breast ; she feels tu pity him, and feels to be sorry for him ; because she judges that Satan hath blinded his eyes, that in seeing he cannot see, and in hearing he cannot understand ; therefore she feels pitý mixed with her anger, that a minister like him, whom she once admired, she should now be compelled to come against. This is more than she can bear, unless the Lord supports her through. Naturé is nature, and has its feelings : she has the honour of God on the one hand, and pursuing a man on the other, whom she once looked on as his faithtal sérvant. Thus is her heart torn with different passions ; for she cannot give up the one without the other; she cannot give ụp the mail without pursuing him with justice, unless she gives up the command of the Lord ; and she would sooner give up her life than that ; for what is his honour, or her life, to disobeying the command of the Lord in love that astonishes her ? Here she cannot draw back; and on the other hand she is pressed to go forward against a man whom she pities, and onre reverenced and esteemed. But when she received his letter of abuse, she felt no sorrow but anger and indignation, to think he should accuse

her so falsely and spitefully. This raised her anger to go through any thing ; but when she began to ponder on his former conduct, it brought love and pity to her heart ; and this causes the distress of her mind. If he had been all one way, she could have been all one way with him; but as he hath acted two ways, that causes two passions, which she can scarcely bcar. Oh, that he had been either one thing or the other !

THE ANSWER OF THE LORD. " Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee : Thy heart is like my heart, and thy feeling is like my feeling for as thou feelest love and anger for Pomeroy, callnig to mind his former preaching and former conduct; just so is my feeling for thousands : for I have thousands like Pomeroy in the Kingdom, whose love and zeal for Mel once regarded, as they shewed their love to my coming in the Flesh ; but now I am come in the Spirit, they persecute ME, as Pomeroy persecutes thee ; and they wound my heart, and grieve my Spirit, as Pomeroy wounds and griei es thine. I am lrath to come against thern and destroy them; yet, for my own honour and great Name, I must come against them, as - thou must go against Pomeroy : though I do it with reluctance, as thou dost by Pomeroy ; therefore I shewed thee the Vision in thy bed. They were wounding Me, as Pomeroy is wounding thee; there is not that man upon earth that hath wounded thy heart like Pomeroy; and now I tell thee, there is no man upon earth grieves my Spirit so much as these that profess a great love for my Name, as dying for them: their words and prayers were as well plcasing to ME, as Pomeroy's preaching was to thee; but now they are turned as spiteful against Me, coming in the Spirit, as Pomeroy is turned against thee. But let thy sorrow cease : this thing of Pomeroy I permitted, to bring it out to the whole nation at large ; and therefore I shewed thee the Vision of the Perspiration thou sawest me in. Remember my cold sweats

A TYPE OF DIVINE LOVE AND ANGER. 243 in the garden of Gethsemane, what I suffered for the unbelief of the Jews, by sweating as it were drops of blood ! and now I shewed thee, from the unbelief of the Gentiles, my sweats the same, and my hair wet with the dews of the night; because they would not open their doors to let me in; I shewed thee my leg, like thine, the wounds I daily receive from men through unbelief. This I shewed thee, before I had worked in thy heart the like feeling for Pomeroy ; for thou canst have that feeling for no man but he, who began in the Spirit and now seems to end in the Flesh; but thy feeling could not be so great for him, if I had not softened thy heart to shew thee what I feel for Man.

So now within thou dost begin

To ask how this can be,
That I can suffer so for Man,

As thou dost grieve for he?
I tell you plain, ye sons of men,

My sorrows are the same;
You make me grieve, you'll not relieve

My Burden now 'tis come;
My Burden here doth strong appear,

As Man I'm come to free;
My Bible I have made so clear

For every eye to see;
If men will come to be my friends,

As friends they must appear,
To know the Promise in the end

The Woman this must clear.
But see the Land how they do stand,

Like Pomeroy to begini
When first he saw thy written hand,

Did he condemn the thing,
To say from hell the whole did swell ?

Thou knowest it was not so;
But now the truth to all I tell,

When my friends strong did go
To prove the whole, from ME the call,

And so they took it up,
Then mark how Pomeroy he did fall.

In unbelief did drop;
Because that he himself did see

Cast out from being first,
As other men with thee did join .
To have the truth to burst.

So thousands here like him appear,

Their pride doth swell the same;
Because that I did visit thee,

And to them did not come.
The pride of men doth thus begin

By Satan's arts to swell,
As every thing to me is seen;

But this to thee I tell,
My Bible true before their view

Could never come that way.
No: 'tis the Spirit and the Bride,

As I betore did say;
My Bible here I'll now make clear,

The truth I'll now maintain,
Though men like Pomeroy are acting here,
* To give me erery pain;
Because my heel no man doth feel

How it was bruis'd at first; And 'tis the Woman's claim must come • To have the Serpent cast. But men appear like Pomeroy here

“ These Prophecies we see; « But yet they never shall appear,

“Our hearts intiam'd they be, “ 'To see the call, how men do fail

" To vindicate the WORD"And in their hearts they've burnt the whole

The PROMISE of their God!
They see the first like Pomeroy burst,

Laid all before thy view;
But I am come the truth to claim,

Like Pomeroy men do do:
Destroy it all, and prore the Fall

Cannot be clear'd this way;
But when my Bible forth I call

I ask what men will say?
Will they appear like Pomeroy here,

In spite against their God,
And say the Fall they'll never clear,

The way that I allude? « No; it shall burn, our hearts we'll turn

“ Against our SAVIOU'R there; • We'll never own the truth shall come

" To have it so appear; « The Woman's Fall is cast on all,

" And there it now may stand; “ We'll burn the word that's on record

“ And so condemn her hand." Now I'll appear to answer here,

Like Pomeroy men must do: Destroy MY WORD that's on record,

And hide it from men's view, Ere they can come for to condemn

Aly BIBLE is so plain,

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