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on the subject of this essay, to consider, that the divine lawgiver was

ANSWER to QUERIES not delivering a system of religion

in our last. founded on abstract principles, but SIR, to

N answer to the enquiries of Senet, Stances and situation of the people I

the following brief reply is at your he was to govern. And knowing, that service. the belief of a future state of some sort was universal, especially among 1. The derivation given in Gen. xi.9. his own people, being part of the prie may be justified on the supposition mitive religion derived from Noah, he that the first a beth is not radical

, but held it not needfal to insist upon it. the prefix in-aviz. “Ini confusion." But as the heathen nations, in the waftertimes it is probable the Heamidst of whom the Israelites lived, then might endeavour to get rid of who had retained the knowledge of the disgrace of this etymology, by one supreme God from the same adopting another in which 5a Bel is source, had adapted the idolatrous taken for the proper namë of the idol, notion of many inferior deities be- and the prefix a Beth in the sense of ro; sides, who were the managers and unto, i. e. a temple into Bel, which dispensers of all things here below: agrees with the account of Heroditus, his chief business was to impress his and even with the deriration of Dri own nation with the knowledge of the Hager, the court of Bel. Nor is it at one true God, and the duty of looking all improbable that while the Hebrews up to and worshipping him alone, called it Babel in one sense, the Heaand no other besides him, in opposi- then might so call it in another. tion to the heathen ideas, that they were unregarded by the supreme 2. I know of no reason to suppose Being, and under the government of the passage interpolated. tutelar deities; and to teach them particularly by a code of laws for the 3. I should think it very ridiculous constant regulation of their conduct, to give up the authority of any anthat the Divine Being had a special tient writer, merely because we canregard to this world, and the moral not account for a few of his etymoloconduct of his creatures in it; and gies. made their present good and prosperity, to depend upon a strict ad- 4. I certainly prefer Moses to Heherence to him and to his statutes and roditus; but in this case I see no commandments: but this did not pre- contradiction. The suppositions of clude their being at the same time in- Senex are not improbable. fluenced by a view to the divine favour, or the fear of his displeasure in Those who wish for farther infora future world. So that virtually a mation on this curious subject, I would future life was the sanction of the law refer to Calmet's Dictionary (Tay: of Moses.

lor's new edition) under the word « This accounts for the omission of BABEL, and to the Fragments apthe express mention of a future state pended, No. civ. and cclxv. by Moses, without any of those in. genious hypotheses which have been framed for the solution of the diffi. culty.”

W. T.





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series of Letters. By the late S. Berdmore, A Pocket Encyclopedia ; or, Library of D.D. Master of Charter-house School. General Knowledge, being a Dictionary of 'Arts, Sciences, and Polite Literature, com

5. DRAMA. piled from the best Authorities. By E. A. John Woodvil. A Tragedy. By C. Lamb Kendal. 6 small vols, 185, boards,

With Fragments of Burton, the author of the

Anatomy of Melancholy, 12mo. Ss. boards. 2. AORICULTURE.

Heath and Robinson's Shakspeare, No. %. Communications to the Board of Agricul. Imperial 4to. with 2 engravings, 11. ls. Proof

11. 11s. 6d. ture, consisting principally of the Prize Essays on the best methods of converting Grass

The Maid of Lochlin; a Lyrical Drama, Land into Tillage, 4tó. 10s. 6d.

with Legendary Odes and other Poems. By Amos's Theory and Practice of the Drill William Richardson, A. M. Professor of Husbandry, founded upon Philosophical Prin- Humanity in the University of Glasgow, ciples, and conôrmed by experience-illus- small 8vo. 3s. boards. trated with exact drawings of all the respec

The Bedouins; or, The Arabs of the Dee tve parts, and a perspective view of each sert; a comic opera, in 3 actş. By E. Irwin, machine complete un copper plates, whereby Esq. M. R. I. A. 1s. 6d, every farmer will be enabled to make his A Trip to Bengal. A musical Entertainown drill machines, 4to. buards, 10s. 6d. ment, in 2 acts. By Ch. Smith; Painter to

the Great Mogul, with a portrait, 38, 3. BIOGRAPHY. Elegant Biographical Extracts, consisting

6. EDUCATION. of interesting Anecdotes, Bon-mots, judi- An Essay on Education, in which are parcious Repartees, &c. &c. arranged in Alpha- ticularly considered the merits and the de. betical Order, compiled from the best Eng; fects of the discipline and instruction in our lish and French Authors. By J. F. O'Dou. academies. By the Rev. W. Barrow, LL.D. doit ld. edit. enlarged, 4s. boards.

