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should be the best of men, and in thy heart thou sayest they are the worst of men, And

Now thy folly I shall answer,

From the judgment drawn by thee,
If thou'st look'd to thy CREATOR,

And the Land in sin to be.
If from me first the whole did bursi,

And I did Man create,
And vet in sin they did begin

For to bring on their fate;
Then how can Man so upright stand,

Where Promises are made,
While Satan's rovins through the land?

Thy wisdom weak was laid:
Had Abraham's seed in virtue stood,

And David stood the same,
Then surely I who DWELL ON HIGH

Must be more weak than Man.
If Man had power to subdue ..

The folly of his child,
Then how can I be just and TRUE

To let mankind be foild ?
If Abraham's secd in virtue stood

I ask thee, why not MINE?
If David's sons in virtue came,

And bright in wisdom shind,
I ask thee then why mine began

To fall away from ME?
I tell you all, the things are plain:

These things compard must be
Now with the Tall, I tell you all-

Was David without sin?
Thou answerest, no: the truth is so;

Then how could he bring in
His children here for to appear

In virtue bright to shine,
When Men by MC created were ?

But Satan had his time
To baffle all, and Men did fall,

Like David, at the first.
For there his crimes you now must call,

How David's sins did burst;
Upon his head they first were laid-

Thou knowest trah's death:
And then his children did proceed

In deeper crimes come furth.
So first began the Fall of Man,

I say of Idani's Fall;
The sin fin there did sure appear;

But now I tell you all,
The Promi-e see at first to be,

The Curse was cast on Man;
And so the offsprings you do see

In every age com on;


Sin did abound in every sound,

Where I did Promise make, Because the Curse was on the Ground,

And so that Curse did break;
I say on Man at first did come

So here stands David's REIGN:
The Promise great you may command,

That I shall here explain :
The Curse at first on him did burst,

As 'twas pronounc'd on Man;
The Blessings great they all did miss,

But ne'er discernd my plan, How it was plac'd, ye fallen race,

Where Promise I did make; I tell you all, back to the Fall

The truth of all must break; For while on Man the Curse do stande

No Promise I can free;
But now I tell you every one

My Promise all shall see.--
A David's REIGN I'll now explain,

As I have said before;
His children they were just like MINI,

And let the Jews appear :
In every land see how they stand,

And how they sought my Life;
But in the end, 'tis my intend

This way to clear the strife.
A DAVID'S REIGN I tell you plain,

Hath follow'd fiom túe Fall;
And all my children you may see,

Have been like Davids all;
Because that soine in wisdom stand,

Like Solomon appear;
And other men in vice did come,

As Absalon did there.
So here my Reign has been, like him.

Children to disobey:
And Davi, he did act in sin;

The Fall of Man doth lay
Upon their head, as I have said;

Then how can man be free
Before the promise, they will plead?

And then the Curse must be
Upon the first, as it was cast -

The Woman cast it there,
You know, upon the serpent's head.

And now I'll answer here,
When this is donc, I answer man,

And Adam's truth shall burst:
In MY OWN LIKENESS Man shall stand

As I made him at first!
But was it so you well do know,

He did not stand like xe;

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No: he did fall, I tell you all ;

Then now his offspring see:
Then David here you soon would clear,

His standing was the same-
The man did fall, I tell you all,

And so his offspring came
To follow on as he began,

So tainted by the Fall;
And worse and worse they still went on,

I now do tell you all.
So Adam see, the Fall of he,

Which was the Fall of Man ;
But after him, you all do see,

A fataller Fall become ;
Because that Cain-call to your mind

A murderer did appear;
And so from David you do find

What murdering soos were there.
So all in sin they did begin ;

The parents first did fall,
When I the Promise made to them;

Once more I tell you all,
While Satan stands in every land,

He hasty will pursue;
Like men of war he will appear;

All ages find it true;
Because on man the Curse did stand,

As I did say before ;
And now I say, in every land

It strongly doth appear.
So marvel on as thou'st beguti,

To think of David's Fall:
You see the Tempter still is strong;

I say, to cast down all,
Where Promise great to them I make;

But see they cannot stand,
Until my Sceptre I do shake,

To gain the PROMIS'D LAND.
The Promise first for Man to burst;

The Serpent's curse appear ;
Then all may say another way,

“ We see the Proinise clear : “ A David's Reign doth now begin

“ In happiness to burst; á We see the curse remov'd from mens

“ Upon the Serpent cast."
Then children free all men will see,

Like Solomon appear;
That is in wisdom great to be,

But not in sin to crr:
No, no; I say to thee, that day

When I destroy the Root,
as And every evil take away,
Then Satan must stand mute.

" I've had my time I now do find,

“ When God did promise Men, “ That he unto them would be kind,

"'If they would worship him." That is, to do, you all do know,

As I do them command.
But Satan he did find a way,

He would not let them stand:
For like the first, this sure did burst,

Like Adam's promise make;
And Satan then so strong did como

These promises to break.
Then of what use can I produce

A Promise great to Man?
They'll not obey what I do say;

I see they cannot stand,
While Satan here do strong appear.

Weigh every Promise through:
As Adam first'I here have plac'd;

My Bible all go through:
And Moses see, I promis'd he

The land of Canaan there,
That I my children then would free;

But how did they appear?
Sin did abound in every sound,

And Satan did pursue,
Like Adam's Fall, I tell you all,

Was then their passage through. Then how could I who dwell on high,

Preserve the life of Man ?
I tell you, no: it was not so,

My Promise first must stand:
If men obey what I do say,

Ishall tülál my Word;
But men did not, judge every lot:

'See how they fell from God :
Though Abraham here I mean to clear,

But Isaac he was bound;
And know the Promise I made there,

And see how soon was found
Then Esau strong from him to come

And Esaus all may see ;
While Satan's reign I do prolong,

Your murderer he will be :
So Jacobs here let men appear--

But know his sons did fall; ,
I say in sin they did begin-

The Promise stands for all :
I say, at first it there must burst,

As Man so strong is bound;
By Satan's chain they do remain,

Where Promises are found
So great to Man, he cannot stand,

While Satan's power do reign;

And so a David you command.

These Promises see plain;
How man did fall, I tell you all, .

Where every Promise stood;
Then how to Adam can you call,

And all to him allude,
When you see plain, ve sons of men,

How all did fall like he ?
Then like the Woman now contend,

That I may set you free
From Satan's hand in every land,

And from his artful power;
And then you'll see the REIGN OF ME,

When Satan can't detour.
A David here I'll then appear

And bring mY CROWN to Man:
And every promise then I'll clear,

And shew how all sball stand;
When from the first the Promise burst

Unto the Woman made,
Then Satan shall receive his curse,

And men shan't be misled.
Like David here I did appear,

And like his words do cry ; Though he did ne'er receive the spear,

Bur mark what he did say « O Absalom ! my son! my son !

« O that I'd died for thee !" The shadow there that did appear,

The WORD's fulfill'd in me:
So I did die- I tell thee why:

Because my sons I'll save!
And yet I hear, like Absaloin's cry,

My throne they now would have.
The ways are two before thy view;

Some wish ME for to die,
That all their vice they may pursue,

Forgetting hell is nigh,
Where they must go, as he did do

Such Absaloms are here !
Bring every thing before thy view,

And then thou may'st see clear,
How strong in sin men do go on,

Against my every WORD;
My KINGDOM they would sure unthrone

By mocking of their Lord.
Then now see clear, I tell thee here,

My children are like he
The Absaloms are every where,

That soon cut down will be.
Yet still I grieve that men will live

So much to Satan's power!
For reason here they will not bear,

Mep's senses be devours.

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