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“ We wish not to avenge his Blood

« On Satan's head nor Man. « No ; blasphemy we wish to see

« Against his HOLY NAME; « We do not wish for to be free

“ From Satan's cursed chain." Then surely I, who dwell on high,

Like David must appear, To be their fatal cnemy,

Unless they'll answer here “ By thy weak hand we wish to stand

« The Woman's pleading's just: “We cannot wish the curse on Man,

« Nor wish our Saviour cast, “ Such grief to bear as he did here, I do

“ And ne'er avenge the deed; “ The Woman's pleading, we see clear,

« Brings all on Satan's head. “ Then like the first we see the last

« Our God we now see TRUE: « He made the Woman at the first,

“ And said he this would do, “A HELPMATE here for Man i' appear

“ He was not good alone; * And from our Bibles we see clear

“ Could it be good in Man
" To cast the blame, as by Adam done,

« The Serpent's guilt to free?
And David here there's few will clear,

« To praise the curse of he,
« So strong on Man to have it come-
· “ His anger there went deep.
“ And now we see a different way

*The Woman bere doth break: • We now see all join'd with the FALL

« Then how can we complain? . “ If we refuse the WOMAN's call,

“ For wishing to free MAN, " Then we must blame, ourselves to shame,

« Our Bible to condemn, « If God a Helpmate made of her,

w And in the volume come, " As written there for to appear,

“ His words for to make good; « His Father's will for to fulfil,

* And in her weakness stood H A help for Man shall we condemn,

Because he doth appear « To prove at last his WORD at first,

“ And be our Helpmate here? « The stronger come the weak to bind,

* In hand and heart to HE? « That the strong man he now may find,

• And may his fetters see?


OF THE PSALMS. . "Though strong to man we know he's come,

“ And us in sorrow bound; « The STRONGER here will now appear

" Then let HIS WORKS be crown'd, « To bind the whole that caus'd the Fall

« From Satan's arts it came: “Our God and SAVIOUR now we'll call,

« That he may chain him down." So thus let Men the trial stand,

And I'll stand strong for all ; But if they'll not, I'll tell their lot,

That down they all must fall.
So I'll go back as ihou hast wrote,

And bring it to the first:
The second Psalm shall now be known,

In truth and power shall burst;
The Heathens here shall surely fear,

And all the earth shall see, That to the ending now 'tis come,

That My Name prais'd shall be
From sea to sea, I now do say ;

And so from shore to shore,
I'll bring my blessings down to men,

That wait the truth to hear.
For all to see it so shall be,

I'll make the wars to cease, When I have gain'd the Victory

I'll bring a LASTING PEACE;
In every land it so hall stand-

Then see my BIBLE TRUE,
I'll break the Bow, they all shall know, .

That doth in war pursue;
In sunder here I'll cut the spear,

And so it down shall fall;
And as a God I'll send the rod,

Till I have conquer'd all.
Then I'll be known a God to come,

And bring my GLORY here;
Exalted then I'll be by men,

That do we love and fear;
Because the Earth when I bring forth

I know that they will worship ME,

And in MY TEMPLE come,
With praises great, without deceit,

When harmony abounds;
And RIGHTEOUSNESS together n eet

And LOVE in every sound
Will then begin, the hearts of Men,

That now the TRUTH embrace,
Tbey'll say that all is joined sweet,

And Man return the Kiss:
That is my WORD, that's on record,
They will embrace it here,

And say, “With pleasure now we see

“ The TRUTH in all is clear.'
« Burnt offerings here they did appear,

“ We find they did not do ;
u Their sacrifices none can clear,

“ For SOLOMON, we know,
“ He offerd up, but all did drop. ' "*

“ The Beasts, we see, were slain;
“ But still in Hell the Beast doth swell,

« And there he doth remain,
« Till CHRIST shall come to be our KING;

“ And then destroy the Foe:
« Lo, in the volume of the Book,

“ We know 'tis written so;
6. That he did comé, HIS BLOOD was slain"