and F. A. S. Author of the Bampton LecSketch of the Life and Literary Career of ture for 1799. Augustus Von Kotzebue. With the Jour- The Red Book and the Black" one. To mal of his Tour to Paris at the close of the 2 vols. For the use of children. By a Lady, year 1790. Written by himself. Trans- A Grammatical Game in Rhyme, by a lated from the German by Anne Plumptre. Lady. Price 10s. 6d. in a case, with a copo To which is subjoined, an appendix, includ- per-plate, coloured. ing a general Abstract of Kotzebue's Works, The History of Susan Grey, expressly de Sro. 75. boards.

signed to guard young girls going to service The Life of Miss Robertson, of Black from seduction, 12mo. 25. heath, 4s. sewed.

La Morale de l'Enfance. By Miss Leuoir,

author of several French Publications, 12mo. 4. CRITICISM.

For the use of Ladies' schools. Six Letters to Granville Sharp, Esq. respecting his Remarks on the Uses of the De.

7. HISTORY. finitive Article in the Greek Text of the New Elemepts of General History, ancient and Testament.

modern. To which are added, a table of Specimens of Literary Resemblance in the Chronology, and a comparative View of Ang Works of Pope, Gray, and other celebrated cient and Modern Geography, by Alexander #riters. With Critical Observations, in a Fraser Tytler, Esq. VOL. I

A a


lected from the most distinguished writers ON 8. LAW.

chymistry, designed for the use of students A Treatise of the Law relative to Merchant in pharmacy, druggists and others, in 2 parts. Ships and Seamen, in four parts :- 1. Of 1st. The scientific arrangements in English2 the Owners of Merchant Ships; 2. Of the and Latin : and 2d. the same in English, persons employed in the Navigation thereof; disposed in alphabetical order, by C. Pye, 3. Of the Carriage of Goods therein ; 4. Of Svo. Is. 6d. the Wages of Merchant Seamen, by Chas. Abbott, of the Inner Temple, Barrister at

10. MISCELLANTES. Law, 9s. boards, The Proceedings at large at Guildhall,

The Town or Country Gentleman's, or Westminster, on the motion to postpone the

Butler's Guide, for keeping an exact account trial of Allan M'Cloud, für 2 libels.

of the present stock and consumption of all The Trial at large for Breach of Promise

wine, beer, or spirits in the cellar ; the plan of Marriage. Forster ver. Mellish, in the of which, it is conceived, will be found uste court of King's Bench, containing the let- fully improved ; and, besides, contains a new ters which appeared in evidence, &c. Ss.

and easy plan for the keeping an account of

stock, and the consumption of beer, ale, cy9. MEDICINE AND SURGERY.

der, &c. by an experienced Butler and CeiA Treatise on a new Methud of curing lerman, 2s. 6d.

The Domestic Accountant ; containing Gonorrlica, by which strictures in the Uria nary Canal are prevented. To which are

ruled pages, on an enlarged plan, for every added, Observations on the comparative Me- day's expences in the year, and a variety of riis of Caustics and Bougies, illustrated by a

useful domestic tables. Price 23. variety of cases of Strictures in the Urinary 2s. 6d. sewed, 3s. bound.

Ten Thousand Hackney Coach Fares, Canal, the Rectum, and Æsophagus; also subjoined, very copious Remarks on the

A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple Causes and Remedies of Seminal Affections, and Pear, and on the manufacture of cyder &c. dedicated by permission to Dr. Lettsom,

and perry. The second edition, enlarged, F. R. S. by C. H. Wilkinson, Member of by T. A. Knight, Esq. 12mo. 4s. boards. the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and

Observations on the Reports of the Direcof the Philosophical Society of Manchester,

tors of the East India Company, respecting 8vo. 5s, with a plate.

the trade between India and Europe, by ThuAn account of the Bilious Fever, as it has

mas Henchman, Esq. To which is added, appeared in Bath for some years past : in

an appendix, containing many important pacluding a History of its Progress, Symptoms, pers referred to in the work, 2d edition, en. and Mode of Treatment; with some obser- larged, 10s. 6d. boards. vations on the remote cause of epidemic disa

Letters on the Cultivation of the Otahelie eases, and select cases for the purpose of elu

Cane, the inanufacture of sugar and rum, the cidation, By W. White, apothecary to the saving of Molasses, the care and preservatioa Bath City Dispensary, &c. 2. 60.

of stock, with the attention and anxiety The Anatomist's Vade Mecum, contain.

which are due to negroes. To these topics ing the Anatomy, Physiology, Morbid Ap

are added a few other particulars analogous pearance, &c, of the Human body, the Art to the subject of the letters, by Clement of making Preparations, &c. The 4th edit. Caines, Esq. Sv. 6s. boards. revised and enlarged, by Robert Hooper,

A Letter to the President of the Royal AcaM. D. F.R. S. small Svo. 7s. boards, demy of London, by Noel Defensans, Esq. New Inventions and Directions for rup

1s. 6d. Cadell and Davies. tured Persons; teaching them the art of ef

The Lady and Gentleman's Pulite Jester, fectually keeping up inguinal and scrotal for 1802, being a selection of such jests, bon ruptures, by W. H. T. Esq.; to which is pre

mets, anecdotes, &c. as are calculated to hxed, a recommendatory letter, by William enliven the company of both sexes ; to which Blair, A.M. F. M. S. &c. Qd. edit. 2s, are prefixed the laws of laughing, 12mo, with

Speculations on the Mode and Appear- Frontispiece, Is. ances of Impregnation in the Human Fenale,

11. NOVELS. with an account of the principal ancient, and an examination of the modern theories of The Man of Forticude, by B. Frere, 3 vols. generation, by Robert Cowper, M. D. and 10s. 6d. boards. .F.R. S. 2d edition. ts. boards.

Splendid Misery, 3 vols, by T. S. Surr, Medical Transactions, in tvols. Svo. 1. An Author of George Barnwell, &c. 13s. 6d. Enquiry how to prevent the small pox. boards. 2. Sketch of a plan to exterminate the casual Camilla ; or, a Picture of Youth, by the small pox. 3. A letter to Dr. Percival on author of Evelina and Cecilia, 2d edition, the prevention of infectious fevers. 4. Of 5 vols. 12mo. 11. 1s. boards. the imagination as a cause and as a cure for Scenes in Wales; or, the Maid of Llandiseases of the body, by J. Haygarth, M, D. golf, by a Clergyman, 4s. boards. • &c. I. 6s.

The Peasant of Ardenne Forest, by Mrs. The New Chymical Nomenclature, se. Parsuis, 4 vols, ll.


The Three Spaniards, a 'Romance, by An Appeal to Experience and Common G. Walker, 3 vols. 19mo, sewed.

Sense, by a comparison of the present with The Meditations of a Recluse, chiefly on

former periods. religious subjects, by John Brewster, M. A. An Eulogium on the late Francis Duke of vicar of Stockton upon Tees, &c. 2d edition, Bedford, delivered in the House of Cumnova. 7s.

mons, by the Hon. C. J. Fox. on March 12. NATURAL HISTORY.

To which is prefixed, a small etching

of the duke from a pencil sketch, by EchA Dictionary of Natural History; or, com- stien. Printed on one sheet of vellum paper, sete summary of Zoology ; containing a price 2s. coloured. fuil and succinct description of all the ani. The Names of Parishes and other Divi. rared beings in nature ; classed according sions, maintaining the Poor separately in the bihe arrangements of the most celebrated Caunty of Westmoreland; with the popu. naturalists, particularly that of Linnæus. To Jarion of each : on a plan which may lacinia ich is prefixed, a series of illustrative defi

tate the Execution of the Poor Laws, and ns. The whole illustrated with accurate the future ascertainment of the number of tigravings of the most important and inter inhabitants in England, by a JUSTICE OF est. 16 animals.

THE PE ACE for the Countjes of Westmore

land and Lancaster, 12mo. ls. 13. POETRY. Poems and Ballads, embellished with four

15. SERMONS. Food cuts, 12mo. 3s, 6d, boards.

A Sermon on the Sin of Cruelty towards The Rosciad, a Poem, for 1802. Dedi- the Brute Creation; preached in the Abbey cated to Mr. Kemble, by George Butler, Church at Bath, on February 1510 1801, by 40, 3s.

the Rev. Leigh Richmond, A. M. of Trinity The Peasants Fate; a Rural Poem, with College, Cambridge, &c. 12mo. 60, miscellaneous pieces, by William Holloway, Funeral Oration for the late Rev. Arthur small 8vo. 5s, boards.