But must HIS BLOOD stop there?
No; in the Spirit, I'll maintain,

My FATHER'S WILL for to fulfil,

The HELPMATE at the first;
And then you'll find my avenging heel

Must on the Serpent burst.
For I'll make good, as first it stood,
· The PROMISE in the FALL
Will bring at last, as first was plac'd,

I now do tell you all.
Another day, to thee I say,

The Psalms I'll all go through:
And thou may'st ponder in the way;

Thy heart I well do know,
Like David's here it did appear,

Because I plac'd it so,
For thou to live in faith and fear,

That thou like him might go;
Sametines went on, thy faith was stronge

Relying on thy God;
Another day in tears did say,

In bye-paths thou hast trod.
So just like him thy life hath been,

But not in sin appear'd;
Becauso by ME thy heart, they'll sce,

Was always guided here;
For when I come in Spirit strong,

The carnal Man muest die;
So 'tis by thee, all flesh may see,

Thy history doth not lie;
The truth is shown, to me 'tis known,

And so I'll end it here,
Until, I say, another day,

My Spirit shall appear.
I will reason with thee on the morrow."

Here ends Tuesday night, Oct. 2, 1804.--All I from Joanna Southcott's mouth,"

Jane TowNLE

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Wednesday morning, October 3, 1804. On the Tuesday night, Joanna felt a heavenly joy, and said she was obliged to keep back what she felt in the explanations of the Psalms, or her eyes would have been drowned in tears of joy; and the feelings of her heart too great to bear, to see in what a clear and beautiful manner the Psalms were explained. But in the night she was distressed with dreams--and dreamt that she lay upon the floor dying ; and her mouth was almost cleaved together; but she awaked and found it a dream. She then went to sleep again, and dreamt that she was disputing with many peop.e about her writings. They told her she was prophesied of in the Psalms to be a false Prophet. She asked them where ? and said, if they could point it out and shew her where it was in the Psalms, she would give up her writings, In this confused manner she awaked in the morning, and found her spirits greatly oppressed ; her heart seemed swelled too big for her body; and all her joy and happiness seemed fled. Her head felt as though it was filled with rivers of water ; but cannot shed a tear. So that she is now jealous for herself, whether she was not in a sin, to keep back the feelings ot her heart, and amusing herself with nonsense, because she would not discern the beauty of the Psalms, in what wondrous and clear manner they were all explained ; and how true and clear the Psalms stand for the fulfilment of Christ's KING.. DOM, which she tried to stifle, when she was giving the lines in the evening, fearing the joy of its being at hand would be too great for her; and in the morning she awoke with a load too great for her to bear. And now her enquiry is-- LORD, let me know my transgression, and wherein I have offended] When she opened her Bible in the morning, it was at Psalm xl. She cast her eye on ver. 2-He brought ne up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set iny feet upon a rock, and established my goings. He hath put a new song into my mouth, even praise unto our God; many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.”

THE ANSWER OF THE LORD. " Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee. The shadow to thee is the substance to the nation. I do not blame thy amusing thyself to keep back the ponderings of thy heart; because I know, if the eyes of thy understanding were clearly opened, and thou discernedst clearly the days that are come, and gave thyself up to the fulness of joy, it would be more than thou couldest bear, to go through all my labour. But though I do not blame thee, I brought this shadow upon thee, to bring it to the nation. If they say like thee, "We will amuse our ourselves “ in any worldly nonsense, to keep ourselves from dis“ cerning the TRUTH. If it be so, we will not see mit; neither will we discern it; therefore we are re« solved never to see the Truth, nor to believe it, “nor attend to things that are for our eternal hap“piness. If they are so, they are too great for us; “ therefore we are determined not to discern them. So we will amuse ourselves in vanity and pleasure, “ that are of this world, to stifle the whole.” Then I tell thee their pleasures and amusement will turn, like thine, into the greatest heaviness and sorrow. For if they will not delight themselves in the joy of MY KINGDOM, they shall feel the sorrow that is approaching; for their worldly amusements will bring sorrow upon them, too great to bear : for if they refuse the joy of the one, they shall feel the sorrow of the other.

So now from thee the Type they'll see,

Is hastening tast for all;
But I the shadow plac'd in thee,

That inch might kyow their call.

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