O'Leary, 0. S. F. pronounced at St. Pa. The Histrionade; or the Theatrical Tri- trick's Chapel, Soho Square, by the Rev, bunal; a poem descriptive of the principal Morgan D'Arcy, 1s. Keating and Co., performers in both houses. In two parts, Thoughts on the late Harvest, a Sermon, by Marmaduke Myrtle, Esq. 23. 6d.

by C. V. Le Grice, A. B. Elegy on the Most Noble Francis Duke of The Sermons and Charges of the Right Beriford, by Thomas Rood, Is. ditto by John Rev. John Thomas, LL. D. late Lord Bishop New, 3d.

of Rochester, and Dean of Westminster, The Island of Innocence, a poetical epistle Published from the original MSS. by G. A. to a friend, by P. Pindar, Esq.

Thomas, A. M. his Lordship's Chaplain The Soldier, an Historical Poem, in three and Executor, and Rector of Woolwicht, parts, containing an epitome of the wars en: Kent. To which is prefixed, a sketch of tered into by Great Britain from 1739 to the the Life and Character of the Author, bý present time, part 1, Is.

the Editor. Published for the benefit of the

Philanthropic Society, St. George's Fields, 14. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. under the patronage of his Grace the Duke A review of the French Revolution, with

of Leeds. 2d edit. 2 vols. boards. inferences respecting men and manners in

The influence of the Female Character all ranks of Suciety; and the moral improve- upon Society considered, more especially ment of peace, by the Rev. William Ca- with a reference to the present crisis, in a meron, Kirknewton, 8vo. 6s. 6d. bds. Sermon preached in the parish church of St.

A Skech of the Character of the late Most John, at Hackney, on Sunday, November Nble Francis Duke of Bedford, by the

22, 1801, by the Rev. Henry Handley Hon C. J. Fox, delivered in his speech on a

Norris, M. A. Is. 6d.

5 motion for a new writ for the borough of Tavistock, 6d.

16. THEOLOGY. Remarks on the Poor Laws, and on the Plain Thoughts on the New Testament State of the Poor, by Charles Weston, Ken- Doctrine of Atonement, by John Sınpson, $ington, 4. Stut d.

of Hackuey, 2s. Serious Reflections on Paper Money in The Sequel to the Sketch of the Denomi. general, and especially on the alarming in- nations of the Christian World; being Tesundation of forged Bank notes, with hints timonies in behalf of Christian candour and for remedying an evil which threatens de unanimity, by divines of the Church of struction io the internal trade of the king- England, the Kirk of Scotland, and among dom, Is. 6d.

the Protestant Dissenters. To which is

preFinancial and Political Facts of the 18th fixed, an Essay on the Right of Private Century; with comparativa estimates of the Judgment in matters of religion, by John Tevenue, expenditure, debts, manufactures, Evans, A. M. Master of a Seminary, 38. and commerce of Great Britain, by John Illustrations of the Truth of the Christian M·Arthur, Esq. Author of a Treatise on Naval Religion, by Edw. Maliby, B. D. Chaplain Cast Maniah. 3d. Edition, enlarged, 6s. to the Bishop of Lincoln, Svo. 55. 6d. bds.

deuxieme édit, augmentée d'une Notice sur Foreign Books Tiported.

Mad. de Choiseul, 8vo. 7s.

34. Défense d'Ancone & des DéparteFRENCH BOOKS,

mens Romains, par le général Monnier, 2 vols. Imported by Gameđu and Co. Albemarle Street. 8vo. avec 5 gravures, 14s. 1. Les Charmes de l'Enfance, Allemand

35. Mémoires du Règne de Louis XVI. & François, 4 vols. 18mo. 10s.

par Soulavie, 6 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s. 2. Hélène & Robert, ou les deux Pères, 2 vols. 12mo. 58. 6d.

Imported by J. Derffe, Gerrara utrect. 3. Les 3 Ages de l'Amour, ou Porte

1. Mémoires sur l’Egypte, vol. 2d. 8vo. feuille d'un Petit-Maitre, 2 vols. 12mo. 6s.

8s. 4. Elizabeth, ou l'Histoire d'une Russe,

2. Médicine Légale, ou police medicale 3 vols. 12mo. Is. 5. La Vie de mon Oncle & son Porte

de Mahon, avec des notes par Fautrel, 3 vols.

8vo. 18s. feuille, 2 vols, 12mo. 6s.

3. Chaptal, Traité sur la culture de la 6. Esope au Bal de l'Opéra, ou Paris en

vigne et l'art de faire le vin, 2 vols. 8vo. Mignature, 2 vols. 12mo. Os. 6d. 7. Plaisir & Illusion, 2 vois. 12mo. 6s.

plates 15s.

4. Mémoires Secrets sur la Russie, 3 vols. 8. Le Soldat parvenu, 4 vols. 12mo. 12s.

8s. 9. Poissardiana, 25. 6d.

5. Ladouski & Floriska, 4 vols. 12s, 10. Benousky, ou les Exiles du Kam

6. Mémoires sur la derniere guerre entre chatka, Opéra 2s. 11. Vernon de Kerg lek, Çomédie, 2s.

la France & l'Espagne, Svo. plates,

6s. 12. La Grande-Ville, ou les Parisiens

7. Mémoires Historique de la Princesse yengés, Comédie, 2s.

de Lamballe, 4 vols. 8s. 13. Les Aveugles mendians, vaudeville, Opérations Militaires & Civile de Bona

8. Tableau Historique & Politique des 25. 14. La fausse Apparence, Opéra, 1s. 6d.

parte, 8vo. portrait, 5s. 15. Les Provinciaux à Paris, Comédic, tive Comparées enu'elles, 2 vols. 4to. Il


9. Metrologie Constitutionnelle & Primj. 25. 6d.

45. 16. L'Auberge de Calais, Comédie, 2s. 17. Parchemin, ou de Greffer de Vaugi- velle & complette 5 vuls

. 9s.

10. Histoire d'Agathon, traduction nou fard, vaudeville, 2s. 18 Fera-t-on la Noce, Comédie, 2s.

11. Leçons de la Nature, ou l'Histoire 19. Essai sur la théorie des Volcans d'. Naturelle, la physique & la chimie présenAuvergne, 8vo. 3s.

ties à l'Esprit & au cæur, 4 vols. 14s. 20. Guide pratique à l'Art de traduire du

12. Vie Polémique de Voltaire, ou RisFrançois en bon Anglois, 1 vol. 8vo is.

toire de ser prescriptions, avec les pieces 21. Manuel nécessaire aux Villageois pour

justificatives, 8vo. 75. soigner les Abeilles, par Lombard, 8vo. 35.

13. Voyage de l'Abbé Barthelemy en od.

Italie, 8vo. 75. 22. Journal du dernier Voyage du Ci

14. Voyage de Meyer en Italie, 8vo. 6s.

15. Héro & Léandre, poëme nouveau en toyen Dolomieu dans les Alpes, 1 vol. 8vo. 3s.

3 chants, trad. du grec, avec 9 fig. co.or. tio, 23. Soirées Bermudienes, ou Entretiens

11. 108.; proof plates 21. 2s. sur les Evénemens qui ont opéré la Ruine de

16. Une Année Remarquable de la vie

de Kotzebüe, 2 vols. 8vo. 12s. St. Domingue, 7s. 24. Histoire d'un Perroquet, écrite sous

17. Galerie de Florence, No. 31. sa Dictée, 1 vol, 12mo. 35. 6d.

18. Voyage en Istrie & Dalmatie, Nos, 25. Dictionnaire de Danse, 1 vol. 55.

13, & 14. (these complete the work.) 26. Nouveau Buffon de la Jeunesse, ormé de 134 figures, 4 vol. 18mo 10s.

Books Imported by T. Boosey. 27. Voyage de Meyer en Italie, 1 vol. 1. Recherches sur la Medecine par 8vo. 6s.

Blanchet, 3s. 6d. 28. Encyclopédie de la Jeunesse, ou nou. 2. Cuvres de Condillac, 35 vols. 18mo. vel Abrégé élémentaire des Sciences & des 31. 13s. 6d. Arts, second édit. 2 vols, 12mo. 55. 6d.


de Freret, 20 vols. 18mo. 29. Histoire de Mad Elizabeth, Sæur de 21. 2s. Louis XVI. Roi de France, par Mad. Gue. 4. Encyclopedie des Enfans wu Abrégée nard, 3 vols. 12mo. 9s.

des Sciences, &c. fig. 38. 6d. 30. Le Médecin Herboriste, 8vo. 7s. 5. Lettres de Mad. Levigne, 10 vols,

31. Dictionnaire portatif de la Langue 11. 15s. Françoise, extrait du grand Dictionnaire de 6. Comte de Valmont, 6 vols. 11 18. l'Academie Françoise ; édition augmentée de 7. Maladies des pauvre Artisans, 4s. 6d. plus de 6,000 Mors, & vols. 8vo. 12s.

8. Grammaire Angloise par Leret, 2s, 32. Le Bijou des neut Seurs, 2 vols. 12s. 9. Chuix des Anecdotes, en Valerie Max. Bs.

ime Francoise, 2 vols. 8vo. 128. 33, Yoyage en Italie, par Barthélemy, 10. Vie de Faublas, 16 yol, 11. 18.

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